Elwes Lilies: A unique gallery of antique lily prints!

Search for Elwes Lilies in our unique gallery of antique lily lithographs and hand colored engravings.  Including Elwes Lilies by Walter Hood Fitch; Curtis Botanical Magazine with Syndham Edwards..

Elwes Lilies – Walter Fitch – A Monograph of the Genus Lilium c.1880.

I am happy to provide my customers with Elwes Lilies, in which Walter Hood Fitch was the botanical illustrator. These antique lithographs  come from the most important book produced on lilies A Monograph of the Genus Lilium, published c.1880.   

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Artwork was crafted by Walter Hood Fitch. He was a top botanical illustrator during the 19th Century.   These antique lithographs come from the most important book produced on lilies:  A Monograph of the Genus Lilium.   Each of the Elwes Lilies is a large folio, hand colored lithographs.

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Lilies – Antique Botanical Illustrations – Classic for Modern Homes

Each old flower print measures about 9″ high x 11 1/2″ wide.  They would be dramatic framed in a simple style.  Monotone large matting… Or perhaps an arrangement under an acrylic sheet of plexi glass to use in a modern home or loft. $125. Each.

This grouping of Curtis and Edwards botanical engravings are the fold outs which were issued periodically.  Carefully collected for years, we now are offering this beautiful set of lilies. Consider the application of these antique prints in your modern home and historic home as well. Classic artwork is timeless, especially when properly framed, bringing your home decor to another level.

These fold out antique flower prints are simple in color.  They are hand colored copper plate engravings on wove rag paper.  Published in London from 1801-1830, these are genuine antiques.  Predominately shown and for sale here is the work of Curtis and Edwards.  Each botanical illustration was published for the Curtis Botanical Magazine.  Issued once a month, the periodical was received by anxious and excited subscribers.  A small paperback like type of magazine.  Gardeners and well to do people who read would collect, discuss and define garden plans including many of the latest species described.

Syndham Edwards was largely responsible for water coloring each and every illustration immediately after printing.  He was a talented sole. His water color illumination rarely varied from plate to plate, consistent in quality and the actual colors of the water color.  The Curtis Botanical Magazine started in 1787 and still is published today.

Like the high end? See these pochoir insects!

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The Art of Lithography:

Lithography was a very laborious process.  It took tremendous skill.  It was a life long craft, once a lithographer, always a lithographer!  No switching back and forth in careers in the OLD days. One would serve a long apprenticeship, sometimes years on end, with little to no pay, in order to become a craftsman like the one skilled to work on these rare Elwes Lilies that Fitch produced. 

Original illustrations were transferred onto a special kind of limestone.  The limestone came out of a certain area of Germany.  The limestone was cut into large slabs, about 1″ thick.  The illustration was meticulously drawn onto the limestone slab with a type of a greasy crayon. What was under the greasy crayon essentially was what was printed in relief.  The finished desired slab was then emerged into nitric acid.  The nitric acid burned away what was not covered by the greasy crayon.  That area was then in relief.  The greasy crayon was wiped off, inked up, and printed onto a piece of heavy wove rag paper.  (The making of the paper is another story).

Water coloring was meticulously added by a very experienced water colorist. Water coloring was also a life long career or craft.  Intense ink from minerals and vegetables and insects made up water colors in the early days. These water colored lithographs are vibrant and beautiful.  The prints themselves are in near perfect condition. 

Seligmann Song Bird Engravings. George Edwards Birds.

These Dr. Seligmann Song Bird engravings were a collaborative edition with the famous Ornithologist George Edwards!  These antique hand colored engravings, on hand made hand laid paper are from 1771-1776!

Seligmann Song Bird Engravings with George Edwards, Beautiful  Antique Hand Colored Engravings

These Dr. J. Seligmann Song Bird Engravings were published as collaborative edition with the famous Ornithologist George Edwards work and the work of Mark Catesby.  This famous joint effort of George Edwards and Dr. Seligmann rendered larger and enhanced with descriptive text in Latin, English, French and German.    Beautiful hand colored copper plate engraving on hand made laid linen rag. They were published from 1771-1776 in Amsterdam, Holland. The engravings have struck the paper beautifully, they are clean and crisp strikes.   The incredible vivid water coloring by hand is completely original and done at the time they were produced.  These are beautiful water colored copper plate engravings on heavy hand made hand laid linen rag. The paper measures 11 x 17 1/2″ The plate marks measure about 8 x 10 3/4″ These are priced at $350. each, discounts on 3 or more.   Click here to contact us.

A laborious craft of all those involved in producing something like these Seligmann George Edwards Birds. First one had to find and identify the species. Second the illustrations had to be meticulously drawn, with the best accuracy. The image would be transferred onto a copper plate and engraved with burins. The paper was hard to acquire, and the engraver would have to re engrave another plate after just 300 strikes. The water colorists would die at young ages, due to licking tips of their paint brushes. Yet these old prints still exist in super fine condition and exemplary condition. That is mostly due to the quality of the rag paper. Paper was made of rag right up through the turn of the 20th Century. Coming from linen, flax, etc, NOT TREES, there was no acid in the paper. Very expensive to acquire, inconsistent, etc. TODAY Paper is made from trees, and was during the 20th Century, is highly acidic and does not last for long.

The history of printing is a fascinating subject. People had life long trades of professional crafts during the 17th, 18th, and even during the 19th Centuries. Paper making, hand made rag papers, wove rag papers, all employed prior to making paper from trees as we do today. Antique printing methods include copper plate engraving, steel plate engraving, wood engravings. Lithographs and chromolithographs. Illumination by Hand Coloring, using water colors, and printing in colors by limestone plates. That doesn’t even take into account obtaining or creating the illustrations, producing the documentation and text…

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Rabbits Bunnies and Hares. Hand Colored Engravings, Antique Lithographs by John Audubon

Rabbits Bunnies and Hares. Our old Hand Colored Engravings & Lithographs are antique prints by Audubon and Buffon. Call or email me with your specific interest in antique rabbit prints. Phone: 413-245-4197  or  Email:  anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

JJ AUDUBON… Rabbits and Bunnies! Antique Hand Colored Lithographs

John James Audubon’s work on animals was published from 1854 to 1855.  Most of the collection below come from the first Octavo edition of Audubon’s Quadrupeds. They are American water colored lithographs of different kinds of rabbits and hares. John James Audubon’s last major accomplishment was producing 150 drawings of North American animals, known as Viparious Quadrupeds of North America. Having depicted all the known birds of North America, but still lured by his love of nature and art, he began on his last drawing expedition up the Missouri River in the summer of 1843. With the aid of his son, John Woodhouse Audubon, he created the first attempt ever to document and depict all the mammals of North America. First came the elephant folio edition, then came the octavo edition, which theses hares and rabbits come from. Each print measures @ 7×10″

Framed Audubon Bunny Rabbits and Hares.

These Rabbits and Hares are framed John Audubon hand colored lithographs from 1854-1855.  Archival framing with high end rag matting, UV Glass and Museum quality supplies used.  Each finished framed piece measures 13″ in height.  16″ wide.  I am interested in selling this complete collection of antique lithographs.  Please contact me at 413-245-4197 so we discuss what you would like… or email Anne:  Click here to contact us.


John James Audubon Rabbits, Bunnies and Hares.

John James Audubon Rabbits and Hares. Each unframed antique hand colored lithographs dates from 1854 to 1855.  Each piece is in excellent condition with good color.  Measurements: 7×10″



Mr. Bunny near the wildlife waterbowl… Photo by Anne Hall.

Rabbits! Fabulous gifts for the “Bunny Lady” in your life.

What a great gift for your bunny lover! Old Prints of Bunny Rabbits… These are very old lithographs and engravings of bunny rabbits and hares. These antique prints of rabbits are from the 1800’s and are no less than charming. A collection of John James Audubon bunnies and more. One of our favorite animals to find in our yard are rabbits! We have a selection of old lithographs & engravings by Audubon, Buffon & other early illustrators! Attention all bunny lover’s: we have old pictures of rabbits for sale! If you are building a rabbit collection, please look here. All of these prints are over 100 years old. Antique lithographs and engravings by Audubon, Buffon and other early naturalists. Audubon hares & Buffon rabbits. Antique Prints of Bunnies & Great gifts for all you bunny rabbit lover’s!

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Cat-Dog Antique Engravings & Hand Colored Lithographs

Browse cat & dog antique engravings and lithographs at Anne Hall Antique Prints!  Be sure to contact me if you are interested in a certain breed by calling 413-245-4197.

Cat-Dog: Antique Engravings & Lithographs from Old Pictorial Newspapers

Early illustrated periodicals and illustrated newspaper subscriptions were the rage during the the 1800’s. Home life with cat dog companions was recorded through the art of wood engraving in pictorial newspapers as well!

Extraordinary Antique Cat Chromolithographs by Alfred Brunel, the Famous Cat Painter

Brunel Cat Prints! ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC DOMESTICated CAT PRINTS! These are large American cat chromolithographs. One is entitled “Mixing the Colors” and the other is entitled “Anxious Moments”. They were published in New York by the Amlico Publishing Company, after the oil paintings of Alfred Brunel, a famous French cat painter. Each old cat chromolithograph measures 21 1/2 x 26 1/2″ $900. the pair. Stunning coloration, very good strikes from stone.  Minor flaws mostly around the perimeter, which should be expected in large pieces such as these and were not framed. Click here to contact us.

Large Framed Pieces!   Antique Cat Dog Art.

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Buffon Dog Engravings, Charming 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings by George Leclerc!

Buffon Dog Engravings published from 1749 to 1761 in Paris and Amsterdam. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon Was a famous French Naturalist. He had LOADS of inherited wealth and could produce some of the most costly series of animals, such as Histoire Naturelle, or whatever he wished to study. He never had to consider expense when it came to created his fabulous books on nature. These copper plate engravings were printed onto hand made hand laid linen rag, with water coloring added at a later time. Each old print measures approximately 8×10″ and are $145. each. Click here to contact us.

Buffon Dogs! 18th Century Dog Prints: Hand Colored Engravings & Framed Shabby Chic!

These are 18th Century dog prints. Dating from 1749 to 1761 these are Buffon Dogs. They are framed. These are European water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. They are framed in very shabby and distressed frames with hand colored mats, and they are under UV glass. Each piece framed measures about 13 x 16″ and are $225. each. Or $175. each if purchased in sets of three or more. See up close up, the frames Shabby Chic – Woof! Click here to contact us.


17th Century Dog engravings 1646 by Mathias Merian. Fabulously Framed!

Dog Engravings by Mathias Merian. Published in Nuremburg in 1646, this set of three dog prints are the work of Mathias Merian, one of the most famous of publishers in Early Nuremburg, Germany.  These are copper plate engravings on fine hand made hand laid linen rag,  produced in Nurmburg, Germany.  They are framed in high end picture frame moldings,  in rag mats and under UV glass.  They are outstanding crisp strikes. Sold as a set of three, each framed dog print measures about 16 x 22″  The set is $1375. shipped. Click here to contact us.

Dogs! Vintage Victorian Terrier Prints: 19th Century Wood Engravings.

Published in England in 1888 these old prints of dogs are antique wood engravings. Vintage Victorian Terrier Prints: 19th Century Wood Engravings. Here are some great old prints of Fox Terriers, some are known as the Jack Russell Terrier today. Precious POOCHES. Smart Dogs! Smart Breed! These old terrier prints will have you doing TRICKS 4 TREATS! Click here to contact us.

Terrier Prints. Old Wood Engravings of Terrier Breeds from 1888

Wood engravings of terriers!  WOOF WOOF!! More Terrier Prints! Great old dog wood engravings were produced in England in 1888. These wonderful dogs are 5×8″ and are only 45. each! Click here to contact us.

Dog Ephemera

Ephemera on dogs vitamins, foods and treats from c.1900, measuring about 5×8 1/4″ and are 45. each. Click here to contact us.

Cats and dogs. Old engravings and lithographs, some hand colored. Brunel, Buffon and Merian! Dogs & Cats! Wonderful old prints of dogs and cats, the animals we humans are CRAZY about!!This is great old art!  Antique Cassell dog prints.  Old cat & dog ephemera.  Antique engravings & lithographs of cats & dogs!  Old antique animal art prints of dogs & cats.  We have a great selection of antique dog and cat prints by Cassell, Buffon, Merian and others.  Old engravings & lithographs of our favorite canines and felines.  Is this Fluffy’s bloodline?  These old prints were produced over 100 years ago.  This is great antique dog and cat art… of our favorite companions…all from Anne Hall Antique Prints!  Old antique prints of dogs & cats.   Very old engravings & lithographs produced over 100 years ago.  Cassell, Buffon, Merian and other peoples works… Antique cat and dog engravings, lithographs & ephemera from  Anne Hall Antique Prints!  Antique cat and dog prints.  Old antique cat & dog ephemera.  Antique engravings & lithographs of cats and dogs!

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John Gould Hummingbirds: Original Antique Hand Colored Lithographs from the 19th Century

John Gould Hummingbirds: Original Antique Lithographs from the 19th Century, in excellent condition and bright colors…

John Gould Hummingbirds: Original Antique Hand Colored Lithographs from the 19th Century:

John Gould Hummingbirds – revered by collectors and naturalists alike:

Perhaps the most prolific and beloved Ornithological Publisher of the 19th Century was John Gould. John Gould lived from 1804 to 1881 and was from England. In nineteenth century Europe his name was as well known as Audubon’s was in North America. Unlike Audubon, whose life’s work focused on one region, John Gould traveled extensively and employed artists to help create his lavish hand-colored lithographs in folio size. This effort was funded the merchant class, as well as the clergy and royal family. He published a total of 2999 different bird plates, which issued in parts of subscriptions that were sold or funded.  It is said that John Gould Hummingbirds collection of actual specimens was over 2000 skins. His father was a taxidermist for the royals, and spurred his interest in collecting specimens and depicting them through the art of lithography.  For one and one half centuries, and for many years to come, these beautiful, finely executed antique lithographs with water colors will complement your collection and home decor.

A Family of Hummingbirds or A Monograph of the Trochilidae, 1849-1861

Considered to be Gould’s passion and greatest work were his hummingbirds. Some four hundred eighteen species were depicted by the artists John Gould, H.C. Richter and William Hart.Each of these John Gould Hummingbirds exquisitely defines these beloved birds. John Gould hummingbirds are shown with with the flora indigenous to the area for the birds. Strong botanical elements add a dimension not found in other great bird books.  A Family of Hummingbirds or A Monograph of the Trochilidae, was published in England from 1849-1861.  These stunning hummingbird prints required the tremendous skill of lifelong craftsmen and apprentices. From the creation of the paper, lithograph and the application of the the color to the black and white lithographs: gold leafing, transparent oil and water colors, with highlights of lacquer and gum arabic. This is was speaks loudly to anyone who has the opportunity to appreciate the origian works of John Gould.

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Exotic Species of Animals: African, Asian, Indian. Antique Lithographs, Engravings.

The exotic species of animals found within the Continents of Africa, Asia and India, may be found here. If you have specific requests please contact me.

Buffon Animals Exotic Species:  Old Hand Colored Engravings of African, Asian and Indian Animals.

Buffon Animals. Here are some of our most outstanding Antique Prints pertaining to exotic species of animals.  African, Asian, Indian. They were produced from 1749-1761 in Paris and Amsterdam by George Leclerc the Compte de Buffon, a brilliant French naturalist.  Buffon had great inherited wealth and wanted to depict all living species.  Cost was not a consideration.   These are copper plate engravings on fine hand made hand laid linen rag with superb water color illumination. The prints measure 8 x 11.”  They mat beautifully to 11 x 14 or 12 X 16.”  The prints are in near perfect condition. Click here to contact us.

Exotic Species of Animals:  Framed 1st editions, coming from  Buffon’s Histoire Naturelle.

These are antique copper plate engravings on hand made rag paperwith water coloring.   These exact engravings, in the images below are Exotic Species of Animals and were published from 1749-1761.

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African, Asian, Indian Animals. Exotic Species by Mathias Merian. Camels, Lions, Giraffes.

Merian Camels, Lions, Giraffes Engravings. African, Asian, Indian Animal species. We are pleased to offer these rare old prints. Date 1646. They include Lions, Giraffes, Camels.  Mathias Merian was a publisher in Nuremburg, Germany.  He published these copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag in 1646.  The hand colored engravings measure about 8 x 13.”  The water color is bright and the prints are in very good condition for being over 350 years old!  $375. each or the three for $1200.Click here to contact us.

Buffon’s Exotic Species of Animals. Old Hand Colored Engravings, Framed!

Buffon Exotic Animals Hand Colored Engravings, Framed in rag and under UV glass. Buffon Zebra, Elephant, Camel engravings. Over 250 years old. Outstanding illustrations of top exotic animals. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Framed Buffon Camel, Elephant, Zebra Engraving! Rare hand colored engraving by Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Archival Framing. Excellent condition, strikes, hand coloring. Each framed piece of artwork measures about 17×20″. Call for details… Phone: 413-245-4197 Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com
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African Asian Indian Animals by Lizar. Hand colored steel engravings, framed.

African Asian Indian Animals by Lizar, Framed. William Lizars. Hand colored steel plate engraving. 1840-1860, Scotland. Archival double rag mat, UV glass. Ornate gold wood frames. Finished framed dimensions 12 wide, 10 high. $150. each, set of six $600.
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Goldsmith Animals, Exotic Species of Animals

Goldsmith Animals, Exotic Species of Animals. Oliver Goldsmith Exotic Animal Life produced c.1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. African, Asian, Indian, Exotic Species. These are old hand colored engravings of a leopard, zebra and elephant. Have you ever seen any of these animals in your travels? The trio of antique prints need to be sold as a set of 3. Each measure 6 1/4 x 10″ the color is BRILLIANT! These are wonderful old exotic animal prints. The set of three for $350. Click here to contact us.

Matted Goldsmith Hand Colored Elephant, Zebra

William Lizar Zebras Hand Colored Steel Plate Engravings Mid 1800’s.

Lizar Zebra Engravings. Old prints of Zebras!!! These are small water colored steel plate engravings were produced in Edinburgh, Scotland by William Lizars from c.1840-1875. They measure 4×6 1/4.” Old Zebra prints will finish off your TRAVEL room just right! Click here to contact us.

Lizar’s Big Cats. Antique Hand Colored Engravings. Mid 1800’s.

Big Cats, Lizar Hand Colored Engravings. One BIG CAT STORY told in these old hand colored steel plate engravings. These exotic cat prints were produced in Scotland from 1840-1875. They are small measuring 4×6 1/4″ Roar says FELIS LEO! Click here to contact us.

Lizar Rhinos, Elephants.  Antique Hand Colored Engravings

Lizar Rhinos, Elephants. Vintage EngravingsLizar prints of EXOTIC ANIMALS: RHINOCEROUS and ELEPHANTS! These small water colored steel plate engravings were produced in Edinburgh, Scotland by William Lizars from c.1840-1875. They measure 4×6 1/4.” Vintage rhino and elephant prints will finish off your TRAVEL room just right! Click here to contact us.

African Asian Indian Animals. Exotic species of animals. Old illustrations, engravings, lithographs. Dating 1640 to 1900. Vintage prints. elephant, rhino. We are pleased to offer old prints of exotic animal life from  Africa and Asia.  These are old engravings & lithographs that were produced prior to 1900.  These are old prints of wild African and Asian animal species.   Antique prints of jungle animals too.   Old engravings & lithographs:  old prints of wild African and Asian animals.   Antique prints of jungle animals.  Wild African and Asian Animals of the Jungle and the Savannah including old prints:  antique engravings and lithographs of elephants, lions,  and camels.  Wild African Asian Animals… Create a great jungle theme with elephants, camels. Big cats: lions & tigers! African and Asian Animals of the Jungle and Savannah. Tropical travel theme: wild African and Asian animals, old engravings and lithographs of including big cats: lions & tigers elephants & camels. These will finish your travel room with exotic decor! Have you been to Africa or Asia? Do you love to too see the wild life around the world? Then you should enjoy looking at these wonderful old animal engravings and lithographs. We have old prints of ELEPHANTS, ZEBRA, and LARGE CATS! Old prints of Exotic Animal Life. Species native to Africa and Asia. Old prints of elephants, rhinoceros, big cats, lions, zebras…These are antique engravings & lithographs, old prints of wild African and Asian Animals. Antique prints of jungle animals from Sumatra and India…

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Insect Prints Showing Transformations & Butterfly Metamorphosis.

Insect Prints showing transformations by a variety of 18th and 19th Century scientists of entomology. Most of these antique prints are available,  so scroll down to see all of our collections.

Insects Prints Maria Sybilla Merian Roses and Butterflies from Insects of Europe. An exquisite trio.

This extraordinary set of three antique rose and caterpillar prints are hand colored engravings dating to 1730.  It is the rare work of Maria Sybilla Merian and her Insects of Europe. Insect Prints showing transformations & metamorphosis of Insects. Maria Sybilla Merian and other experts on art & entomology.  Each piece measures 9×11″ and are sold only as a trio for $1200.

Insect Prints Maria Sybilla Merian: The Metamorphosis of European Insects. Fabulous & Framed!

Insect Prints Maria Sybilla Merian coming from her Insects of Europe, published in Amsterdam in 1730 by Maria Sybilla Merian’s daughter Dorthea Maria.  These are hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag.  Framed using the finest archival materials, each piece measures 11 1/2 x 12.”  The high end molding is dark green and gilt gold leaf.  Each piece is $500. and $600. each.  

Insect Prints:  Insects of Europe by Maria Sybilla Merian! Rare Hand Colored Engravings

These rare and old insect prints are rare hand colored (water colored) copper plate engravings on hand made, hand laid linen rag paper.  They are small, measuring about 7 x 8 1/4″  each. The prices vary from $150 and up. Click here to contact us.

Insects Prints from Insects of Europe by Maria Sybilla Merian.  This AMAZING work on European Entomology was published in Amsterdam in 1730.   Maria Sybilla Merian was the first person, let alone a pioneering woman, to explain through these stunning illustrations, the transformation stages of butterflies, moths and other insects. Her work on butterflies and moths on Insects of Europe was revolutionary, changing Medieval thought forever.  This incredible woman lead this significant discovery, and to proved the stages of the transformation to the male dominated world of science.  Up to this time,  it was thought that butterflies were birthed from various sources, rather than cocoon or pupa.  She was enthralled with insects at a very young age.  She collected insects and studied them.  She was not allowed to work in oils as a woman (only men were permitted) she worked in water color.  These insect prints are highly detailed.  A huge  influence on her life passion for creating these remarkable insect prints:  her step father was a publisher!

Insect Prints Maria Sybilla Merian Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium

A famous rare work by Maria Sybilla Merian on the transformations of Insects.  Entitled Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium. Maria Sybilla Merian and her famous work with her daughters on the Insects of Surinam. Published in 1730. These rare hand colored copper plate engravings, are on hand made hand laid linen rag.  Each old print measures 14 x 20 1/2.”    Click here to contact us.

Insect Prints by Maria Sybilla Merian 18th Century Engravings on Butterfly Transformations.

These unusual antique insect prints Maria Sibylla Merian’s work entitled Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium. Published in The Hague, The Netherlands in 1730. The work features the insects and plants of Surinam in the Dutch Colony of South America. Fantastic composition and stunning details make this rare work one of the most sought after botanical or insect works in existence. After viewing a collection of insects from South America inspired Merian and her daughter Dorothea Maria to embark on an expedition to Surinam, on the North East corner of South America. She proposed the concept of transformation in Medieval times, to a male run society. She was going to provide proof to the contrary by documenting the transformation, first in water color and then engraved.

Engraved for books, Merian’s modern thought & theory on Metamorphosis.

Her large folio work was the result of going to such a remote area, a remarkable adventure for a young woman. It took her months to get to there and months to get back to Europe. And later lead to her death. Thankfully her daughters helped to complete this magnificent work on transformations. Her work focused on Surinamese flora and the entomology there. Her Insects of Surinam and Insects of Europe illustrate the Transformations & Metamorphosis of Insects and the plants on which they fed. Considered as some of the most famous documents published on the subject of Insect transformation during the 18th Century. Considered a revolutionary woman of her day, Merian is considered to have been one of the most significant contributors to the developmental stage of the field of entomology (a branch of zoology that deals with insects). She was a life-long dedicated entomologist. She also worked as a botanical artist, portraying insects with their host plants. Maria Sibylla Merian described the life cycles of some 186 insect species. Her specific area of interest, in the metamorphosis of insects, was the life cycles of moths and butterflies.

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Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium

A famous rare work by Maria Sybilla Merian on the transformations of Insects. Entitled Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium. Maria Sybilla Merian and her famous work with her daughters on the Insects of Surinam. Published in 1730. These rare hand colored copper plate engravings, are on hand made hand laid linen rag. Each old print measures 14 x 20 1/2.” Click here to contact us.

Surinam Toad
Surinam Toad Rare Merian Engraving from 1730.
Merian Oposssums from Insects of Surinam $2800.
Merian Oposssums from Insects of Surinam.
Merian Insects of Surinam Water Frogs and Bugs
Merian Insects of Surinam Water Frogs and Bugs
Merian Insects of Surinam $1400.
Merian Insects of Surinam $1500.
Maria Merian Frog Transformations with Palm Tree $3800.
Maria Merian Frog Transformations with Palm Tree
Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam Butterflies and Grapefruit Engraving DSC01754
Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam Butterflies and Grapefruit Engraving
Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam Butterflies, Lizard, Banana Engraving DSC01753
Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam Butterflies,
Lizard, Banana Engraving
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian 74.  Grapes from Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Plate 74
Grapes from Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Pomegranate-Plate 75
from Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Castor from Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Castor-Plate 76
from her Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Vanilla from Insects of Surinam
Maria Sybilla Merian Vanilla. A Magnificent Vanilla Plant Engraving by Maria Sybilla Merian’s Daughter Dorothea. Printed in Amsterdam in 1730 for
Insects of Surinam.
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam
Merian Surinam Lemon 1730
Dutch hand colored engraving.
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Cocoa from Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Cocoa Plant Plate 80
from Maria Merian’s Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Figs from Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Figs-Plate 81 from her Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian-Plate 80 from Insects of Surinam. Mallow.
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Entomology-83 from Insects of Surinam
1730 Maria Sybilla Merian Entomology Plate 83 from Insects of Surinam
Maria Sybilla Merian-84 from Insects of Surinam
Maria Sybilla Merian-84 from Insects of Surinam
Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam Plate 39-85/
Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam Plate 39.
Moth, Caterpillar and Pupa.

Insect Prints by Moses Harris. The Aurelian, 1796. Rare Hand Colored Engravings.

Moses Harris Aurelian. Hand Colored Insect Prints. These beautiful old butterfly prints are the work of Moses Harris, coming from his great work on Butterflies entitled The “Aurelian”. These are gorgeous, water colored engravings on hand made rag. These Butterfly Prints were produced in England in 1796, by Moses Harris – Chief of the Lepidoptera Society(or Butterfly Society). And an EXPERT ON COLOR! He was the first to illustrate the color wheel we still use  today.  These lovely old engravings at perfectly to 16 x 20″ (the prints  measure about 14 x 17″). Click here to contact us.

Seguy Insectes Papillons – Rare Pochoir Art by Emile Allain Séguy!


Oliver Goldsmith Entomology. Antique Hand Colored Engravings of Beetles, 1850.

Oliver Goldsmith Entomology.  Hand Colored Engravings. Published in Edinburg Scotland in 1850. Each old print measures 6 1/2 x 10″ Click here to contact us.

Baron Cuvier Entomology. Beautiful 19th Century Engravings of Bugs!

Baron Cuvier Entomology Engravings, published in 1805. These are  black & white English copper plate engravings on rag paper.  Each old print measures 6×9″ Click here to contact us.

Nodder Butterfly Prints!  18th Century. Antique Hand Colored Engravings of Butterflies!

Nodder Butterfly Engravings.  Hand colored 18th Century prints published in England c.1790.  Stunning condition and colors. Each print measures about 5×9″ and are sold individually at $125. each.  Click here to contact us.

Vintage hand colored Butterfly engravings. c.1800, framed with archival materials.

Vintage hand colored butterfly engravings. Trio of c.1800 butterfly engravings with archival framing, in walnut burl veneer. The 2 larger pieces measure 13×16, and one smaller measures 11 wide x 9 high. A perfect trio. Set of three $475. Click here to contact us.

Shubert Insect Prints. Hand Colored Engravings from c.1875

Shubert Insects. German Entomology Prints from c.1875 measure @14×18″ and run $95.each, 3 or more $75. each. Look with care, some smudging… Click here to contact us.

Insect Prints: Stunning American Chromolithographs of Butterflies, from 1885, Framed and ready to hang!

Trio of 1885 American chromo lithographs of Insect prints, with archival framing, each measures 13×16″   Sorry this set is SOLD, however I do have another trio of these antique chromolithographs.  Please inquire about custom framing of your choice. Click here to contact us.


JJ Schmuzer Insect Prints.  Rare hand colored engravings from Vienna, c.1805.

JJ Schmuzer Insect Engravings published c.1805. Small 4 x 7″ German hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made rag. Wonderful transformation stages of butterflies, caterpillars, moths, pupa, dragon flies and other bugs. An entomologists dream come true! Click here to contact us.

Humphrey Butterflies and Moths, English hand colored Insect Prints:

Insects!!! These are lovely old antique prints of Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Dragonflies, Caterpillars and other Bugs! Old engravings and lithographs of entomological specimens from the 18th & 19th Centuries by Moses Harris, & Maria Sybilla Merian. Insect transformations and more…Insects! We have old antique Insect prints. These insect prints are old engravings and lithographs by various 18th and 19th Century naturalists. Moses Harris, showed the transformations of butterflies and moths in the 1790’s. Humphrey depicted bouquets of butterflies and moths! Perfect for framing!  Shaw and Nodder butterfly prints. A great selection of antique entomology prints. Old dragonfly, butterfly and beetle prints!  old insect prints, old prints of butterflies, antique prints of insects, antique butterfly prints, maria sybilla merian, insects of Surinam, transformation of insects, prints of, butterfly, insect, moses harris

Monkeys by Buffon! 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings.

Browse our collection 18th Century prints of monkeys by Buffon, a famous curious Frenchman and naturalist!  These are hand colored, antique monkey engravings by the famous French naturalist Compte de Buffon.

To order one of our Monkeys by Buffon or any of our antique lithographs and hand colored engravings, fill out our contact form with the image’s name and caption and your contact information. Our staff will call you to arrange payment and shipping.    We offer most of our prints, with discounts on sets. On some of our prints, we offer framing & international shipping.  Call us directly at 413-245-4197 to discuss your order.

Monkeys Buffon Hand Colored Antique Monkey Engravings 18th Century:

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Buffon Monkeys FRAMED. Exquisite & small hand colored monkey engravings.

These antique monkey prints were produced by George Leclerc Compte de Buffon, a famous French naturalist with endless amounts of inherited wealth. Published c.1800, these hand colored copper plate engravings were printed onto hand made hand laid linen rag. Rare German edition of monkey prints. Framed measuring about 10 x 12″ each.    $200. each.   Click here to contact us.

George Buffon Monkeys. Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings.

These were produced in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761. These old prints of monkeys by Buffon are hand colored copper plate engravings. Each measures  8 1/4 x 10 1/2″  and are priced at $165. each Click here to contact us.

Monkeys by Buffon Framed! Compte de Buffon! First Editions!

Monkeys by Buffon Framed.  They will enlighten your home décor! The illustrations are wonderful depictions dating to the mid 18th Century.  Each old hand colored engraving has archival framing, by myself.  The molding is a honey burl, solid wood frame. These were produced in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761. These old monkey prints are copper plate engravings on fine hand made laid rag with hand coloring.  Outstanding condition with great hand coloring. This set of three framed Buffon monkey prints are. Complete with free US shipping. Click here to contact us.   Sorry this set is SOLD.  Let me provide you with a customized set of your own!

Consider complementing your collection with an antique map of Africa 

or Asia 

Monkeys! A great selection of antique prints, monkey prints ready to hang. Compte de Buffon Histoire Naturelle. Engravings of Monkeys produced in the 1800’s! Great prices on monkey prints produced by Buffon, Jacobs and other early naturalists! These are old monkey engravings and lithographs that are over 100 years old! Give your room a warm tropical feel with these little guys who have so much character! Monkeys come from the Jungle! The early naturalists were fascinated with the human like creatures. Thus monkey engravings and lithographs were produced, all over 100 years ago! We have old antique monkey prints by Buffon, Jacob & other early naturalists. These are all antique engravings and lithographs that have charm and character. Monkeys are one of our favorite tropical creatures! For your tropical theme… consider these vintage prints of monkeys.

Phone: 413-245-4197 Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

Lizar Monkeys Antique Engravings

Lizar monkeys antique hand colored engravings.

Lizar Monkeys Antique Engravings from 1833

Charming Steel Plate Engravings with Water Colors Applied by Hand,  Edinborough, Scotland 1833. William Lizars of Scotland published this series of antique monkey prints for Jardine’s Naturalist’s Library in 1833. Each hand colored monkey engraving measures 4 x 6 3/4″.  Each piece is priced at $60. each.  You have the option to call me at 413-245-4197 to place your order or click and buy online.

Why were Lizar nonkeys published?

William Lizar’s firm located in Edinburgh, Scotland was proficient and in high demand for creating life like encyclopedic images of all of the natural history known at the time.  Once again it was a time of curiosity, finding new and undiscovered species.  It was almost a frenzy of curiosity in the least.  Sold by subscription for the masses to buy,  the immense series was published over a 40 year time period.

More about the creation of these antique engravings-

Steel plate engravings had the hardest surface that could used in antique printing method. A painstakingly amount of time and precision was needed when creating a steel plate engraving. The water coloring was added at the time of production by a professional staff of water colorists.  Believe it or not one of the hardest things to come by in producing something like this would have been the paper on which to print them.

Consider complementary antique prints to create your theme:

Click on the links below to see additional ideas to complement your décor.

To view assorted collections of antique orchid lithographs and engravings.

Exotic species of  African, Asian and Indian wild life (not found in North America).

See all available monkey prints. 

Buy an antique monkey print right now!  Buy instantly!

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Jacobs Monkeys Engravings from 1810

Jacobs Monkeys engravings from 1810… coming from a rare Italian monkey book. Simple in Black and White, Copper Plate Engravings on hand made rag paper.

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Jacobs Monkeys Engravings from 1810.

Each of these rare antique copper plate engravings of monkeys has a little foxing, but other than that, are in good condition.  The paper is hand made but is heavy wove and the impressions are strong with intense ink.   All of them were published in Italy in 1810.   The field and specimen illustrations were collected, transferred onto a thin sheet of copper attached to a board.  Seeing that copper is soft,  it could be  these lovely old engravings.  Rare antique prints Jacobs Monkeys, the workmanship and details of each piece is excellent and very life like for year of 1810.

Human curiosity drove naturalists to publish books on new discoveries.

Man’s curiosity drove the supply and demand to publish books on new species of animal life being discovered.  Naturalists would travel and document.  Big money by Royals funded these naturalists and then engravers, and publishers.  The wealthy not only subscribed to what we know today as rare books,  but it was a status symbol to have a broad education as to natural history.  Once a book was published,   it could sit in a wonderful library,  and shared with others.  In this case it could be perfect for testing one’s Latin.

George Edwards Parrots Charming 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings

Rare Natural History Books

an explanation behind them

I am providing a brief background as to why rare natural history books exist, will follow a small selection of Rare Books for Sale,  if you would like access to more, pleas contact me. I will give an explanation behind the illustrations found in a rare book. I will address why there was a progression in making paper and printing techniques. I will explain how engravings & lithographs were produced.  I will explain who was making these books popular.   I will address how were these books were issued.  More importantly I will explain why books were the rage in the 1700’s and 1800’s!

See the John Fisk Allen & William Sharp Victoria Regia or The Great Water Lily of America!

1st 6 Volumes of Daubenton Histoire Naturelle

These rare natural history books are exceptionally clean and beautiful. This is a set of 6 volumes of antique books. Published in French and comprise of the works of Buffon on man, plant and animal life, and minerals.  Numerous copper plate engravings of odd afflictions of man, microscopic plant life, and of minerals, one map, the series is complete.  Museum Book.  Sold as a set of 6 for $750.

  • Histoire Naturelle General et Particuliere avec la Description du Cabinet du Roi.  Par Mrs. de Buffon & Daubenton. Tomb Premier.  Nouvelle Edition. Amsterdam  Chez F.H. Schneider.  MDCCLXVI.   1766.  (Lovely Library Stamp:  “Bouches de la Musee”).
  • L’Histoire Naturelle de l’Homme.   Tome Second Nouvelle Edition. Amsterdam MDCCLXVI.  1768. Animaux Vegetaux & Mineraux. 
  • Histoire Naturelle General et Particuliere.  Por Servir de Suite a la Theorie de la Terre et de Preliminaire A L’Histoire Des Vegetaux Parties.  Experimentale et Hypothetique. L’Histoire Des Vegetaux.  Parties  Experimentale et Hypothetique. Supplement Tomb Second. Nouvelle Edition. Amsterdam MDCCLXXVI.  1776.  This is a supplemental text to the Second Volume.
  • L’Histoire Naturelle de l’Homme.  Tome Troisieme.  Nouvelle Edition.  Amsterdam  MDCCLXXVI.  1766. Mint Condition, Numerous Copperplate engravings, incredible strikes. 
  • L’Histoire Naturelle de l’Homme.  Tome Troisieme.  Nouvelle Edition.  Amsterdam MDCCLXXVIII. 1778. 
  • Histoire Naturelle Les Epoques de la Nature Supplement Tome Sixieme. Additions & Corrections to the previous 5 Volumes.  MDCCLXXIX.  1779.

The Development of Rare Books on Natural History & Why They Exist

  I often ponder why and how mid 17th, and 18th and 19th Century naturalists studied the natural world.  I ask why would these amazing rare natural history books were produced and how could these amazing pieces of nature be produced?  Here I will explain… The time had come that living birds, animals and the vegetative world was of interest to everyone, everywhere.  A revolutionary age where scientists and naturalists alike, were collecting specimens of every species they could identify.  They all tried to observe their subjects in their natural environments. This required travel, everywhere and anywhere they could get to.  While other scientists worked from one other’s work & special collections.These encyclopedic studies were mostly funded by big money from the wealthy businessmen, Doctors, Clergy, Noblemen & The Royal Family.  Scientists were trying to explain & prove their hypotheses of the world, existence and evolution. Notations from observations and developing scientific evidence could help explain the world…

Their notations & illustrations, once transferred into these now rare books, could be used to educate, persuade, document.  Subscribers went wild for the latest issue! Travel increased far and wide to visit public & private curiosities & to see the specimens brought back from far away places and rare natural history books and collections of printed material.  People were discovering the natural world!   Wild tales of dangerous exploring expeditions and written accounts kept like diaries, some with profuse illustrations, were of interest to everyone. The universal delivery, of all these recent discoveries and new information, was to publish readable material for the masses. Publishers went crazy and printed as much as they could produce, for all their new and demanding readers, oftentimes by subscription. Whereas much of all published from Mid Evil times through the mid 17th Century revolved around religious subject matter.Now the focus could be any subject, but the beauty of the natural world was in first place.This was done by publishing all kinds ephemera, catalogs, portfolios, periodicals and books.Many of which were beautifully illustrated with hand colored, lithographs and engravings.Once readers would receive part of what they subscribed to, they demanded more! When a subscription was fulfilled, by the year or by subject, bookbinders bound the subscriptions into magnificent rare natural history books.

My entire website includes antique prints printed before 1925, in obsolete printing methods before photography was used commercially.  These rare natural history books were becoming ever so popular during the 18th and 19the Centuries.  The subject revolves around how fast information could be published for readership. Readership in the old days revolved around money and new discoveries, especially in areas pertaining to natural history. If one could discover a new species of animal, fish, flower or insect… Wow! That would boost the desire for information from the general public, and the educated, and the rich.  For it was those people who managed to finance early printing.  Early printing, by massively producing  of Bibles, instead of using scribes to hand write psalms and bibles.  It had a trickle down effect. Like today, in the OLD days, desire for information lead to wanting more information. Hence the production of publishing. Initially the Church published religious material. Only the high priests could convey the printed messages. This lasted for a long time. Around 1800 or so, more people read. It was fashionable to be educated. So the printers had to publish more material faster, so that everyone could be on board, literally. Everyone could understand a beautiful illustration. They did not have to understand the words, but it encouraged understanding. Soon, the publications became subscriptions, everyone wanted them. Like today, everyone wants the latest devise. Initially periodical subscriptions were made to those who could afford it: royalty, clergy, noblemen, etc. Who could read? The answer is only the educated, super wealthy, religious, clergy, nobility… they subscribed and read these early periodicals. It was a great pass time in the old days. Men would sit in parlors discussing expeditions. Women would talk in parlors about a special flower. Interests and hobbies. Subjects could include information about a species of flower that grew here or an animal that was seen there. Oftentimes on expeditions, specimens were collected and captured, many alive, many did not survive the journeys home, nor the conditions relocated. Many journeys were three month at sea. Imaging a Giraffe, being brought from Africa to England, via a three month ship’s voyage, to arrive just barely alive, just as the ship’s crew, to Great Britain. In the 18th and 19th Centuries museums of curiosities became the rage. Hoards of people would rush to museums to see exotic specimens brought home from expeditions of early explorers and naturalists. Royalty, Clergy financed explorations and hence the illustrations, publications that developed from trips. Often times young men, early scientists, aboard ships recorded the natural history sightings they saw along the way. They recorded every detail of the natural history specimens they came across. All of this absolutely fascinated the public. And so the history of illustration, depicting and describing what had been found, along these tremendous explorations was found. How fast the information moved forward can be seen through the history of printing. Exactly as the way things are moving forward these days, so did printing history. It started with very slow laborious hand drawn pages by scribes and monks onto velum, to copper plate engraving on hand made hand laid linen rag paper, and moved forward to faster and faster printing, from lithography, hand colored or not to printing in colors, chromolithography. All driven by readership subscriptions. Numerous rare natural history books were published. As for these kinds of rare natural history books, it all ended about 1900. when photographic printing became the 20th century tool, to today, when everything is digital and untouchable on the internet.

Recap:  I sell antique lithographs & engravings published during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries.  We have obtained them from old periodicals, catalogs, rare natural history books, ephemera, etc.  Rare natural history books were frequently issued in parts and issued by subscription, later bound as books by savvy collectors. The publications were full of lovely old illustrations, many which were hand colored.  Fabulous illustrations were included by authors and contributors.  Illustrations of flora and fauna were very popular. Later historical events became the craze for early newspapers.  All of these subscriptions were important during the, 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries.  The latest trends and styles made history, with tremendous artwork.  Newly discovered flora and fauna seemed to interest everyone, especially the wealthy including physicians, clergy & royalty.

In spare time, and often when away and I am exhibiting at shows, I frequent museums.  Favorites are the American Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco or for fun the Thomas Isaiah Printing office at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge Massachusetts and the amazing archaeology location at Colonial Williamsburg.  I have done over 1100 shows where I have had countless opportunities to speak with many naturalists, scientists, gardeners, doctors, historians & artists, which has only complemented my knowledge on the specific subjects and collections I sell.

Would you like the Butterflies or Insectes?

Water Birds by John Gould, Martinet, Catesby & Other Ornithologists

Water Birds by John Gould, Martinet, Catesby & Other Ornithologists.  Unique rare prints in galleries of Swans, Kingfishers, Loons, Herons, Cranes & other shore birds.

Water Birds: Francois Martinet French Hand Colored Engravings

Francois Martinet French Hand Colored Engravings of water birds published 1770-1783. Fine French water colored copper plate engravings, inked up and printed onto hand made linen rag (paper). Each old bird print measures @9×12″ Superb strong hand coloring and great condition! 


Water Birds John Gould.  Beautiful Hand Colored Antique Lithographs, 14 1/2 x 21 1/2″

John Gould is perhaps the most famous English ornithologist of the 19th century.  He illustrated some 2999 different birds.  Issued by subscription in large folio parts, his work was in great demand by the wealthy, clergy, doctors, and other naturalists. To create a monumental work on a certain type of bird say the birds of Great Britain circa 1860, many steps were involved.

To see Buy Now Water Birds by Selby & Nozeman, click: https://annehallantiqueprints.com/product-category/birds/water-birds/

One had to have access to specimens.  To travel and see water birds in person, then a meticulously drawn illustration was made with notations of colors, behavior, and other scientific data, that was observed. Through the art of lithography, the illustrations would come to life in the form of water colored lithographs for subscribers. The high quality paper was made by a paper maker. Then to create a lithograph, the process by which a limestone piece was drawn upon with a sort of a greasy crayon. The slab of limestone was then dipped into nitric acid which burnt away parts not under the greasy crayon.  The slab of limestone was wiped off and inked up, then watercolors could be professionally added. The bird prints John Gould created required tremendous workmanship, being one of the most laborious processes of printing known.

Consider Beautiful Large Hand Colored Ducks by John Prideaux Selby!

John Gould Water Birds: Magnificent Swans!

Water Birds: These Magnificent Swans come from The Birds of Great Britain circa 1860. They are beautiful water colored lithographs in excellent condition and each old print measures about 14.5 x 21.5″.   I have matted them in 100% rag mat and the measure 22×28″  I have other water birds available and I welcome your inquiries, so please email me or call  at  413-245-4197.

Water Birds: Hand Colored Antique Swan Prints

Loons Hand Colored.  Antique Lithographs & Engravings.

Water Birds! Loons hand colored lithographs engravings. To hear the loon calling, something you’ll remember always. Water Birds ~ Loons… Here is an assortment of old engravings and lithographs, some are hand colored. The ornithological illustrations were executed by various early Ornithologists including Buffon, Meyers, Studer, Edwards, Dresser and Morris. Click here to contact us.

Water Birds! 18th Century Buffon Kingfishers, Hand Colored Engravings.

Buffon Kingfishers, hand colored engravings from 1785-1804! These are small German water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand linen rag. One of the most fanciful water birds. One of the famous French naturalists ever George Leclerc Compte de Buffon. Archival matting to 8×10″ $125. each, 3 or more $100. each. Free shipping in the US. Click here to contact us.

Buffon Hand Colored Water Birds, Framed

To see Buy Now Water Birds by Selby & Nozeman Click now for buy now options of water birds.

Water Birds, Buffon hand colored water fowl framed. These small framed hand colored engravings of water birds are lovely. This is the work of George Leclerc Compte de Buffon. A rare German edition of Buffon’s. Published from 1770-1805. These are water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. Framed in rag, under UV glass. Each framed print measures @ 10×12″ $235. Each, free shipping on two or more. Click here to contact us.

Mark Catesby & Dr. Seligmann Water Birds Hand Colored Engravings

Mark Catesby hand colored engravings. This famous work is of special interest as it is one of the few works published on North American species of birds and foliage they require. Too poor to have a separate illustration for the bird from the foliage, Mark Catesby’s work is now classic, iconic on the subject. Catesby was in the Carolinas, Virginia, Florida and the Bahamas in the 1730’s. The Seligmann Edition was published from 1771-1776 in Amsterdam. These stunning hand water colored copper plate engravings were printed onto rag paper. The hand coloring was added at the time of production. Each old print measures about 10 1/4 x 17″ though there are a few that are 9 1/2 x 15 1/2″ Click here to contact us.



Ridgeway Water Bird Illustrations of North American Species of Birds… Old Prints. These vintage illustrations is the work of JL Ridgeway. They are sought after by North American birders, partly because the illustrations include the environment the birds would be seen in, in nature. Included in the selection is the Great Blue heron, Belted Kingfisher, Wood Duck,   Dowitcher, Yellow Legs, and the English Snipe. The images of the birds include the environment the birds live in.  The natural habitat of each burd.  These old photolithographs were printed in the early days of photo mechanical printing. It was an off set printing method. Each color was applied in a separate process photographically. They are affordable images of North American species of birds. These old bird prints were first illustrated by Ridgeway. They were published in New York c.1900. There were not many books published on North America birds from 1830-1900.  Therefore if you want reasonably priced old prints of North American birds, these may be for you.  Nice coloration and lovely scenic backgrounds.   Each old print measures 9 1/2 x 12″,  is in good condition, and has strong colors. I am willing to double mat them in rag, archival mats to 11×14″ for an additional $25. per piece. Click here to contact us. 

Ridgeway Water Fowl, American Photo Lithographs.   The illustrations by JL Ridgeway are sought after by North American birders. These old print were published in New York c.1900.  Each print measures 9 1/2 x 12″ and are in good condition with strong colors. Click here to contact us.

Ridgeway Water Birds Original photo – lithographs. Call for a personal selection at 413-245-4197.

Contact me with your special request. Call 413-245-4197

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my collections of Water Birds by John Gould & others!

You can BUY NOW Water Birds by John Gould & others including Selby and Nozeman by going to this link:


Water birds! We have a great old water bird prints for sale! hand colored lithographs, hand colored engravings, Chromo litho lithographs. Here are old ornithology prints. Water Fowl. Antique Water Bird Prints of all kinds of water fowl including old engravings and lithographs produced by many ornithologists including, John Gould, Francois Martinet, Cornelius Nozeman, John Prideaux Selby, Thomas Pennant, and Buffon. Antique swan prints and antique heron prints. Antique hand colored lithographs of ducks and swans, egrets and herons by John Gould. Old tropical water birds prints by Martinet and other early ornithologists! Old prints produced by Buffon, Martinet, Gould, Selby, Pennant, Nozeman and other early ornitholigists! Some of these old prints date from the mid 1600’s to about 1900. Antique prints of waterbirds with character from Anne Hall Antique Prints! Some of the water birds include king fishers, egrets and herons, swans and ducks. These are old engravings and lithographs, antique prints of water birds. These prints are in very good condition as always… from Anne Hall Antique Prints!

Call: 413-245-4197 Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

Consider hand colored orchid
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