Elwes Lilies: A unique gallery of antique lily prints!

Search for Elwes Lilies in our unique gallery of antique lily lithographs and hand colored engravings.  Including Elwes Lilies by Walter Hood Fitch; Curtis Botanical Magazine with Syndham Edwards..

Elwes Lilies – Walter Fitch – A Monograph of the Genus Lilium c.1880.

I am happy to provide my customers with Elwes Lilies, in which Walter Hood Fitch was the botanical illustrator. These antique lithographs  come from the most important book produced on lilies A Monograph of the Genus Lilium, published c.1880.   

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Artwork was crafted by Walter Hood Fitch. He was a top botanical illustrator during the 19th Century.   These antique lithographs come from the most important book produced on lilies:  A Monograph of the Genus Lilium.   Each of the Elwes Lilies is a large folio, hand colored lithographs.

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Lilies – Antique Botanical Illustrations – Classic for Modern Homes

Each old flower print measures about 9″ high x 11 1/2″ wide.  They would be dramatic framed in a simple style.  Monotone large matting… Or perhaps an arrangement under an acrylic sheet of plexi glass to use in a modern home or loft. $125. Each.

This grouping of Curtis and Edwards botanical engravings are the fold outs which were issued periodically.  Carefully collected for years, we now are offering this beautiful set of lilies. Consider the application of these antique prints in your modern home and historic home as well. Classic artwork is timeless, especially when properly framed, bringing your home decor to another level.

These fold out antique flower prints are simple in color.  They are hand colored copper plate engravings on wove rag paper.  Published in London from 1801-1830, these are genuine antiques.  Predominately shown and for sale here is the work of Curtis and Edwards.  Each botanical illustration was published for the Curtis Botanical Magazine.  Issued once a month, the periodical was received by anxious and excited subscribers.  A small paperback like type of magazine.  Gardeners and well to do people who read would collect, discuss and define garden plans including many of the latest species described.

Syndham Edwards was largely responsible for water coloring each and every illustration immediately after printing.  He was a talented sole. His water color illumination rarely varied from plate to plate, consistent in quality and the actual colors of the water color.  The Curtis Botanical Magazine started in 1787 and still is published today.

Like the high end? See these pochoir insects!

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Like the look of the Curtis Botanicals? See more simple flowers!

The Art of Lithography:

Lithography was a very laborious process.  It took tremendous skill.  It was a life long craft, once a lithographer, always a lithographer!  No switching back and forth in careers in the OLD days. One would serve a long apprenticeship, sometimes years on end, with little to no pay, in order to become a craftsman like the one skilled to work on these rare Elwes Lilies that Fitch produced. 

Original illustrations were transferred onto a special kind of limestone.  The limestone came out of a certain area of Germany.  The limestone was cut into large slabs, about 1″ thick.  The illustration was meticulously drawn onto the limestone slab with a type of a greasy crayon. What was under the greasy crayon essentially was what was printed in relief.  The finished desired slab was then emerged into nitric acid.  The nitric acid burned away what was not covered by the greasy crayon.  That area was then in relief.  The greasy crayon was wiped off, inked up, and printed onto a piece of heavy wove rag paper.  (The making of the paper is another story).

Water coloring was meticulously added by a very experienced water colorist. Water coloring was also a life long career or craft.  Intense ink from minerals and vegetables and insects made up water colors in the early days. These water colored lithographs are vibrant and beautiful.  The prints themselves are in near perfect condition. 

Seguy Insectes Papillons – Rare Pochoir Art by Emile Allain Séguy!

Seguy Insectes Papillons!  We currently have both the rare French pochoir artworks of Eugene Seguy’s on bugs and butterflies…  Eugène Séguy,  known as Emile Allain Séguy, and as E.A. Séguy,  was a most accomplished entomologist and reknown artist of Pochoir ever.  Revered by the world for his unusual style and compositions, his Parisian Art Deco plates are dramatic and timeless.

 Original 1926 E.A. Seguy Butterflies!

Please peruse the Butterfly images below to make your plate request.  They will follow the Insects.  Each print has slight overall toning of the paper.  Water coloring is bright and intense.  Each piece measures 13 x 17 1/2″  Call 413-245-4197

Seguy Insectes – Bugs: Rare & Scarce Pochoir Antique Prints from 1926.

Seguy Papillons, His Butterflies. Rare Art Deco, Antique Pochoir Prints with Intense Metallic Colors.

Pochoir defined: the application of water color by stencil.  A French technique used in the early 1900’s.

These desirable antique prints are in stock and available now. Eugène Séguy, is also known as Emile Allain Séguy, and E.A. Seguy.  He is best known best for these FABULOUS works on Butterflies and Insects.  Seguy  published these incredible works of Art Deco in Paris, about 1926. Utilizing the French technique of adding color known as Pochoir, the metallic water colors were applied by stencils. The results were these fabulous examples of art deco.  Each piece reflects the excitement experienced during the art nouveau period.  Who can’t be appreciate the beauty of these works of art?  Each stunning old print measures 12 3/4″ x 18″  Furthermore, these pieces are in excellent condition with extraordinary bright coloring!

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The E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons Portfolios represent Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods at it’s height.

Coming from unbound portfolios, the  E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons, are the most beautiful and amazing work ever produced on entomology. Decoratively illustrated in collages, the beetles, bugs and butterflies, moths and other insects are composed with great detail.  The Papillons or Butterflies are exquisite, and reflect the natural details seen in actual specimens. The Insectes are fantastic illustrations that are difficult to obtain.  Anne Hall Antique Prints has the most beautiful Antique Art Deco Pochoir Prints ever produced.  Most of all these rare finds are in stock and available!  Please inquire now for the best price.

This is a rare opportunity to own the Seguy Insectes Papillons,  so call now!

Rare to come onto the market, these beautiful Seguy Insectes Papillons from 1926 emulate Paris Art Deco at it’s height.  Occasionally coming onto the market are the Butterflies.  Even though the Bugs or Insects are extremely hard to find, I have managed to offer them for sale.  Mine have some of the best color ever seen.  They are stunning in person.  They impress everyone who has had the rare opportunity to view them personally.  Own a piece of 1920’s Parisian History when you purchase one of these rare pieces of artwork. In return they will bring you years of pleasure each time you look at them.  

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Wine Lithographs and Wine Making Engravings.    Use antique prints in your home or wine room’s décor.  You will be creating a warm and distinctive room.

Antique Wine Lithographs for Dining Rooms,  Wine Cellars & Wineries

Sizes and Prices for Ampelographie: Each antique wine lithograph will frame beautifully to 16 x 20.” Each print measures about 9 1/2 x 13 1/2″ and are priced at $150. each or available in groupings at $125. each.

Use antique wine lithographs & engravings in your restaurant, kitchen or dining room décor. Let me help you find a classic & unique selection of old grape prints. Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Consider using French antique wine lithographs in your own home décor.  Classic design artwork to finish your room.  These antique prints are beautiful chromolithographs coming from a rare series of books entitled Ampelographie.  Exemplary of the technique of chromolithography, they have striking colors & compositions.  Published in France in 1897 to document all known viticultural varieties of  grapes around the world.

“Wine Making in California – at work at the wine presses by P. Frenzeny.”

This Rare Hand Colored Wood Engraving was Published by Harper’s Weekly in 1886. The vintage in California – at work at the wine presses by P. Frenzeny.  A water colored wood engraving coming from Harper’s Weekly in 1886.   It is considered the best piece ever to be produced on making wine in America.’  It was drawn by P. Frenzeny,  who was hired by Harper’s Weekly in the 1870’s and 1880’s to illustrate the most interesting scenes in the west.  He was considered one of the best western artist of the time.  And this marvelous illustration exemplifies Frenzeny’s work.  He won readership back from the aggressive competitive newspaper owned by Frank Leslie.

Every part of the vintage is shown, and in explicit detail:

The engraving reveals that the wine press is being worked manually.  The Chinese immigrants (who previously worked on the railroads, by the 1870’s are working elsewhere, such as this vineyard), are bringing the harvested grapes to be pressed. Grape collection baskets are clearly shown, as well as the huge barrels of wine.  Stomping of the grapes and the wine tasting are clearly shown.  In excellent condition.  This is a pertinent piece of American as well as California Winemaking history.

Pressing wine
Pressing wine
Winemaking in California: The Vintage in California – at work at the wine presses by P. Frenzeny 1886 $1100.

Winemaking in California is the single best American piece produced on the production of wine.

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Large Spanish Communion Grape Lithographs c.1870:

Antique Lithographs of Wine Grapes used Historically in Communion.   Antique Spanish Chromo lithographs. Coming from a very rare series of Communion Wine Grapes published  c.1870.  Each of the large antique lithographs of wine grapes measures about 14×22″  $450. each.

More Available Ampelographie:

Consider early decorative scenes of Europe.

Framed antique wine lithographs for unique home décor!

Available framed antique wine lithographs for unique décor!   The French work Ampelographie of viticulture grapes, framed up, look great.  Lovely and bright antique color lithographs of wine grapes with beautiful archival framing. Each 1897 French chromolithograph has a double rag mat and UV glass. The complementary picture frame molding is a high end, solid wood satin burl, about 1/2″ deep.  Finished dimensions: 18×22″. Call us at 413-245-4197 regarding additional pieces, custom framing for a personalized set and shipping quotes.

Call us at 413-245-4197 and let us help you with a personalized selection of framed prints like this one:

Wine Chromolithographs Ampelographie. Grouping of six wine grape chromolithographs from 1897. 9473
Wine Chromolithographs Ampelographie. Grouping of six wine grape chromolithographs from 1897. 9473


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Assorted antique wine lithographs and engravings:

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Assorted antique prints concerning the consumption of wine, beer, hops… & smoking:

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Wine and Grapes, Austrian Hand Colored Engravings 1810-1821. 

Gottlieb Wilhelm Antique Hand Colored Engravings on hand made rag paper.  Published in Vienna, Austria from 1810-1821.  Beautiful strong water colors. Archival double mats that measure 8×10.”

Wilhelm 48 hand colored engraving
Wilhelm wine engraving 48. T. IX. Gottlieb Wilhelm. Double rag mat. 8×10″ $75. Click here to buy now.

Stay classic and decorate with interesting antique wine prints.

Now you have seen antique prints of wine grapes and the harvest. Both color lithographs and hand colored engravings. When you use antique viticulture art in your space, you will enjoy it for years to come… Do you have a cellar, or tasting room? Enjoy history’s the beauty of the past by decorating with antique prints. Antique artwork such as the antique lithographs and hand colored engravings you’ve seen here, provides a unique decorative option for wine enthusiasts.

Wine Grapes Caroline Bury
Wine Grapes Caroline Bury

Antique Viticulture Prints for WINE Enthusiasts!

The subject of wine was as important in the past, as it is in the present.  Growers and suppliers… Back to economics, supply and demand.  It has always been a part of the world economy.  So if you love viticulture and vinicultural subjects, then you are in the right place!  We have old prints of grapes & scenes showing the production of wine. If you like to sip and savor, you too will love our collection! Perhaps you have toured the vineyards in California or elsewhere in America or the World…   We have antique lithographs, chromolithographs, hand colored engravings of all kinds of grapes.  Most of them come from rare books and early periodicals offered by subscriptions.   Most of these antique prints were published in New York, Austria, Belgium, France,  and Spain.  And as always… our old prints are all over 100 years old,  guaranteed!

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We are happy to offer an you an outstanding selection of old wine related engravings and lithographs to select from if you care to see more.  Ones that are perfect for your dining room or wine cellar! 

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Grapes of New York, published c.1900.  Cheap and Cheerful!

c.1900 antique photo lithographs of grapes produced in New York. These are photo lithographs, whereas each color was applied photographically or photo mechanically. They look great framed up. Cheap & cheerful at only $35. each. Each antique print measures 8 1/2 x 11 1/2″ and frame up to 11×14″ or 12×16.”

Lizar Monkeys Antique Engravings

Lizar monkeys antique engravings. William Lizars of Scotland published this series of antique monkey prints  for  Jardine’s Naturalist’s Library in 1833.  Each hand colored monkey engraving measures 4 x 6 3/4″.  Each piece is priced at $60. each.

Charming Steel Plate Engravings with Water Colors Applied by Hand, 1833

Why were Lizar nonkeys published?

William Lizar’s firm located in Edinburgh, Scotland was proficient and in high demand for creating life like encyclopedic images of all of the natural history known at the time.  Once again it was a time of curiosity, finding new and undiscovered species.  It was almost a frenzy of curiosity in the least.  Sold by subscription for the masses to buy,  the immense series was published over a 40 year time period.

More about the creation of these antique engravings-

Steel plate engravings had the hardest surface that could used in antique printing method. A painstakingly amount of time and precision was needed when creating a steel plate engraving. The water coloring was added at the time of production by a professional staff of water colorists.  Believe it or not one of the hardest things to come by in producing something like this would have been the paper on which to print them.

Consider complementary antique prints to create your theme:

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To view assorted collections of antique orchid lithographs and engravings.

Exotic species of  African, Asian and Indian wild life (not found in North America).

See all available monkey prints. 

Buy an antique monkey print right now!  Buy instantly!

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Monkeys by Buffon! Hand Colored Engravings.

Browse our collection 18th Century prints of monkeys by Buffon, a famous curious Frenchman and naturalist!  These are hand colored, antique monkey engravings by the famous French naturalist Compte de Buffon.

To order one of our Monkeys by Buffon or any of our antique lithographs and hand colored engravings, fill out our contact form with the image’s name and caption and your contact information. Our staff will call you to arrange payment and shipping.    We offer most of our prints, with discounts on sets. On some of our prints, we offer framing & international shipping.  Call us directly at 413-245-4197 to discuss your order.

Monkeys Buffon Hand Colored Antique Monkey Engravings 18th Century:

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Buffon Monkeys FRAMED. Exquisite & small hand colored monkey engravings.

These antique monkey prints were produced by George Leclerc Compte de Buffon, a famous French naturalist with endless amounts of inherited wealth. Published c.1800, these hand colored copper plate engravings were printed onto hand made hand laid linen rag. Rare German edition of monkey prints. Framed measuring about 10 x 12″ each.    $200. each.   Click here to contact us.

George Buffon Monkeys. Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings.

These were produced in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761. These old prints of monkeys by Buffon are hand colored copper plate engravings. Each measures  8 1/4 x 10 1/2″  and are priced at $165. each Click here to contact us.

Monkeys by Buffon Framed! Compte de Buffon! First Editions!

Monkeys by Buffon Framed.  They will enlighten your home décor! The illustrations are wonderful depictions dating to the mid 18th Century.  Each old hand colored engraving has archival framing, by myself.  The molding is a honey burl, solid wood frame. These were produced in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761. These old monkey prints are copper plate engravings on fine hand made laid rag with hand coloring.  Outstanding condition with great hand coloring. This set of three framed Buffon monkey prints are. Complete with free US shipping. Click here to contact us.   Sorry this set is SOLD.  Let me provide you with a customized set of your own!

Consider complementing your collection with an antique map of Africa 

or Asia 

Monkeys! A great selection of antique prints, monkey prints ready to hang. Compte de Buffon Histoire Naturelle. Engravings of Monkeys produced in the 1800’s! Great prices on monkey prints produced by Buffon, Jacobs and other early naturalists! These are old monkey engravings and lithographs that are over 100 years old! Give your room a warm tropical feel with these little guys who have so much character! Monkeys come from the Jungle! The early naturalists were fascinated with the human like creatures. Thus monkey engravings and lithographs were produced, all over 100 years ago! We have old antique monkey prints by Buffon, Jacob & other early naturalists. These are all antique engravings and lithographs that have charm and character. Monkeys are one of our favorite tropical creatures! For your tropical theme… consider these vintage prints of monkeys.

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Song Birds & Bird Feeder Types by John Gould, Martinet and other Ornithologists!

Old prints of song birds. These are antique engravings & lithographs of song birds by Martinet, Gould, Morris, Gentry & Audubon. Song birds including robins, finches & woodpeckers.

Song Birds, including the Pileated Woodpecker are a natural marvel to me.  I have managed to attract one, sometimes a pair, to my own backyard… pileated-woodpecker-backyardsafari

Song Birds by John Gould. Large folio hand colored lithographs.

John Gould had a passion for Ornithology.  As a result Gould illustrated a world class work on birds from 1832-1888.  Gould’s birds had to be completed by his associates,  after his death until 1888.  These subscriptions were published in London, England.  Below is a selection of John Gould original hand water colored lithographs.  Each illustration is in very good condition with bright and original water colors.    These are no less than LOVELY antique ornithology prints, because of that, they are timeless pieces of art!  Since these old lithographs are first editions, the measurements are 14×22.”

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Francois Martinet Pretty Birds. French Water Colored Copper Engravings 1770-1783

The famous French Ornithologist Francois Martinet had an intense interest in birds in the 18th Century.  Consequently Martinet produced one of the finest works the French ever published on Birds.  He employed a staff of 70 people.  Still the work took some 13 years, from 1770-1783 to complete. These are French water colored copper plate engravings. The colors are bright and will enhance your home’s décor.  Each old engraving of song birds & bird feeder types measures @9×12.”  $200. each or specially priced at $175. each when you purchase 3 or more.

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JJ Audubon Song Birds. Lockwood Edition, Hand Colored 1870.

The famous American naturalist, JJ Audubon illustrated Birds of North America.  Audubon’s ornithological illustrations were very popular. There needed to be a more affordable edition made, and quickly, as the interest was strong and demand was high, so a second small octavo edition of his Birds was published in 1870, known as the Lockwood Edition. Here are North American species of Song & Bird Feeder Types.  Double matted in rag to 9×12″ Click here to contact us.

Reverend F.O. Morris Song Birds. Hand Colored Wood Engravings from 1890.

This is the work of Reverend F.O. Morris.  These old engravings are of song birds & bird feeder types from 1890. They are English hand colored wood engravings.  A “birder”  Reverend and his congregation, collected the specimens, and created this encyclopedic collection about Ornithology. Measurements: 6×9″, and will mat up to @ 9×12″ or 11×14.” 

Cheep and Cheerful at only  $75. each.

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Song Birds! Woodpeckers by Morris! Charming Hand Colored Engravings from 1890.

Song Birds!  These are antique Woodpecker prints by F.O. Morris from 1890.  Each is an English water colored engraving.  It’s one of my favorite birds at my bird feeder… WOODPECKERS!  Each old print measures about 6×9″  and will frame up perfectly to 9×12″ or 11×14.”

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Raven & Crow Framed! 1890 Reverend Morris Hand Colored Engravings.

Song Birds & Bird Feeder Types by Jacob Studer.  Birds of North America.

Jacob Studer’s Birds of North America was published in Philadelphia, 1865-1885. These are lovely old chromolithographs of birds we would love to see… Song & Bird Feeder Types including the pileated wood pecker!  Can you imagine the IVORY BILLED WOODPECKER?  Even an old print of Cardinals!  Click here to contact us.

THE BALTIMORE ORIOLE!!! A Lovely American Chromolithograph $85.

Pretty song birds.  Species found at a bird feeder.

Old song bird lithographs & engravings,  pre 1900. Antique prints of robins, finches, humming birds, woodpeckers, titmice, thrushes and other pretty little birds one may see at the bird feeder.  Large John Gould hand colored lithographs date from 1860-1880. The work on song birds John Gould and Audubon, and others. Even our cheap and cheerful Morris birds are antique 1890 hand colored engravings! Tweet … Tweet…Old prints of song birds! Antique engravings & lithographs of song birds by ornithologists including Gould, Morris, Gentry & Audubon. Song birds: robins, finches & woodpeckers, titmice and hummingbirds…

A favorite subject of ours is old prints produced from 1640-1900 of little birds that can sing the prettiest tunes…   They include Song birds John Gould, and J.J. Audubon…  Pretty birds you might see at the bird feeder.  Antique hand colored lithographs and engravings of woodpeckers, thrush, titmice, sparrows and finches.  Ornithologists include F.O. Morris, John Gould, Studer, and Gentry.   Antique prints of robins, hummingbirds, woodpeckers.    

Even our cheap and cheerful Morris birds are antique 1890 hand colored engravings!  Tweet … Tweet…Old engravings and lithographs of song birds.    Antique hand colored lithographs and engravings of woodpeckers, thrush, titmice, sparrows and finches.  Ornithologists include F.O. Morris, John Gould, Jacob Studer, and Gentry.  Old prints of birds! Song Birds John Gould, Martinet, Studer & Morris. Old Prints of bird feeder type birds!

These are antiques… Do you love to watch the birds? They are a specialty of ours. Enjoy!

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Parrots and Toucans Antique Engravings

Parrots and Toucans by Buffon and Martinet… Looking around for antique parrot prints? Browse my unique selection!  At Anne Hall Antique Prints we will provide you will an excellent selection and custom help!

Exquisite Miniature Antique Parrot Prints

Exquisite Miniature Hand Colored Engravings of Parrots from c.1785-1805.  Coming from a tiny German edition of George Leclerc Compte de Buffon’s work on parrots. German water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag. Miniature in size @4×6″ $115. each or two for $195. shipped.  Click here to contact us.

Buffon Martinet Parrots 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings!

Martinet Parrots or Perruches in French from 1770-1783.  The work of Francois Nicolas Martinet, one of France’s foremost bird illustrators of the eighteenth century.  Each piece is a copper plate engraving on hand made hand laid linen rag with water color illumination that was added at the time of production. This was a monumental effort to catalog 1035  known species of ornithological species of birds.  A staff of 70 people, feverishly worked for an astounding 13 years to complete this amazing work by Francois Martinet.

Each hand colored copper plate engraving measures 8 1/2 x 11″

How about a few palms to add to your parrots?

Buffon Parrots, Small & Framed, Ready to Hang!

Buffon Parrot Prints Framed! Vintage hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand hand laid rag paper.  This is the work of George LeClerc Compte de Buffon, a FAVORITE FAMOUS French Naturalist.  This rare German edition was published from 1785 to 1804.  Each old print has been framed with archival materials to protect them. Each piece measures 11 x 12″

Check back soon or contact me for a customized selection…

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Do you like the Parrots and Toucans by Buffon and Martinet you see here?  Then Please  See Large Framed Parrots Similar to These!

Like the Antique Prints of Parrots and Toucans by Buffon and Martinet? 

Want to see some great palms?

Toucan Parrot Engravings. Hand Colored. Martinet.

Martinet Toucan Parrot Engravings from 1770-1883. The finest work the French produced on birds. Fine water colored copper plate engravings on fine hand made rag. Superb color and condition. @9×11″

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18th and 19th Century craftsmen produced these antique prints.

Our old and rare copper plate engravings of parrots were water colored by hand during the years they were published.  The paper was difficult to acquire, the engraver would have to re engrave another plate after just 300 strikes, due to the naturally soft surface of the copper plate. The water colorists would die at young ages, due to the toxicity of the water colors, which many contained metals. Yet these old prints still exist in superb fine condition. These old parrot prints have exemplary detail. They have lasted for all these years, primarily due to the high quality of the rag paper. Paper during the 1700’s was literally made of rags, right up through the turn of the 20th Century. Coming from linen, flax, etc, NOT TREES, there was no acid content in the paper. This explains why paper produced in the 20th Century and after, coming from trees, does not last for long. These are fantastic old parrot prints. This is one of the most important series ever published on the subject.   Phone Us: 413-245-4197

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We hope you are enjoying our gallery of parrots and toucans by Buffon and Martinet!  Maybe you would like to  See Hand Colored Orchids

Parrots and Toucans!  Tropical species of  parrots by famous French ornithologists and other bird experts!  Everything is an antique lithograph or hand colored engraving during the 1700’s and 1800’s.  Our wonderful old engravings of exotic parrots and toucans include the work of George Leclerc Compte de Buffon and Francois Martinet will fascinate and be a focal point in your home…  We welcome your interest at Anne Hall Antique Prints!

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Simple Flowers: Antique Botany Prints.

Simple flowers (not very elaborate),  Antique Botany Prints used as book and subscription illustrations dating from the mid 1500’s through the 1820’s.

Leaves from 16th Century Herbal

Small rare hand colored woodblock engravings of simple flowers. Dating to the 1580’s, they are over 300 years old. Each old herbal measures about 4×6.”  Superb condition…

Elizabeth Blackwell. A Curious Herbal. Hand Colored 18th Century Engravings from c.1750

Old botanical engravings by Elizabeth Blackwell, c.1750, an early female botany illustrator for her Curious Herbal.  Almost entirely  dedicated to medicinal botany.  Her work was first printed in England without the decorative text, later printed in Germany with the elaborate text below each image and known to have superior water coloring than the English edition.  An edition devoted to getting her husband out of debtors prison for not serving the required apprenticeship required by the guild.  

Each old botanical print measure 9×13 and slightly larger, very good condition and color.

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See early Johanne Kipp scenes of Great Britain from a similar period.

Simple Flowers from c.1750.   Antique Botanical Prints on stunning handmade paper.

Simple Flowers, in terms of content.  These are large and fairly plain vintage botanical engravings from circa 1750.  These are Great Black & White Botanical Prints. English, published in the mid 1700’s.  These are gorgeous.  The hand made hand laid linen rag is even more beautiful. Each measures 10×15″ $150. each.  Old botanicals with out color.  Just black and white, simple engravings, and really old.Click here to contact us.

Too plain?  Would you like more colorful antique flower prints?

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Phytanthoza Iconographia

German hand colored copper plate engravings by Johann Wilhelm Weinmann for Phytanthoza Iconographia, which was published from 1737-1745.  Measuring in at about 9 1/2 x 14”.  Good condition and color.

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Curtis, Edwards Vintage Botanical Engravings of Flowers

Lovely Curtis, Edwards antique flower engravings dating to the late 1700’s to the early 1800’s.  These are delicate looking in composition. Classic in English style.  Hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made rag paper. Individually dated at the time they were issued. 

each antique botanical print measures 5 1/2 x 9 1/2″.   Priced at  $110. each. 3 or more $90. each.

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Simple Flowers, delicate flowers from Anne Hall Antique Prints.  Antique flower prints that are rather plain, not too bold.  Antique flower botanical prints in early English styles by Curtis, Edwards and Sweet from the 1700’s and 1800’s.  Black and white botanical prints from the 1700’s.  Some of the old botanical prints are in black & white. Blackwell was an early female botanical illustrator dating back to 1750 in her antique flower prints. The English style print  is  typically delicate looking.  Theses are predominately water colored copper plate engravings.  Compared to the French and Belgian bolder lithography executed in  the 1800’s. Old English flower print by Curtis, Edwards, Sweet. Old medicinal botanical prints by Elizabeth Blackwell c.1750, one of the early female botany illustrators. Her work was first printed in England without the decorative text, later printed in Germany with the elaborate text below each image and known to have superior water coloring than the English edition.

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George Edwards Parrots Charming 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings

George Edwards Parrots…  Dating back to the 18th century, knowing about and watching birds was as hip then, as it is today. Educating oneself about ornithology among those interested in nature, exploration.  Reading and being able to visualize a species through realistic depictions, such as these hand colored engravings of parrots, was paramount.

Published by Dr. Seligmann from 1748-1771,  with English Ornithologist George Edwards.  Sensational handmade linen rag paper was used to print the copper plate engraved images onto.  Each rare piece comes from 18th Century Nuremberg, Germany.  It was published in Amsterdam as well. Intense watercolour pigmentation was used to make these exquisite antique parrot prints glow.

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George Edwards Parrots: Original Copper Plate Engravings with Water Colouring,  Seligmann Edition

George Edwards Parrots! 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings with Archival Framing!

Fabulous George Edwards Parrots framed with archival materials.  These are antique hand colored engravings of Parrots. Published in Nuremburg, Germany from 1748-1771 for Dr. Seligmann. Beholding a charming look, the parrot framed art prints are full of character, they are vintage yet trendy and modern enough to put up in any kind of tropical home. 99% UV glass is used for these prints that are framed in 100% rag double mat board with a creme hue and in a solid wood gold bamboo leaf moulding.

Framed George Edwards Parrot Engravings!

George Edwards Parrots are charming 18th Century Copper Plate Engravings.  They were published by Dr. Seligmann from 1748-1771.  This rare Nuremburg, Germany edition was engraved and printed onto stunning hand made linen rag paper. The hand colored engravings glow with intense water color pigmentation. The parrot illustrations are full of character and are absolutely charming. Traditional yet almost modern enough to show in a tropical home of any kind. Framed in 100% rag double mat board with a creme hue, in a solid wood gold leafed bamboo molding, with 99% UV glass. Each old framed print measures 17×21.”

Outstanding Antique Parrot Prints!

These old copper plate engravings of parrots were water colored by hand during the years of publication. A laborious craft of everyone involved. The paper was difficult to acquire, the engraver would have to re engrave another plate after just 300 strikes, due to the naturally soft surface of the copper plate. The water colorists would die at young ages, due to the toxicity of the water colors, which many contained metals. Yet these old prints still exist in superb fine condition. These old parrot prints have exemplary detail. They have lasted for all these years, primarily due to the high quality of the rag paper. Paper during the 1700’s was literally made of rags, right up through the turn of the 20th Century. Coming from linen, flax, etc, NOT TREES, there was no acid content in the paper. This explains why paper produced in the 20th Century and after, coming from trees, does not last for long. These are fantastic old parrot prints. This is one of the most important series ever published on the subject. The paper size measures about 10 1/4 x 17″

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Background on the Hand Water Coloring

During the years of publication, the vintage copper plate engravings of parrots were watercoloured by hand. Due to the soft and fragile surface of the copper plates, the engraver had to re-engrave another plate after about 300 strikes. The water coloring artists used were water colors that contained metals which were injested when licking? the brushes.  Hence colorists frequently dies at early ages. With exemplary detailing, the vintage parrot prints still exist at Anne Hall Antique Prints in pristine condition. At Anne Hall Antique Prints you can expect to find some of the best, rare, authentic antique prints, as you can easily browse through our wide spectrum of subjects and collection on our website and conveniently place your order.

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Tropical Birds by Francois Nicolas Martinet. 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings.

Are you searching for antique prints of tropical birds to decorate with?  Francois Martinet’s are considered some of the finest ornithology engravings published in the 18th Century.

Tropical Birds by Francois Nicolas Martinet, 1770-1783

Francois Martinet had a passion for birds.  Not only was he a naturalist but he was an excellent engraver. So from 1770-1783 he hired of  an enormous staff of 70 people, that worked an astounding 13 years to create the most magnificent work on Ornithology ever produced by the French.  It was an encyclopedic compilation of every known bird, from the most remote places in the World to birds found on the European continent.

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18th Century Rare Book production was complex…

Generally an encyclopedic study like this was funded by Royalty, Clergy and Medical Doctors, etc.  Expeditions with naturalists aboard military ships,  collected specimens drew illustrations making pertinent notations were taken in the field.  Once all of the information was gathered an author wrote the book.  In this case Francois Martinet with George LeClerc Buffon, Compte de Buffon.

Each part of bookmaking required lifelong tradesmen: naturalists, publishers; paper makers; engravers; water colorists, and so on… Paper was perhaps the hardest part of the equation to get a hold of.  It required high end rag, 100% cotton, flax or linen to produced good quality hand made rag paper.  Not many people could afford new rags (clothing) to wear, as we do today.

This rare Ornithological work entitled Histoire des Oiseaux on tropical birds by Francois Nicolas Martinet,  was a work supervised entirely by Martinet himself.   He also did most of the engraving!  The illustrations were transferred onto a thin sheet of copper, attached to a board and meticulously engraved with burins.  When the paper was slightly damp, the engraving was inked up and printed onto a slightly damp piece of paper,  where it impressed into the paper, thus the word engraving.   Meticulous and professional water coloring was added.  Text was printed. Finally compiled and bound by a bookbinder.

Life in the 1700’s

Natural History curiosities or museums, displayed collections of newly discovered species of animal and plant life.  The public wanted to learn about all the new discoveries, so the museums were opening.  Before Museums opened,  the way to learn about scientific and natural history discoveries was to open a book, with plates, or pictures like these, which offered by subscription, in parts, over 13 years.  This is the way life was during the mid 18th Century.  It was entertainment and enlightenment for the well to do.

Lindenia Orchid Prints, Antique Lithographs by Jean Linden

Our Lindenia Orchid Prints are antique lithographs by Jean Linden and published in Belgium circa 1885, coming from Iconographie des Orchidees …

Lindenia Orchid Prints. Iconographie des Orchidees. Jean Linden Iconic Orchid Hunter!

Lindenia… HORIZONTALS…  Anne Hall Antique Prints is pleased to offer Lindenia Orchid Prints, Antique Lithographs, by Jean Linden and published in Belgium circa 1885.  Hand finished color lithographs that are absolutely gorgeous! Each color seen was applied with a separate key stoned limestone plate called a lithograph.  They lithographs were printed in colors.  Each color used it’s own lithograph. This was a very laborious antique printing method. Then the chromolithograph was finished generally with water coloring, gum Arabic, or egg white (albumen).  Each old print measures about 10 1/2 high x 13 1/2 wide.

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Lindenia Orchids, Orchis Antique  Chromolithographs, Hand Finished.

Lindenia Orchid Prints. VERTICALS. Published in Belgium c.1885 of varieties of orchids. Coming from Iconographie des Orchidees These are hand finished color lithographs that are bold and clean. Each color seen was applied with key stoned limestone plates called lithographs. This was a very laborious antique printing method. Then finished generally with water coloring or gum Arabic, etc. accentuations by hand. Each old print measures about 10 1/2 wide x 13 1/2 high.

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