Owls Antique Lithographs Engravings

18th & 19th Century Bookplates of Owls Antique Lithographs of Scops, Eagle, Snowy, Hawk & Eagle Owl by Gould, Buffon, Lear, Susemihl, Morris & Catesby.  Owl translates to Strix, bubo, ibis and noctua in Latin;  Hibou in French; Eule in German.

John Gould Owls!  Antique Owl Lithographs c.1860-1875

John Gould had a passion for Ornithology.  As a result Gould illustrated world class works on birds from 1832-1888.  Gould’s birds had to be completed by his associates,  after his death until 1888.   Issued in parts by subscription,  which were published in London, England.  Below is a selection of John Gould original hand water colored lithographs.

English hand colored lithographs published London from c.1860-1875. There is an assortment of Birds of Great Britain, Birds of Europe and Birds of Australia. The books were issued to subscribers in parts, in a large folio size.  Illustrated with the greatest detail as bookplates.  Each piece measures 14 3/4 x 21 1/2″. Priced  between $650. and up. Call 413-245-4197 to inquire if you are interested in purchasing one.

The Art of 19th Century Lithography

To create a lithograph, a special limestone piece was drawn upon with a sort of a greasy crayon. The slab of limestone was then dipped into nitric acid which burnt away parts not under the greasy crayon.  The slab of limestone was wiped off and inked up, then watercolors could be professionally added.

Edouard Travies Folio Les Oiseaux les Plus Remarquables 1857

An action filled depiction of a Barn Owl with wings spread. Catching a small mammal.  Full of action. Hand watercolor lithograph from 1857 by Edouard Travies.  The title of his book is Les Oiseaux les Plus Remarqables. The book focuses on the most remarkable birds. From observation in the wild,  birds are recorded in different positions & compositions. An unusual way to illustrate subjects compared to other great bird books of the 19th century. Somewhat scarce as the books rarely come to market.  Travie’s Barn Owl is in excellent condition. Intense watercolors in caramels & soft blues.  Double matted to 22×28″

Edward Lear Great Grey Owl from John Gould’s  Birds of Europe 1832-1837

One of the most remarkable images ever published on the Great Grey Owl.  Full folio, hand colored lithograph. Published for Birds of Europe by John Gould 1832-1837.  Mint condition, strong color, measuring 14 3/4 x 21 1/2.  Sold. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 if you are interested in other Edward Lear plates.

Framed 18th Century Owls Antique Engravings by Compte de Buffon

Wonderful mid Eighteenth Century hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag paper by perhaps the most famous French naturalist George LeClerc Compte de Buffon.  Published for his amazing encyclopedic collection of all fauna known, Histoire Naturelle was published from 1749-1761 in Paris and Amsterdam.

Each piece is framed beautifully in a weathered solid wood frame about 2 1/2″ wide.  High quality double archival matting with a hint of cream and UV glass.  Complete details about the engravings are attached to the reverse.  Each of the framed antique engravings, measures 16 x 19″ and are priced at $385. each or the four for $1400. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Reverend Morris Antique Engravings

Morris published his work on birds in 1890.  These are English hand colored wood engravings were produced by Reverend F.O. Morris and his entire congregation. Morris loved birds which is apparent in the illustrations he authored and published books on birds, eggs and nests.

Antique owl engravings with original hand coloring including the Hawk, Mottled, and the Snowy. Each antique hand colored engraving from 1890 measures about 6 1/2 x 10″. Excellent condition with bright water coloring.  Click here to contact us.

How were the Morris antique owl engravings crafted in the 19th century?

FIRST… Original illustrations needed to be procured in the Strix’s natural state, from specimens or by seeing other naturalists work on the subject.  The illustrations were transferred onto boxwood plates which measured about 1″ thick.  Boxwood was an available wood in Great Britain and was easily engravable.  Each slab of wood was carefully engraved with special engraver’s tools known as burins and when the owls-antique engravings were finished to satisfaction, the engravings were ready for printing.  Each engraving was carefully inked up with black ink by a skilled craftsman that operated a printing press. The inked boxwood plate was pressed onto a high quality piece of paper. After the ink dried, the water color illumination was added by hand.

Assorted antique owl engravings & lithographs:

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If you are interested in seeing more owls, please contact me. Phone: 413-245-4197 Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.comLearn more about North American owls at the Owl Research Institute

Raptors Birds of Prey – Eagles and Falcons


Seguy Insectes Papillons – Rare Pochoir Art by Emile Allain Séguy

Seguy Insectes Papillons. 1920’s French pochoir artwork of bugs and butterflies. Eugène Séguy known as Emile Allain Séguy and E.A. Séguy. He was an accomplished entomologist. Furthermore an artist of Pochoir. Revered by the world for his unusual style and compositions. Each plate represents an effort of the artist to connect nature with the arts. The Parisian Art Deco plates are dramatic and timeless.

If you are looking for a complete set call Anne at 413-245-4197. You can find a specially priced, single plate from one of Seguy’s portfolios on SHOP.  Find insects in the dropdown menu. Contact us if you need help. 413-245-4197.

Available Antique Prints from Seguy Insectes Papillons. French Art Deco at it’s Best.

Seguy’s artwork will bring you years of pleasure. Partly because extraordinary compositions. Additionally because they are incredible antiques from the Parisian Art Deco period. Furthermore, each piece is even more breathtaking in person.

Seguy Insectes – Bugs: Rare & Scarce Pochoir Antique Prints from 1926

Portfolios of Seguy Insectes Papillons were published in Paris in 1926. This was during the height of Art Deco. 20 individual plates were issued per portfolio of Papillons or Insectes. They were printed by pochoir technique. The paints were applied by stencils. E.A. Seguy’s Insectes were not popular as the Papillons were. They are scarcer on today’s market. I have found a couple Seguy Insectes portfolios in 25 years.

Our bugs have some of the best color ever seen. The plates impress everyone who sees them in person. Colors in the paints are bright and intense. Each piece is in superior condition. All the background paper tones match. The measurements of each piece is 13 x 17 1/2″.

Sourced from a Papillons portfolio. 1926 E.A. Seguy butterflies.

One of the owners bound their collection. Rarely are portfolios bound. This one was & enjoyed a lot. A few of the stamps are at the edge of the plate. Yet the paint’s colors are intense which makes up for any other flaws. Each portfolio possibly printed demand (i.e. the sale).  Sold in Paris during the height of the French Art Deco period. PLEASE NOTE: background paper color is consistent throughout this set having a hint of creme. For some reason, the photos do not register the color of white well with the intense colors in the butterflies. Each piece measures 12 1/4 x 17″.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order and receive personalized service.

E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons: Art Deco & nature at it’s best!

This gallery comprises of miscellaneous plates sourced Seguy Insectes Papillons. The rare are portfolios published in Paris in 1926 during the height of Art Deco.  20 plates were issued per set, including 4 of patterns. They were sold then printed by a rare pochoir technique. Intense inks were applied by stencils. Good condition with minor spotting, staining. The colors are strong. Please inspect with care. Each piece measures 13 x 17 1/2″.

Available 1926 Patterns from the E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons

Rare Art Deco, Antique Pochoir Plates with Intense Metallic Colors. Each print has slight overall toning of the paper. The water coloring is bright and intense. See additional plates in the SHOP section. It is located in the dropdown menu. Each piece measures 13 x 17 1/2″.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 with your order and/or questions.

Unavailable E.A. Seguy Insectes:

Interested in the Transformation of Butterflies and Insects?

Pochoir defined: the application of water color by stencil.

These desirable antique prints are in stock and available now. Eugène Séguy, is also known as Emile Allain Séguy, and E.A. Seguy. He is best known best for the works on Butterflies and Insects. Seguy published the incredible works of Art Deco in Paris, 1924- 1926. Utilizing the French technique of adding color known as Pochoir. The metallic water colors were applied by stencils. The results were these fabulous examples of art deco. Each piece reflects the excitement experienced during the art nouveau period. Who can’t be appreciate the beauty of these works of art?

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The E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons Portfolios represent Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods at it’s height.

E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons are considered the most beautiful and amazing work ever produced on entomology. The plates are decorative collages of beetles, bugs and butterflies, moths and other insects. The compositions are in great detail. The Papillons or Butterflies are exquisite. They reflect the natural details seen in actual specimens. The Insectes are difficult to obtain. Anne Hall Antique Prints has a superb collection of Antique Art Deco Pochoir Prints. Most of our rare finds are in stock and available now. Inquire at 413-245-4197.

Own a part of 1920’s Parisian History by owning a Seguy Insectes Papillons

Rare to come onto the market, Seguy Insectes Papillons from 1926 emulate Paris Art Deco at it’s height. Own a piece of 1920’s Parisian History when you purchase one of these rare pieces of artwork from my gallery. In return they will bring you years & years of pleasure each time you see them.

Live with the magnificent pochoir art work of E.A. Seguy

Seguy Pochoir Papillons
Find Seguy Pochoir Papillons & Insects from Paris 1926 at the Height of Art Deco and the Moulin Rouge at Anne Hall Antique Prints!

Find a great selection of Eugene Alain Seguy’s Pochoir Papillons & Insectes at Anne Hall Antique Prints. For personal service call Anne at 413-245-4197 or Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com  Thank you for visiting Anne Hall Antique Prints.


Sea Shells: Original lithographs & hand colored shell engravings.

Sea Shells: Al of our hand colored shell engravings & lithographs are over 100 years old. Knorr, Lamarck, Seba, Gualtieri & Nodder. Starfish & Sand Dollars. Let us help you find the look you want to achieve for your ocean side home.

George Perry’s Conchology Aquatints from 1811

Drawn by Clarke and engraved by William Miller. The aquatints for George Perry’s Conchology, the Natural History of Shells, published London 1810 to 1811. This new 19th Century Conchology book stunned subscribers because the shells were shown so large, lifelike and in water colors.

Aquatints, an early printing technique, utilized 1770 to 1830 offered tones rather than a line engraving effect. Etched into metal with the use of resin & acid the plate would be cleaned, inked & printed with depth. The water colors seen here were applied by hand. Each pieces measures 11×16 1/2″ and a couple smaller pieces measure 10 1/4 x 16″. Bright colors. Excellent condition. $425. each. Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Albertus Seba 18th Century Shell Engravings!

This pair of magnificent sea shells were published in the early 18th Century, from 1734-1854. Albertus Seba published the most magnificent work Locupletissimi Rerum Naturalium Thesauri Accurata Descriptio. It was a book of curiosities based on the personal collection of Seba’s specimens of newly identified flora & fauna. The ocean, including sea-shells was a particular interest to this Dutch 18th century pharmacist collector and naturalist. Each piece measures 13 1/2 x 20″

See More Albertus Seba Cabinet of Curiosities 18th Century Engravings

Antique bookplates from the late 18th Century of Starfish & Sea Urchins

Decorate your space with antique shell prints from our antique shows and other events collection!  These antique shell prints are copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag paper that were published from 1779-1820 in Paris, France to document all the different kinds of sea shells found around the world.  The water color illumination has been added recently by a professional colorist.  Each piece measures 9 1/4 x 12 1/4″.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to discuss your order.

A collection of six antique engravings of sea shells framed & ready to hang.

This exquisite collection of six framed sea shell engravings published 1779-1830 for thee different publications.  Each of the antique prints are late eighteenth or early nineteenth century book plates. Each piece has professional archival framing. Complete with ultraviolet glass.  Framed in a beautiful blonde burl wood frames. They would be sensational in an ocean side home.  Three over three above a sofa would be a perfect collection.  Each piece measures 14×17″. Call to discuss an order 413-245-4197.

Sea Shells Antique Engraving Framed
Sea Shells Starfish Engraving Framed
Sowerby Sea Shells Engraving Framed
Knorr Sea Shells Antique Engraving Framed
James Sowerby Sea Shells Framed
Knorr Sea Shell Engraving 

Shells: 1770 Lister Copper Plate Engravings on Hand Made Rag.

Wonderful sea shells, original depictions from 1770.  Rare copper plate engravings published in England for Martin Lister’s remarkable effort to depict & document sea shells known at the time for his book entitled Histoire Conchyliorum.  The strikes have deep intense ink. Certainly they were printed at the beginning of the creation of the copper plate, (as there could only be about 300 pieces printed from each plate because the copper surface was too soft to print more and the image would not be crisp).   Never published in color.  They are absolutely beautiful as they are. Own a piece of history almost 250 years old.

Each piece measures about 8 3/4 x 13 1/2″  and is in good overall condition.  $75. each or in sets of three or more $65. each.  Call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Sea Creatures from a long time ago: 1790-1820

This grouping of hand colored copper plate engravings were published in London, England from c.1790-1820…  Shaw and Nodder were naturalists, they saw and depicted the natural history they encountered with precise detail.  The encyclopedic recordings are revered by all. We have framed them in a gorgeous fruit wood molding, complete with all the archival details including UV glass and double rag matting. Each piece measures 10 1/2 x 13 1/2″.

Shells by Lamarck. 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings 1790-1810.

These rare antique engravings of shells date to 1790-1810, they are hand colored copperplate engravings which were produced in France.  They are special foldouts, double sized 11 3/4 x 15 1/2″. With issue folds as they were in an encyclopedic series on sealife.  

Rare 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings of Shells by Gualtieri 1742

Rare 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings of Shells Published in Italy by Gualtieri, dating to 1742. Professionally framed using archival and museum quality materials. Each framed piece measures 22 x 28″  Click here to contact us.

Antique Lamarck Hand Colored Shell Engravings from 1779-1820.

Shells!  These old engravings of shells date from 1779 to 1820.  They were published by Lamarck in France.  Numerous well known artists worked on this series including Marachel and PJ Redoute. They are stunning old copper plate engravings with modern water colors.  They range in price from $125. to $225. each. and we do offer discounts on sets.    Each print measures about 8×11″  and are in very good condition.   Click here to contact us.

Inquire about a set of Sea Shells: Set of 6 Framed George Wolfgang Knorr Hand Colored Engravings.

c.1764 George Wolfgang Knorr. This magnificent shell print was product circa 1764 in Nurnberg, Germany by George Wolfgang Knorr. It comes from what is considered one of the rarest works on shells ever produced, Vernugen der Augen un des Gemuth. Each antique print is framed with conservation materials including double rag mats and UV glass. We use the highest quality products when framing any of our antique prints. Measuring in at 15 x 18″ (Print dimensions: 6.75″ x 8.5″) the collection would be well suited for a 9′ area or above a sofa.

This set is not available, but if you call, Anne may be able to offer you a similar grouping in this fabulous blonde beachy burl molding. Phone: 413-245-4197 Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

In conclusion, we have a large selection of old prints of shells. Artists and authors include Lamarck, Albertus Seba, and other early naturalists works on shells. Please contact us with your interest as this subject is popular at shows, and it is hard to keep a good online inventory.  Our antique shell prints are very old engravings and lithographs,  that were produced from from 1640 to 1900. We are pleased to offer our customers great service, please feel free to contact us with your specific interests. Phone: 413-245-4197 Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com Thank you for visiting!

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Palms: Antique Lithographs & Engravings of Palm Trees

Antique lithographs and hand colored engravings of palms will bring the feeling of the Tropics into your home. Beautifully framed palm trees ready to hang with professional archival materials.  Some of the antique prints in this collection date as early as the mid seventeen hundreds while most were published in the mid to late 1800’s.

Framed Palm Trees: Decorative 19th Century Lithographs. Ready to Hang. 

Ready to hang. A beautiful small folio hand finished color lithographs published from 1869-1896 in Belgium. Used as illustrations for L’Illustration Horticole. It was a horticultural magazine issued by subscription. This was during the mid to late eighteen hundreds. Each piece has archival framing. Including a double rag matting with a hint of crème and UV glass. Framed in a high end high gloss burl wood molding. Each piece measures 20×24″. The pair for $750. with free U.S. shipping.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Antique Engravings of Palm Trees – Art work from 18th & 19th Centuries

The following gallery of old prints are all more than 100 years of age. Books from centuries ago had magnificent illustrations. These illustrations were in the form of engravings. Which many were illuminated with watercolors. Most of our antique engravings were engraved into a thin copper plate. While all were printed in black ink and printed onto laid rag paper once in awhile

Large Hand Finished Watercolor Lithographs of Palms from 1869-1896

The following gallery of old prints are all more than 100 years of age. Available large antique prints from a Belgian periodic publication entitled L’Illustration Horticole and dating from 1869-1896.  Others come from Flore des Serres which date 1845-1888, also Belgian. 

The obsolete printing technique is lithography or printing from limestone.  Each color had an individual key stoned plate for that exact color.  Most of the antique lithographs were hand finished with watercolors. Measuring @10 1/2 x 13″ some have center folds, as issued.  Brilliant intense colors.  Each piece will mat up beautifully to 16×20″

Calamus Robustus 18869-1896 Single best image. $300.

Set of three framed antique lithographs in gold bamboo frames.

Ready to ship: framed antique lithographs, set of three palms. Gold leafing over red paint onto bamboo practically brings the 19th century lithographs to life. Belgian antique lithographs which finished watercolors. Date 1869-1896. These old prints are all more than 100 years of age. Archival framing supplies have been used in the picture framing. . While they would fit perfectly over a sofa or headboard, they would also look great in a dining room. Each piece measures 19x 23″.

Small Antique Lithographs of Palm Trees Published 1860-1900

The following pieces are more than 100 years of age. Antique lithographs from a Belgian periodic publication entitled L’Illustration Horticole and dating from 1869-1896. Others come from Flore des Serres which date 1845-1888, also Belgian.  The obsolete printing technique is lithography or printing from limestone.  Each color had an individual key stoned plate for that exact color.  Most of the antique lithographs were hand finished with watercolors.

The colors in the antique lithographs are vivid and bright.

Complete your tropical theme whether it is for an ocean side home or in a breakfast nook. The previous galleries are old engravings and antique lithographs which are more than 100 years old!  Shop from our unusual selection of botanical prints of cycads and more in a variety of sizes and price ranges.  Bring the feeling of the tropics into your everyday life by adding fine antique prints to your home décor.

Antique Lithography in Brief

Lithography is an antique printing method. Generally a lithograph was printed in one color. A type of greasy crayon was used to draw onto a special type of limestone, with just the right porosity. After the image was completed, the limestone was emerged into nitric acid, burning away what was not under the greasy crayon, leaving that portion in relief. It was inked up and printed. The image frequently was illuminated with watercolors.

Chromo or color lithography is an antique printing method whereas each color was printed from a key stoned limestone plate. An extended version of lithography, quite laborious requiring a very skilled craftsman to get the registration just right and not distorted. Botanical illustrations done this way were frequently hand finished with water colors and almubin, egg whites or gum Arabic to enhance the image.

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Parrots Toucans – Buffon Martinet

Parrots and Toucans by Buffon and Martinet. Browse our 18th& 19th century engravings of Perroquets, Ara & Psittacidae. They are 18th & 19th century watercolor engravings. Some of our antique prints are framed and ready to hang on your wall. Furthermore, all of them are over 100 years old.

18th century Psittacinae engravings

Buffon Perruche Miniatures – Exquisite Antique Parrot Engravings!

Exquisite & Miniature watercolor engravings of parrots from c.1785-1805.  Each piece is about 120 years old. Coming from a tiny German edition of George Leclerc Compte de Buffon’s work on parrots. German water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag. Miniature in size @4×6″ $115. each. Three or more Perruches are $100. each shipped.  Call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Buffon Martinet Perruches 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings!

Find authentic antique lithographs & hand colored engravings by Martinet Parrots or Perruches in French from 1770-1783.  The work of Francois Nicolas Martinet, one of France’s foremost bird illustrators of the eighteenth century.  Each piece is a copper plate engraving on hand made hand laid linen rag with water color illumination that was added at the time of production. This was a monumental effort to catalog 1035  known species of ornithological species of birds.  A staff of 70 people, feverishly worked for an astounding 13 years to complete this amazing work by Francois Martinet.

Each hand colored copper plate engraving measures 8 1/2 x 11″

Martinet Buffon Yellow Parrot Engraving 13

Buffon Parrots, Small & Framed, Ready to Hang

Buffon Parrot Prints Framed.  Hand watercolor copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag paper.  This is the work of George LeClerc Compte de Buffon, a FAVORITE FAMOUS French Naturalist.  A considerably rare German edition published in the late 18th Century from 1785 to 1804.  Each old print has been framed with archival materials to protect them. Each piece measures 11 x 12″ 

Francois Martinet Toucans from Paris, France 1770-1883

Rare hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made laid linen rag.  Superb color and condition,  9×11″


History Behind Old Books

18th and 19th Century craftsmen produced these antique prints. The workmanship required to publish the parrots and toucans by Buffon and Martinet during the 19th Century was astonishing. Every part of production mandated expert craftsmen.  Our old and rare copper plate engravings of parrots were water colored by hand during the years they were published. The paper was difficult to acquire, the engraver would have to re engrave another plate after just 300 strikes, due to the naturally soft surface of the copper plate.

The water colorists would die at young ages. A result of the watercolor toxicity. Many contained metals. Yet these old prints exist in superb condition. The old parrot prints are highly detailed. They have lasted for all these years, primarily due to the high quality of the rag paper. Paper during the 1700’s was literally made of rags. High quality rag paper was used in printing through the turn of the 20th Century. The material was not acidic. It was made from linen, flax, and literally rag clothes. there was no acid content in the paper. In conclusion this explains why paper produced during the 20th Century does not last for long. It is made from trees which is completely acidic and ruins after time. Rag paper is timeless in truth.

Learn more about different editions of Buffon & Martinet editions & see more prints.

Read a Scholarly Work on Different Buffon & Martinet Editions.

Read this scholarly article about different editions of Buffon & Martinet’s work on ornithology. The article covers the watercolors, paper quality and more. It was recently published and is interesting to see the comparisons of editions. Martinet’s engravings in Buffon (1770–83): variation in their hand-colouring and its implications for defining Echo Parakeet Psittacula eques (Boddaert, 1783) (bioone.org)

New ideas for decorating your personal environment with antique prints.

Find additional ideas for your home’s wall decor with subjects we specialize in. We pride ourselves on our collection. Bright watercolors & excellent conditions make our collection of old prints above others. Please feel free to call and discuss your own project. Anne may have options to help you achieve your goals.

Our old engravings of parrots by French ornithologists will get attention when you decorate with them. Everything on this webpage is an antique lithograph or hand watercolor engraving from the 1700’s and 1800’s. Our wonderful old engravings of parrots and toucans include the work of George Leclerc Compte de Buffon and Francois Martinet.  Fascinate yourself when you decorate with antique parrot prints. They will capture your interest and your guests. Phone Us: 413-245-4197.   Email:  oldprint@verizon.net. Thank you for visiting!

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Bring the Beach to Your Home
Find Striking Art Deco Antique Prints


Misc Aquatic Marine Life-Lobsters, Crabs & Corals.

Find decorative 19th century antique Denton lobsters. Antique lithographs framed & ready to hang. Browse 18th Century marine life engravings by Seba, Knorr & Nodder. We have old engravings of corals. Horseshoe crabs by Rhumph. Nodder maine life framed. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Pair of c.1900 Denton Lobsters Framed in Walnut Burl

A pair of c.1900 framed Sherman Foote Denton Lobster lithographs in burl frames. The color lithographs published in New York by the State of New York Fish & Game Commission. Both pieces have been framed in high quality archival materials. Framed in walnut burl wood frames, complete with UV glass and archival mats. Each piece measures 18″ wide x 14″ high. Specially priced at $450 shipped in the U.S..

Framed Antique Prints by Frederick Nodder & George Shaw:  Misc Aquatic Corals, Etc.

Published by subscription by Eighteenth Century Naturalists George Shaw and Frederick Polydore Nodder for The Naturalist’s Miscellany: or Coloured Figures of Natural Objects.(Plus a couple odd pieces). A monumental encyclopedic effort to record all Natural History known. Archival framing in fruit wood burl a double rag mat with a tiny hint of grey and UV glass.   Each framed marine life piece measures:   11×14″  Call 413-245-4197 to order.

Pulled from a printing press and published in London from the 1780’s to about 1805.  The original depiction the Naturalist composed was transferred onto a thin copper plate, engraved with burins and printed onto a high quality rag paper, while slightly damp,  followed water coloring by hand.  Coming from a freshly cut engraving, as the copper surface wore down quickly and could not be used after about 300 impressions.   It is hard to know how many antique prints such as this one offered here, are still around.

200 Year Old Watercolor Engravings of Starfish & Sand Dollars

These antique starfish engravings published Paris 1779-1820 for Methodique, a French encyclopedia of sorts. Subscribers of the series had access all modern 18th century information of all kinds of animal life. Each piece is a copper plate engraving on hand made hand laid rag paper. The water colors have been professionally added (recently) to enhance the engraving’s decorative appeal. Full background provided with purchase. Measurements: 9×11″

Albertus Seba Corals & Misc Aquatic Sea Life From Our Show Collection!

600Close Up of Albertus Seba Engraving CoralsXCVIII
Double Page Antique Engraving from the 18th Century.

Published in the Early Eighteenth Century, from 1734-1754, Albertus Seba published the most magnificent work Locupletissimi Rerum Naturalium Thesauri Accurata Descriptio. It was a book of curiosities based on the personal collection of Seba’s specimens of newly identified flora & fauna. The ocean was of particular interest to this Dutch 18th century collector and naturalist.

Interested in invertebrate marine life, Albertus Seba included Anthozoa Cnidaria in his book. Perhaps it was the colonies of polyps living in symbiosis that interested Seba the most. Subsriber’s to this early 18th Century book were thrilled with these dramatic pictures of what laid underwater. Today it is considered to be one of the finest works published on Sea shells, corals & other marine life.

Albertus Seba misc aquatic hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag paper. Paper size, 20 1/2 x 25″ These are the double sized fold outs from this rare book of curiosities.

Single Page Folio from Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Curiosities:

Folio Misc Aquatic Sealife by George Wolfgang Knorr, 1767.

A rare 18th Century collection of marine life engravings by George Wolfgang Knorr, 1767. Large, folio hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made rare paper. Each piece measures 14 x 20 1/2″. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to further a conversation or to place your order.

Sherman Foote Denton American Lobster Antique Lithographs-120 Years Old.

These are the hard to find, antique lithographs of the famed North American Lobster.  They are antique chromolithographs, whereas each and every color was applied with a keystone, limestone plate, similar to the way silk screening is done today.  Each & every color was applied in an individual separate process.  Sherman Denton was hired by the Fish and Game Commission of the State of New York to illustrate North American species of fish including these wonderful lobsters.

Pair of c.1900 Sherman Foote Denton Lobsters

A pair of American lobster lithographs. Male and female. Published New York at 1900. Complete history provided with purchase. Each piece measures 9 1/2 x 12″. Mint condition. $350. shipped in the U.S.

Framed Denton Lobsters in Honey Burl Wood

American Lobster Homarus Americanus by Denton Female Egger sold with the male, as a pair with exquisite archival framing complete with description on verso. American Lobster Homarus Americanus Male Denton framed in honey toned fruitwood burl. 18″ wide x 14″ high. Sold with female. $650. for the pair for the pair shipped.

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Misc Aquatic: Antique Prints of crabs, lobsters & misc. crustaceans by Rhumph.

Rhumph’s c.1730 misc aquatic antique prints of sea life. Hand colored 18th Century engravings of crabs, lobsters, horse shoe crabs and shrimp! These are scarce German copper plate engravings on very fine hand made hand laid linen rag, with modern water coloring. Each old print measures about 9 1/2 x 16″ Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Authentic American Color Lithographs from 1885 of Anemones, Corals & Crabs:

Published c.1885 these are striking American chromolithographs by Louis Prang, the “Father of American Color Lithography.”  Each old print measure about 9 1/2 x 12″ and the colors are vivid and strong. Call Anne to be invoiced through PayPal or to place your order at 413-245-4197

Misc Aquatic-Authentic c.1860 watercolor engravings & lithographs from “Book of the World”

c. 1860 Old Sea Life Prints. These are German hand colored engravings and lithographs of shells, coral, fish & other sea creatures. Each piece measures @ 8×10″  $75. each. Order by email at anne@annehallantiqueprints.com or by calling 413-245-4197.

Assorted Misc Aquatic: Alligators, Jelly Fish, Lizard & Seals:

Assorted old  Sea life engravings and lithographs. Some are hand colored with watercolors. Crocodiles & Gavials,  Lizards, Jelly Fish and Seals. Anything in this gallery is $45. each.

The Stunning Corals by Dennis Diderot and Jean le Rond d’Alembert c.1770

These are the stunning aquatic antique prints of coral by Diderot.  Hand colored copper plate engravings from the Encyclopedia ou Dictionnaire raisonne des sciences, des arts et des metiers, par une societe de gens de lettres, published in Paris c.1770. Sorry this set is not available.

We are pleased to offer this selection of misc aquatic vintage, antique prints.

This page of old prints for is dedicated to misc aquatic sea life. Such sea life includes antique lithographs and hand colored engravings of lobsters, crabs, corals, anemone and other curiosities found in the ocean. We have Wilhelm gators and gavial. We have Prang anemone & coral prints. All of our old prints, are over 100 years old! We also have really old antique prints of sea creatures by the early naturalists including Rhump, Seba, and Mathias Merian! Merian was an early publisher from Nuremburg. His work producing Johnston’s Animalia is primitive yet almost modern looking. Sea creatures were quite the curiosity during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries. Can you even imagine what people thought back then when they saw the specimens or the old prints of them?

View Antique Whale Prints

Do you have questions about specific misc aquatic sealife?

I may be able to provide additional options when you call me at 413-245-4197. Additional antique prints of American lobsters, corals, crabs, crustaceans & unusual sea life such as gators in a variety of price and size ranges. Send us an email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com. Contact us by phone: 413-245-4197. Thank you for visiting!


Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs, Engravings on Whaling.

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs and Hand Colored Whaling Engravings.  Guaranteed authentic and over 100 years old.  Enjoy our gallery of antique prints including hand colored engravings and whaling scenes.

Finish your room with this great antique whale poster!

A very large whale poster chromolithograph was published in Vienna, Austria circa 1900.  The color lithography, or chromolithography is in a pallet of greys, blue-greens, and silver tans.  The colors are bright stunning colors and the piece is in great condition.   Dimensions:   35 x 26″ image size 39 wide x 28″ high, paper size.   Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

120 year old whale lithograph
Antique Whale Poster color lithograph c. 1900.

Assorted Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs and Hand Colored Whaling Engravings.

A varied collection of old whale prints that is relevant to whales and pertains to whaling history. All of the images are genuine antique 18th and 19th Century Bookplates.  Assorted Whaling Scenes and Depiction of Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs and Engravings.

18th century whaling engraving
Schevchzeri Leviathan, Balaena. Copper plate engraving, 1732. 9.5″ by 15.25″. $350.

Whales by Gottlieb Wilhelm. Austrian Naturalist & Artist. Engravings from 1810-1821.

Antique whale prints by Gottlieb Wilhelm, 1810-1821. Tiny Austrian hand colored copper plate engravings are about 200 years old.  One of the hardest things to come by in producing something like this would have been acquiring the rags to make the paper on which they were printed.

It was a time of curiosity for finding new and undiscovered species.

It was almost a frenzy of curiosity to say the least.  Supply & demand drove subscriptions for well to do to receive in parts as the parts could be published. The immense series was encyclopedic in nature and published over 11 years.  The water coloring was added at the time of production by a professional staff of water colorists.

Each piece measures just 4 1/4 x 6 3/4″ as priced call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Lizars & Jardine Whales & Whaling Scenes: Original Antique Watercolor Engravings.

Each antique engraving measures 4 x 6 3/4″. The color is bright and the paper is in unusually good condition, with almost no toning of the paper. Lizar’s was the famous Scotch engraving company that engraved the first 10 Elephant Folio prints for John James Audubon’s Birds of America and therefore acquired instant fame due to their accomplishments in the engraving trade.

William Lizar Antique Whale Prints are Small Charming Steel Plate Engravings

William Lizar Antique Whale Prints are Small Charming Steel Plate Engravings.  The water coloring illumination was applied by hand when they were produced in 1852. A steel plate was the hardest surface that could used in antique printing method.  A painstakingly amount of time and precision was needed when creating a steel plate engraving.  William Lizar’s firm located in Edinburgh, Scotland was proficient and in high demand for creating life like encyclopedic images of all of the natural history known at the time.

Whales: Hand Colored Lithographs of Whales Published in 1835:

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs.   Hand Colored Whale Lithographs Published in Bruxelles, Belgium in 1835. These old whale prints were printed from limestone plates, known as lithographs, and hand colored at the time of production. These old whale lithographs measure 6×9″, a few I have double matted in rag to 9×12″. Here we have Balene whales, Humpback whales, Orca whales, Beluga whales and Narwhals!

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Whales: Historic Antique Lithograph Framed 46 x 39″

This great piece came back to me recently after a prominent doctor in Massachusetts retired.  He was a collector of all kinds of art, including antique lithographs and hand colored engravings. This went on for aggressively for his 50 years in practice. This is a giant antique whale lithograph framed with archival materials in weathered wood. Published in Austria by color lithography, c. 1900. 46″ wide x 39″ high. $2200. Local delivery or pick up.

Antique American Whale Lithographs: Archivally Framed in Burl Wood-

Antique whale chromolithographs (Chromo meaning color.  Lithography meaning applies from a limestone plate) which were published in New York in 1880. Each and every color in these old whale prints was applied with an individual key stoned, limestone plate. Framed in rag. UV glass. Each piece measures 11×14″  Lead Time 2-3 weeks.  Sold as a set of three for $600.  Would you like a similar set?  Click here to contact us.

Edouard Travies Whales. Antique Whaling Lithographs from 1809-1865.

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs. These antique whale prints are hand colored lithographs, published by Furne for Edouard Travies in Paris in 1854. Each piece was printed in black onto white paper from a limestone plate and finally finished in water colors by hand, with accents of Gum Arabic. All the artwork was that of Travies, 1809-1865. He is considered to be one of the best French artists of that time.

Two Travies antique lithographs of whales in black & gold molding with archival framing:

Three Travies antique lithographs of whales framed in satin finish burl wood:

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs and Hand Colored Whaling Engravings!

Why do these historic depictions of Whales prior to 1900 exist?

Mankind was in pursuit of whale oil in order for London to keeps it’s streets lit. That ended when people started drilling for oil and developed kerosene. Fortunately, whales and whaling history received a lot of attention in the seventeen, eighteen and nineteen hundreds. Naturalists brought to life with their depictions in the form of book illustrations which were sold by subscription and issued in parts periodically as the work could be printed. These during the 17th, 18th and 19th Century depictions were produced when whaling was critical to world commerce & drawn at the time at the time of the event.

Great genuine paper antiques… from Anne Hall Antique Prints. Thank you for browsing our gallery of Whales: historic antique lithographs and engravings. We sell only authentic old engravings and lithographs, produced in various countries, from the early 1600’s to 1900.  Antique prints of whaling are historically significant to whaling history. These antiques of whales and whaling documented world whaling history which was driven by the desire for street lights.  You have seen many period depictions and scenes of the whaling industry from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries which are historically important today.

Contact Anne:   Phone: 413-245-4197    Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

Find fantastic antique artwork you will want to live with for years to come:

Seguy Insectes Papillons – Rare Pochoir Art by Emile Allain Séguy


Cat Dog Antique Engravings & Hand Colored Lithographs

Browse our collection of hand colored cat dog engravings & antique lithographs. 18th & 19th Century artwork of cats dogs.  Felines canines.  Artists include Alfred Brunel, Mathias Merian, Compte de Buffon, Sir Edwin Landseer.  Please contact us if you are interested in a certain breed.  We have additional pieces to select from. Call 413-245-4197.

A Set of 6 Mid 18th Century Antique Cat Engravings by Compte de Buffon

A grouping of antique cat prints published Amsterdam & Paris 1749-1761.  The medium is copper plate engraving, on hand made hand laid rag paper. The water coloring was professionally added recently. A magnificent grouping of rare Buffon cat-dog engravings. Each of the six cats measures in at 7 1/2 x 9 1/4″. Priced at $1200. for the six.

Browse this collection of Buffon Cat Dog engravings published in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749 to 1761. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon was a famous French naturalist and scientist. Buffon was in charge of the King of France’s royal collection, so anything of a scientific nature went to Buffon first. He had lots of inherited wealth. He could produce expensive illustrated books on mammals such as Histoire Naturelle. The effort depicting animals resulted in fabulous illustrated books on natural history subjects.

Cassell’s dogs from our travelling show collection!

Here are exciting additions of dogs from our travelling show collection! Each of these beautiful antique lithographs were published in London, England in 1890 for Cassell’s Book of the Dog. Revered as some of the most beautiful antique lithographs of dogs ever published on the subject, these antique dog prints are exemplary of the technique of color lithography. The Cassells dogs book lithographs are in bright colors and excellent condition.  Each antique dog print measures 8 1/2 x 11 1/4″.  Call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Compte de Buffon Dogs! Charming miniature 18th Century engravings.

Nine Eighteenth Century cat-dog engravings by Compte de Buffon. Miniature antique engravings from 1785-1804 with original water coloring applied when the book published.  Each piece measures: 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2-7″ Sold as a set of 9. Priced $750.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Quarto Compte de Buffon Mid 18th Century Engravings, Sold Individually.

A grouping of antique dog prints published 1749-1761.  They are copper plate engravings, on hand made hand laid rag paper.  The water coloring in this rare Compte de Buffon edition is original to the set. A magnificent grouping of rare Buffon cat-dog engravings, each piece measures in at about 7 1/2 x 9 1/4″ and are priced at $175. each.

Browse the collection of Buffon Cat Dog engravings published in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749 to 1761. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon was a famous French naturalist and scientist. Buffon was in charge of the King of France’s royal collection, so anything of a scientific nature went to Buffon first. He had lots of inherited wealth and therefore could produce some very expensive illustrated books on mammals including Histoire Naturelle. The laborious depictions resulted in fabulous illustrated books on natural history subjects.

Each antique print is a copper plate engraving and was printed onto a hand made hand laid linen rag piece of paper, with water coloring added at a later time. Each piece measures in at about 8×10″  Priced $145. each.

18th Century Buffon Cat Dog Antique Engravings. Framed in Shabby Chic!

Compte de Buffon 18th Century dog prints. Dating from 1749 to 1761 these are the famous Buffon Dogs. European water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. Each piece is framed in damaged distressed frames. Complete with French hand colored mats, hey are under UV glass.

Each piece framed measures about 13 x 16″ and are priced at $195. each or $175. each if purchased in sets of three or more.  Plus shipping. Click here to contact us.

Extraordinary Antique Cat Chromolithographs by Alfred Brunel, the Famous Cat Painter

Brunel Cat Prints! Here is a pair of the best domesticated CAT dog prints I have ever come across.  These large American cat chromolithographs are entitled “Mixing the Colors” and “Anxious Moments.”

Anxious Moments & Mixing the Colors are after the oil paintings of Alfred-Arthur Brunel.  Published 1897 in New York, by the Amlico Publishing Company.  Intended to be sold as decorative artwork for stores and homes alike.   Intense inks were applied, each in it’s own process and sequence.  One color after another.  A limestone plate was specially lithographed for each and every color seen.  Artwork of felines was growing in popularity.  Mixing the Colors & Anxious Moments certainly would be popular in America so Brunel hired Amlico to publish the affordable & large pieces.  Fortunately, some did not sell and I was able to purchase the uncirculated stock of Mixing the Colors & Anxious Moments years ago from Ken Smith, old friend and American antique prints dealer in New Jersey (passed away).  Both are two of the finest examples of cat artwork ever published.

A striking wall of antique American artwork of Cats when hung as a pair.

Each antique cat chromolithograph measures 21 1/2 x 26 1/2″   with intense vibrant coloration.   Minor flaws mostly around the perimeter, which should be expected in large pieces such as these and they were not framed. Click here to contact us.

Midieval 17th Century Dog Engravings 1646 by Mathias Merian.

Dog Engravings by Mathias Merian. Published in Nuremburg in 1646, this set of three dog prints are the work of Mathias Merian, one of the most famous of publishers in Early Nuremburg, Germany.  Seventeenth Century copper plate engravings on very fine, hand made hand laid linen rag paper.  Published in Nurmburg, Germany 1646-through about 1670.

Sold as a set of three. Framed in high end picture frame moldings, in rag mats and under UV glass.  Outstanding crisp deep strikes. Each framed dog print measures about 16 x 22″ The set is $1375. shipped in the U.S. Click here to contact us.

Cats Dogs: Engravings & Lithographs from Early Pictorial Newspapers.

Early illustrated periodicals and illustrated newspaper subscriptions were the rage during the the 1800’s.   Felines canines were good subject manner for readers.  Illustrated newspaper stories about cat dog were depicted on a regular basis.  Just like today, throughout history,  the cat dog has been incredibly import to man.

Antique Wood Engravings of Terriers. England 1888

Published in England in 1888 these old prints of dogs are antique wood engravings. Terriers: 19th Century Wood Engravings. Wood engravings of terriers! Published in England in 1888. 5×8″  Perfect to frame 9×12 or even better 11×14.”  Priced at $45. each.

Antique dog bookends you can find & buy on Shop Cat-Dog:

Click here to purchase by clicking, any of these Cat & Dog bookends:

Cat Dog Ephemera & Advertising

Ephemera on dogs vitamins, foods and treats from c.1900, measuring about 5×8 1/4″ and are $45. each. 2 for $80.

Large Leon Danchin Antique Dog Prints

Large Leon Danchin c.1940-50 French water colored engravings in good condition and strong water colors.

Antique cat lithographs and engravings of dogs from years ago. Some of our antique prints date as early as the mid sixteen hundreds. We generally stop when photography came into play circa nineteen hundred.

Large Framed Antique Artwork of Cats & Dogs!

Horses: see three pages of collections.

Antique Cat-Dog Lithographs and Hand Colored Engravings from the 17th-19th Centuries!

Thanks for visiting my cat-dog prints.  Cat-Dog Antique lithographs & hand colored engravings from the18th & 19th Centuries. Alfred Brunel, Merian, Buffon artwork of cats, dogs (felines, canines).Antique prints by Cassell, Buffon, Merian, Landseer and others.  18th-19th Century hand coloredengravings & antique lithographs of our favorite canines and felines.   These old prints were published for books and magazines and newspapers over 100 years ago.


I welcome your interest.

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Orchids: 19th Century Hand Colored Lithographs

Do you grow orchids or just love the way they look?  Find beautiful 19th century hand colored lithographs from Warner’s Orchid Album to complete your decorating project.

Orchids: 19th Century Antique Lithographs Hand Colored in Pinks & Purples

These antique orchid prints published London, England from 1882-1897. The encyclopedic series is very rare. and is entitled Orchid Album: Select Orchidaceous Plants by Robert Warner and Thomas Moore. The books were illustrated by the master illustrator of orchids, John Nugent Fitch.

These antiques are called hand colored lithographs. Litho meaning stone, graph to write. An antique method of printing based on the immiscibility oil and water. Each bookplate is partially printed in colors from individual key stoned limestone plates. The printing process started with the lightest colors and worked sequentially to the darkest colors. Furthermore each piece was finished off with watercolors, all applied by hand. The combination of illumination techniques make the orchids lifelike & practically jump off the plate

Warner Orchids hand colored lithographs in pinks & purples. Published London, England 1882-1897.  Each piece measures 9 1/2 x 12″.  Very few imperfections, please inspect the photos. Discounts on sets of three or more. Call to speak to Anne directly at 413-245-4197.  Click here to contact us.

Antique Lithographs from Warner’s Orchid Album in Yellows & Oranges

The following prints are 19th century hand colored lithographs. Published in London England c.1885. They are in stunning bright watercolors. Very good condition. Each piece measures 9×12″. frame to 14×18 or 16×20 perfectly. Are you decorating your home with a tropical theme?  Click here to contact us or pick up the phone and call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Give your decor a tropical look with antique prints.

Find beautiful 19th century hand colored lithographs from Warner’s Orchid Album at Anne Hall Antique Prints! Our artwork is sourced from the 19th century books entitled Orchid Album. The antique lithographs adorned books published in the mid 1800’s. Old species of orchis, many have changed nomenclature. 

The unusual plant life was depicted by early orchid hunters. As well as by other botanical naturalists. There was a lot of searching the world for new species of ochids.  It was a craze during the Victorian Age, a time of discovery new forms in nature. Hence the production of these old lithographs. To illustrate what was being discovered and cultivated. With a wide range of varieties depicted. The specimens recorded findings from 19th century orchid hunting expeditions.   In addition and just to confuse matters, nomenclature over the years has changed. Most orchids have been renamed over the years. While new species are still being discovered and named today.

Find Additional Options, Ideas & Learn More

Explore & Find More Antique Lithographs of Orchids

Explore and find additional orchids with decorating ideas on our website: Orchid Prints by Van Houtteano & Linden | Mid 19th Century Lithographs, Lindenia Orchid Prints: Antique Lithographs from the 19th Century.

Learn More About the Rare Books Orchid Album and Real Specimens

Click and go to the Chicago Botanical Garden 3 1/2 minute Utube video The Orchid Album Exhibition – YouTube. You will see all 5 Albums at the Museum exhibition of a rare complete set of 5 volumes in exquisite fine condition.

Click the following link and you will learn more about the largest collection of live orchids in the world. The collection of live specimens is located in the Botanical Gardens at the Huntington Library in California. It a unique combination of library, museum and botanical gardens. Visit the Orchid Collection | The Huntington

Find a great collection of artwork for your decorating project with Anne’s help.

I would like to help you in your own decorating project. What you have seen on our website are some ideas which can be expounded upon by contacting us. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 or Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com Thank you for visiting our website!

American Indian Antique Lithographs-Engravings.

American Indian Antique Lithographs & Engravings. Available antique prints include folio McKenney Hall Tribes of North America, Katchinas, Baskets & Pottery. Ki-On-Twog-ky or Corn Planter.

American Indian Antique Lithographs: Folio McKenney Hall

These lovely American Indian Antique Lithographs are the work of Thomas McKenney and James Hall. Coming from the books entitled: History of the Indian Tribes of North America.  Magnificent, folio sized, 19th Century books were published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1837 to 1844.  All of the text was written by James Hall.  His partner was Thomas McKenney who commissioned the painters to execute the chiefs portraits in oils.

Many of the American Indian antique lithographs are 19th century depictions of great tribal chiefs who went to Washington DC for peace talks. The portraits were to be painted but not to be produced as book plates. Or so the Federal Government intended. So, one by one the paintings were snuck out of the archives and these beautiful hand colored lithographs were produced. Shortly after the original paintings were lost in the Smithsonian fire.   Each of these beautiful antique lithographs from McKenney Hall Tribes of North America measure about  14 1/2 x 19.”   Enquiries: call 413-245-4197 or Click here to contact us.

Sold. War Dance of the Sauks and Foxes. 1838-1842 Philadelphia.
Folio McKenney & Hall Tribes of North America hand colored lithograph.

Burning Arrow is an Epic Western Scene

“Burning Arrow” is one of the most beautiful American Indian antique lithographs ever published. Published 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts by one of America’s finest lithographers, Tabor Prang Art Company. Each any every color was applied individual keystone lime stone plate. Beautiful strong colors in the lithography. Some wear, on mid to lower left side. 18 1/2 x 27″. $1200.

“Burning Arrow” is one of the most beautiful American Indian Antique Lithographs ever published.

American Indian Antique Lithographs of Pottery Published 1901

Antique American Indian Art Pottery chromolithographs produced in 1901 for the National Museum. These are all pots made by Arizona Indian tribes. These wonderful old lithographs are in excellent condition. They measure 5 1/2 x 9″ and are $85. each. Click here to contact us.

American Indian Art Pottery Bowls: Old Bureau of Ethnology Chromolithographs

American Indian Art!  Pottery chromolithographs, published circa 1900 by the United States Bureau of American Ethnology. These old prints measure 7 1/2 x 11″.  These are affordable chromolithographs, over 100 years old.  $85. each or three or more for $75. each. Click here to contact us.

American West-220 Year Old Buffalo Engravings Framed

A pair of framed copper plate engravings from c.1800 with thick rag matting and plain black frames. Nearly 220 years old, the engravings are in excellent condition. Each piece measures 12″ wide and 10″ in height. Sold as pair for $375. Please call me with your specific interest at 413-245-4197  or  email me:  anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

American Indian Head Dresses, Katchinas, Ceremonies. Chromolithographs.

American Indian head dresses and katchinas from the BAE. Chromolithographs produced for the US Bureau of American Ethnology. Produced c.1900, each antique lithograph measures 7 1/2 x 11″ and are priced $85. each or $65. each if you order 3 or more. American Indian antique lithographs of head dresses and katchinas from the US Bureau of American Ethnology reports published c.1900. Click here to contact us or call to place your order: 413-245-4197.

American Indian Antique Lithographs of Hopi Baskets from 1902.

Find historic bookplates which documented Hopi baskets. This collection of baskets pertain to tribes located in the south western part of America. The plates printed in colors from limestone plates in 1902, in the lost art of color lithography or “chromolithography.” Shop for Hopi and other tribal American Indian antique lithographs. Each piece measure 5 1/2 x 9″ and are priced at $60. each. Place your order by calling 413-245-4197 or Click here to email us.

View our collection of Washington DC antique prints.
Own a piece of American history when you buy an antique print of a National Park.

Native American Indian antique lithographs and engravings. Original pieces which date over 100 years of age. Own a piece of historic antique artwork and something that is pertinent to Early American. Indian and Western antique prints of subjects including Katchinas, Pottery & Basket prints. Our antique prints are all very old hand colored engravings & antique lithographs that were produced over 100 years ago. Early American scenes of the frontier and the Old West. Antique prints illustrations of American Indian katchinas, head dresses, pottery, kivas, ceremonies, cowboy sheet music and more… Antique Prints of American Indians and Southwest American Indian Pottery and Baskets. Old engravings produced for early illustrated newspapers such as Harper’s Weekly & more!

Call or email us to place your order. Phone: 413-245-4197 Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

Insect Prints: Butterfly Transformations & Metamorphoses

Insect prints showing butterfly transformations & metamorphoses. We are featuring 18th century woman entomologist Maria Sybilla Merian.  Learn about her Insects of Europe & Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium. Work by other entomologists follow. So keep scrolling down to see the rest of the collection.

Insect Prints by Moses Harris. Aurelian published London 1796.

His uncle a member of the first organized Society of Entomologists in England called the Society of Aurelians. After a massive fire, all the collections were lost. 14 years later, Moses Harris became the secretary of the second Society of Aurelians.

In 1776 Moses Harris published the Natural System of Colours. He furthered Sir Isaac Newton’s work on color, developing the color wheel which we still use today. Newton passed away in 1727 (born in 1643). It was nearly 50 years before Harris developed the color wheel.

Aurelian published London 1796 by Moses Harris

The beautiful watercolor copper plate engravings are on heavy wove rag with intense complementary colors. Decorative compositions of transformation and metamorphosis stages in butterflies. Each piece measures 10 1/2 x 14 1/2″ and are demonstrative of Harris’s life long passion.

Moses Harris Aurelian watercolor engravings from 1796. Double rag mats, 16×20″

Insect Prints showing transformations & butterfly metamorphosis. Moses Harris Aurelian. Hand Colored Insect Prints. These beautiful old butterfly prints are the work of Moses Harris, coming from his great work on Butterflies entitled The “Aurelian.” These are gorgeous, water colored engravings on hand made rag. These Butterfly Prints were produced in England in 1796, by Moses Harris – Chief of the Lepidoptera Society (or Butterfly Society). He was an EXPERT ON COLOR, first to illustrate the color wheel we use  today. The old engravings mat up perfectly to 16 x 20″ while the paper measures 12 14 x 16″.  Click here to contact us.