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Wild North American Mammals. Hand Colored Engravings by Buffon

Wild North American 1749-1761 Buffon Animal Prints, animals you may look for if you like the woods. Woodland mammals.  I love wild North American animals… And we love George Leclerc Compte de Buffon’s work on mammals.   These old prints measure about 7 1/2 x 9 1/2″  They are hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag. There is slight toning to the paper. The prints look great in person, the photos could have been better… 20% discount on 3 or more.

Wild North American Animals Published New York 1900

c.1900 Published by the Fish and Game Commission of the State of New York. Photolithographs. Each in lovely bold colors, paper measures about 9 x 11″ they are priced $75. each or the three for $175.

Wild North American Animals. We are pleased to offer only original engravings & lithographs produced by famous naturalists including the work of Audubon, Buffon and Merian. Our antique prints of wild North American animals are guaranteed authentic antiques from the 1640’s to 1900. The Quadrupeds… are four legged animals! We have old engravings & lithographs of bear, deer, beaver & otter. These are old prints of mammals. Animals you may see in the woods. Enjoy our selection of North American species at Anne Hall Antique Prints.

A copper plate engraving is an antique printing method whereas a thin paper like piece of copper was attached to a block of wood. Tools called burins were used to engrave into the copper. The copper plate was carefully inked up and printed onto a piece of hand made rag paper. Water colors could be added by hand.

Lithography is an antique printing method. Generally a lithograph was printed in one color. A type of greasy crayon was used to draw onto a special type of limestone, with just the right porosity. After the image was completed, the limestone was emerged into nitric acid, burning away what was not under the greasy crayon, leaving that portion in relief. It was inked up and printed. The image frequently was illuminated with water colors.

Chromolithography is an antique printing method whereas each color was printed from a key stoned limestone plate. An extended version of lithography, quite laborious requiring a very skilled craftsman to get the registration just right and not distorted.

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