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Apr 162018

Renaissance paintings featuring cultural diversity and portraying rich cultural heritage laid great emphasis on the Christian symbolism regarding insects. Back in the time, when the camera wasn’t invented, some conspicuous artists like Maria Sibylla Merian did the work of the camera by capturing scientifically accurate and sensational paintings of nature that encompassed flowers, fruits, birds, and insects. Being one of the world’s first entomology insect art painters, Merian was an accomplished artist and an exemplary naturalist who had a keen eye to observe nature and capture it in her paintings.

If we go back in time, during the persecution held by the Romans, we see that the Christians used a number of signs and symbols to identify each other secretly. Diverse sacred images that acted as moral instructions were commissioned by the Church and hence, we got to witness some of the greatest masterpieces during the Italian Renaissance. Most of the art of this period portrayed various religious images and carvings using insects that used to carry hidden meanings.

The cicada denoting the symbol of prayer, sanctuary, and hope while the caterpillar symbolized the cycle of life and rebirth. Other insects like the infamous ladybug denoted healing and divinity while a spider’s web meant monarchy or church intrigue.

If you are truly fascinated by these original insect engraving art prints, then Anne Hall Antique Prints is your Mecca. It offers engravings featuring the best work on insects of Surinam painted by none other than Merian herself.

Apr 042018

Admirers of art, are you looking for ways to bedeck your home in an unmatched form? Do you want to invest in something that enhances the elegance of your humble abode tremendously? Why don’t you consider buying for lithographs and engravings to add a unique touch to your home sweet home?

Fine-art prints or fine art engravings and lithographs are the utmost love of many who love admiring a specific time and place in history utilizing art. Collected by many from all around the globe, lithographs and etchings can be found on the walls of many offices and homes. If you too have been considering a few decoration articles like painting, wall hangings, and others, ditch all the ideas you currently possess and go for antique hand-colored lithographs without giving it a second thought. Rest assured, the aesthetic beauty of your humble abode would escalate in an unmatched way with the introduction of antique hand-colored lithographs. As far as making the absolute choice is concerned, make us, Anne Hall Antique Prints your ultimate destination to pick what you like the most.

If you are a bird lover, original antique songbird lithographs and engravings will appeal you the most. Tropical bird prints, vintage duck prints, in addition to fine art prints of animals, insects, sea life, flora, and whatnot would captivate your attention at the very first sight.

That said if you are willing to give antique lithographs and engravings a shot, explore our site now!

Feb 132018

Hunting rare antique lithograph prints is fun. But, the fun begins only when you have an eye to recognize value. If you are an antique lithograph prints collector and have been doing this for a while, you wouldn’t need to train your eye to decipher class. On the other hand, if you have recently developed a liking for lithographs, you must first train your eye.

The best way to begin your search is visiting antique print galleries, libraries, and museums. While you will have the opportunity of buying these rare antique prints from libraries and galleries, the same can’t be said about museums – most museums only showcase these antique pieces for public viewing, but don’t put them up for sale.

If you have just started adding articles to your new antique lithograph print collection, you should start by buying a couple of inexpensive prints first. You would be itching to frame them, but make sure you examine them first before doing that. Carefully examine the sheen, the feel, and the aroma of the antique print. Look for impressions that indicate the age of the print.

If you are interested in collecting antique lithograph prints, you would be fascinated to know the information associated with it too. Lithographs gave artists an altogether new printmaking avenue to artists, who didn’t want to acquire technical skills required for creating etchings and wood-carvings. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was responsible for making lithography popular, which was later embraced by the likes of Pablo Picasso and David Hockney as well.

Whether you already have a lithographs collection or you have just started collecting these prints, we are quite confident that you will find some worthy prints to add to your collection with us.

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