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Insects of Europe by Maria Sybilla Merian. Rare Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings on Rag. Published 1730.

Insects of Europe by Maria Sybilla Merian and her amazing work on European Entomology produced in 1730.  Maria Merian was the first person to illustrate trasformations. Her work was revolutionary for her day.   These are water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag.  They are small, measuring about 7 x 8 1/4″  each. The prices vary from $150 and up.


Maria Sybilla Merian. Insects of Surinam. Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium. Rare Hand Colored Engravings. Published 1730.

Maria Sybilla Merian. Insects of Surinam. Her astounding work in Surinam was produced in 1730. These are gorgeous old water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. They measure 14×20 1/2″ They are expensive, please serious inquiries only.

These unusual antique insect prints are from Maria Sibylla Merian’s work entitled Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium. Published in The Hague in 1730. The work features the insects and plants of Surinam in the Dutch Colony of South America. Fantastic composition and stunning details make this rare work one of the most sought after botanical or insect works in existence. After viewing a collection of insects from South America inspired Merian and her daughter Dorothea Maria to embark on an expedition to Surinam. She proposed the concept of transformation in Medevil times, to a male run society.





Moses Harris Aurelian. Rare Hand Colored Engravings from 1796.

Moses Harris Aurelian. Hand Colored Insect Prints. These beautiful old butterfly prints are the work of Moses Harris, coming from his great work on Butterflies entitled The “Aurelian”. These are gorgeous, water colored engravings on hand made rag. These Butterfly Prints were produced in England in 1796, by Moses Harris-Chief of the Lepidoptera Society. And an EXPERT ON COLOR! He was the first to illustrate the color wheel of today. Mat perfectly to 16×20″ Moses Harris Butterfly Prints from 1796!


Oliver Goldsmith Entomology. Antique Hand Colored Engravings, 1850.

Oliver Goldsmith Entomology Engravings were produced in Edinburg Scotland. Hand colored engravings 6 1/2 x 10″


Baron Cuvier Entomology. Beautiful Old Engravings!

Baron Cuvier Entomology Engravings, published in 1805. These are English copper plate engravings on rag measuring 6×9″


Nodder Butterfly Prints!  Antique Hand Colored Engravings of Butterflies!

Nodder Butterfly prints published in England c.1820. Set of three hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made rag. Stunning condition and colors. Each print measures about 5×9″ and are sold as a set of three for $450.  Free US Shipping.

Vintage hand colored Butterfly engravings. c.1800, Framed with archival materials.

Vintage hand colored butterfly engravings. Trio of c.1800 butterfly engravings with archival framing, 2 larger measure 13×16, and one smaller measures 11 wide x 9 high, perfect hung vertically. Set of three $550.


Shubert Insects. Vintage Hand Colored Engravings from c.1875

Shubert Insects. Vintage German Entomology Prints from c.1875 measure @14×18″ and run $95.each, 3 or more $75. each. Look with care, some smudging…


Insects Stunning American Chromolithographs of Butterflies, from 1885, Framed

Trio of 1885 American chromo lithographs of Insect prints, with archival framing, each measures 13×16″   Sorry this set is SOLD, however I do have another trio of these antique chromolithographs.  Please inquire about custom framing of your choice.




JJ Schmuzer Insect Engravings

JJ Schmuzer Insect Engravings published c.1805. Small 4 x 7″ German hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made rag. Wonderful transformation stages of butterflies, caterpillars, moths, pupa, dragon flies and other bugs. An entomologists dream come true!

Insects!!! These are lovely old antique prints of Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Dragonflies, Caterpillars and other Bugs! Old engravings and lithographs of entomological specimens from the 18th & 19th Centuries by Moses Harris, & Maria Sybilla Merian. Insect transformations and more…Insects! We have old antique Insect prints. These insect prints are old engravings and lithographs by various 18th and 19th Century naturalists. Moses Harris, showed the transformations of butterflies and moths in the 1790’s. Humphrey insect comprised of boquets of specimen butterflies and moths! Perfect for framing! We have rare Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam, and her Insects of Europe. A remarkable work on butterflies, etc. by such an unusual woman of her day! Outstanding Shaw and Nodder butterfly prints. A great selection of antique entomology prints. Old dragonfly, butterfly and even beetle prints!  old insect prints, old prints of butterflies, antique prints of insects, antique butterfly prints, maria sybilla merian, insects of Surinam, transformation of insects, prints of, butterfly, insect, moses harris

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