Nov 302010

Chickens and Roosters!  Antique poultry prints!  Old  chicken prints, antique engravings and lithographs by Cassell and Buffon and Kramer!   We love our backyard poultry!  Antique poultry prints by Cassell and Buffon from Anne Hall Antique Prints!  Great Old and Rare Antique Poultry Prints of Chickens and Roosters! Antique barnyard prints,  these are fine feathered friends!  Let these chickens & roosters cheer up your kitchen,  they are cheep and cheerful… Chickens and Roosters!  Antique poultry art by Cassell & other chicken & rooster illustrators.  A great selection old poultry art by Cassell, Buffon, Kramer. Perfect for anyone interested in antique backyard poultry and the agricultural  farm to table movement!

Assorted Chicken Prints

Chicken Prints from a poultry breeding catalog from 1896-1907. Fine tiny German chromo lithographs with extraordinary colors! Tiny @4×6″ 60.each

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