Wine Lithographs and Wine Making Engravings.    Use antique prints in your home or wine room’s décor.  You will be creating a warm and distinctive room.

Antique Wine Lithographs for Dining Rooms,  Wine Cellars & Wineries

Sizes and Prices for Ampelographie: Each antique wine lithograph will frame beautifully to 16 x 20.” Each print measures about 9 1/2 x 13 1/2″ and are priced at $150. each or available in groupings at $125. each.

Use antique wine lithographs & engravings in your restaurant, kitchen or dining room décor. Let me help you find a classic & unique selection of old grape prints. Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Consider using French antique wine lithographs in your own home décor.  Classic design artwork to finish your room.  These antique prints are beautiful chromolithographs coming from a rare series of books entitled Ampelographie.  Exemplary of the technique of chromolithography, they have striking colors & compositions.  Published in France in 1897 to document all known viticultural varieties of  grapes around the world.

“Wine Making in California – at work at the wine presses by P. Frenzeny.”

This Rare Hand Colored Wood Engraving was Published by Harper’s Weekly in 1886. The vintage in California – at work at the wine presses by P. Frenzeny.  A water colored wood engraving coming from Harper’s Weekly in 1886.   It is considered the best piece ever to be produced on making wine in America.’  It was drawn by P. Frenzeny,  who was hired by Harper’s Weekly in the 1870’s and 1880’s to illustrate the most interesting scenes in the west.  He was considered one of the best western artist of the time.  And this marvelous illustration exemplifies Frenzeny’s work.  He won readership back from the aggressive competitive newspaper owned by Frank Leslie.

Every part of the vintage is shown, and in explicit detail:

The engraving reveals that the wine press is being worked manually.  The Chinese immigrants (who previously worked on the railroads, by the 1870’s are working elsewhere, such as this vineyard), are bringing the harvested grapes to be pressed. Grape collection baskets are clearly shown, as well as the huge barrels of wine.  Stomping of the grapes and the wine tasting are clearly shown.  In excellent condition.  This is a pertinent piece of American as well as California Winemaking history.

Pressing wine
Pressing wine

Winemaking in California: The Vintage in California – at work at the wine presses by P. Frenzeny 1886 $1100.

Winemaking in California is the single best American piece produced on the production of wine.

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Large Spanish Communion Grape Lithographs c.1870:

Antique Lithographs of Wine Grapes used Historically in Communion.   Antique Spanish Chromo lithographs. Coming from a very rare series of Communion Wine Grapes published  c.1870.  Each of the large antique lithographs of wine grapes measures about 14×22″  $450. each.

More Available Ampelographie:
Consider early decorative scenes of Europe.

Framed antique wine lithographs for unique home décor!

Available framed antique wine lithographs for unique décor!   The French work Ampelographie of viticulture grapes, framed up, look great.  Lovely and bright antique color lithographs of wine grapes with beautiful archival framing. Each 1897 French chromolithograph has a double rag mat and UV glass. The complementary picture frame molding is a high end, solid wood satin burl, about 1/2″ deep.  Finished dimensions: 18×22″. Call us at 413-245-4197 regarding additional pieces, custom framing for a personalized set and shipping quotes.

Call us at 413-245-4197 and let us help you with a personalized selection of framed prints like this one:

Wine Chromolithographs Ampelographie. Grouping of six wine grape chromolithographs from 1897. 9473
Wine Chromolithographs Ampelographie. Grouping of six wine grape chromolithographs from 1897. 9473

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Assorted antique wine lithographs and engravings:

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Assorted antique prints concerning the consumption of wine, beer, hops… & smoking:

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Wine and Grapes, Austrian Hand Colored Engravings 1810-1821. 

Gottlieb Wilhelm Antique Hand Colored Engravings on hand made rag paper.  Published in Vienna, Austria from 1810-1821.  Beautiful strong water colors. Archival double mats that measure 8×10.”

Wilhelm 48 hand colored engraving
Wilhelm wine engraving 48. T. IX. Gottlieb Wilhelm. Double rag mat. 8×10″ $75. Click here to buy now.

Stay classic and decorate with interesting antique wine prints.

Now you have seen antique prints of wine grapes and the harvest. Both color lithographs and hand colored engravings. When you use antique viticulture art in your space, you will enjoy it for years to come… Do you have a cellar, or tasting room? Enjoy history’s the beauty of the past by decorating with antique prints. Antique artwork such as the antique lithographs and hand colored engravings you’ve seen here, provides a unique decorative option for wine enthusiasts.

Wine Grapes Caroline Bury
Wine Grapes Caroline Bury

Antique Viticulture Prints for WINE Enthusiasts!

The subject of wine was as important in the past, as it is in the present.  Growers and suppliers… Back to economics, supply and demand.  It has always been a part of the world economy.  So if you love viticulture and vinicultural subjects, then you are in the right place!  We have old prints of grapes & scenes showing the production of wine. If you like to sip and savor, you too will love our collection! Perhaps you have toured the vineyards in California or elsewhere in America or the World…   We have antique lithographs, chromolithographs, hand colored engravings of all kinds of grapes.  Most of them come from rare books and early periodicals offered by subscriptions.   Most of these antique prints were published in New York, Austria, Belgium, France,  and Spain.  And as always… our old prints are all over 100 years old,  guaranteed!

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We are happy to offer an you an outstanding selection of old wine related engravings and lithographs to select from if you care to see more.  Ones that are perfect for your dining room or wine cellar! 

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Grapes of New York, published c.1900.  Cheap and Cheerful!

c.1900 antique photo lithographs of grapes produced in New York. These are photo lithographs, whereas each color was applied photographically or photo mechanically. They look great framed up. Cheap & cheerful at only $35. each. Each antique print measures 8 1/2 x 11 1/2″ and frame up to 11×14″ or 12×16.”

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