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Dec 082017
Seguy Pochoir Papillons

Looking for the rare antique Eugene Seguy Insectes Papillons, including the patterns?  Anne Hall Antique Prints has them available for sale!

Seguy Insectes – Bugs: Rare & Scarce Pochoir Antique Prints from 1926.

If you have been looking for the scarce Eugene Seguy Insectes Pochoir Prints, we have them:



Seguy Papillons. Rare Art Deco, Antique Pochoir Prints. In Stock & Available!

Papillons. These desirable antique prints are in stock and available now.  He is best known for this FABULOUS work on Butterflies that he published in 1926. Utilizing the French technique of adding color known as Pochoir, the metallic water colors were applied by stencils. The results were these fabulous examples of art deco.  Who can’t be appreciate the Papillons?  Each stunning old print measures 12 3/4″ x 18″ and is excellent to excellent condition with extraordinary bright coloring. Click here to contact us.

Coming from Seguy Insectes Papillons, these extraordinary antique prints represent Art Nouveau at it’s very best.

Coming from E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons, which are portfolios of the most beautiful and amazing work ever produced illustrating beetles, bugs and butterflies, moths.  The Papillons or Butterflies are exquisite. The Insectes with formindable illustrations of beetles, bees and bugs.  Anne Hall Antique Prints has the most beautiful Antique Art Deco Pochoir Prints ever produced. They are in stock and available!

The Pochoir technique of metallic water color is actually a French stencil technique.

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Dec 072017
Nests Eggs antique engravings lithographs to buy online now!

Nests Eggs of Birds! Antique Ornithology Prints: Antique lithographs & hand colored engravings by Nozeman, Bolton, Gentry, & Morris.

Nests Eggs of Birds by Cornelius Nozeman, Christian Sepp & Martinus Houttyn. Coming from Nederlandsche Vogelen Published 1779-1820.

Some of the most famous naturalists of the 18th Century collaborated in producing one of the finest works ever published on Ornithology: Nederlandsche Vogelen.   These Nests Eggs of Birds are the works of Cornelius Nozeman, Christian Sepp and Martinus Houttyn.  These beautiful hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag measure 14.25″ x 21.”   

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The Nests Eggs of Birds seen above are the work of Cornelius Nozeman, Christian Sepp and Martinus Houttyn.   Some of the most famous naturalists of the 18th Century collaborated in producing one of the finest works ever published on Ornithology: Nederlandsche Vogelen. Also known as the Birds of the Netherlands. Remember the Netherlands included other trading posts those days.   These are  beautifully hand colored copper plate engravings dating from 1770-1829.  Prints are 14.25″ x 21″  Pricing on request.


Bolton’s Nests Eggs of Birds. Fabulous early 19th Century illustrations from Harmonius Ruralis!

Bolton nests eggs of birds from 1807.  Wonderful pairs of antique hand colored engravings depicting the nests & eggs of birds common to Great Britain.  These lovely old prints were published in London in 1807. Harmonia Ruralis was written as an essay about the natural history of British song birds, illustrated with life sized figures of the birds, male and female with natural attitudes. The prints are water colored copper plate engravings on a heavy wove paper. The colors are bright and vivid. There is some smudging, most will not be seen after framing, however, please see the photos. Each piece measures 9 x 11 1/2″ and are sold as a set, the bird with its nests eggs. One price for both prints. Click here to contact us.



The Fabulous Work of Thomas Gentry: Nests & Eggs of Birds of the United States

An affordable option for birds,  nests & eggs of  American species are these Thomas Gentry Chromolithographs.  Each color was applied with individual limestone plates.  This technique is an obsolete printing method used widely in the late 19th Century known as chromolithography.  Each antique lithograph measures about 9 1/4 x 12″    Click here to contact us.

Reverend Morris Nests, Eggs. English Hand Colored Lithographs, 1890.

Reverend Morris Nests, Eggs!! These are old English water colored lithographs produced by Reverend F.O. Morris and his congregation in 1890. They measure 7×10″ and run $75. each. Click here to contact us.

More Thomas Gentry Bird’s Nests Eggs.  Antique Lithographs. American & Antique!

Thomas Gentry Birds & their nests, eggs from 1882.  These  are American chromolithographs of American Birds and their nests. Each print measures @ 9 1/2 x 12″. The colors are intense and bright. Click here to contact us.

Reverend F.O. Morris Nests, Eggs!  Abstract Art: Antique Lithographs from 1890.

Antique Hand Colored Lithographs of nests and eggs! These are the work of Reverend F.O. Morris.  His Nests and Eggs of Birds were published in 1890. They are English hand colored lithographs.  This means they were printed from a limestone plate and water colored by hand.   Each  antique lithograph measures @7×10. Eggs run $35. each. Nests run $75. each.   Click here to contact us.

Oology is the study of Nests and Eggs of Birds!  These are old antique lithographs & engravings by F.O. Morris, Thomas Gentry, Nozeman and Bolton. Old antique bird engravings & lithographs of birds with their nests and eggs by early ornithologists.  Attention all bird watchers! Old antique engravings & lithographs of birds nests & Morris egg and nest prints. These bird nests & eggs were depicted by early ornithologists and oologists. All of these antique prints were produced from the mid 1700’s to 1900. Bird nests and the art of building a nest has always fascinated people. Bird nest engravings and lithographs illustrated by famous ornithologists including Morris, Hewitson, Gentry, Gould and Nozeman. Fascinated with eggs and nests wild birds? Antique prints of bird eggs & nests. Old engravings and lithographs of the avian world.  Antique bird nest prints by Morris from the 1890’s!  Antique bird egg prints by Morris. Hand colored antique bird nest and egg lithographs that are unique and affordable from Anne Hall Antique Prints!  Feather your nest… with old prints by Thomas Gentry, Reverend Morris and other ornithologists at Anne Hall Antique Prints! 

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A great identification resource, for Oology Nests Eggs, is Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Nov 032017
misc aquatic horseshoe crabs & denton lobster antique lithographs

Misc aquatic antique prints, of lobsters & corals complement your ocean side home decor.  We have the hard to find antique lithographs of Lobsters by Sherman Denton and even Rhumph Horseshoe Crabs which are hand colored engravings.  These authentic antique lithographs and hand colored engravings of crabs lobsters and corals will complement your ocean side home décor.   Call me with your special requests 413-245-4197.

Denton Lobster Antique Lithographs by Sherman Denton, Framed.

These are the hard to find, antique lithographs of the famed North American Lobster.  Stunning old chromolithographs, whereas each and every color was applied with a keystone, limestone plate, similar to the way silk screening is done today.  Every color in a seperate process, all from limestone plates.  Sherman Denton was hired by the Fish and Game Commission of the State of New York to illustrate North American species of fish and these wonderful lobsters.

Published c.1900. Archival matting, dark walnut burl and UV glass.  Sold as a pair for $600.

Misc Aquatic Antique Prints of Sea Life from c.1730 by Rhumph.

Rare hand colored engravings of crabs, lobsters & misc. crustaceans.

Rhumph’s c.1730 misc aquatic antique prints of sea life. Hand colored 18th Century engravings of crabs, lobsters, horse shoe crabs and shrimp! These are scarce German copper plate engravings on very fine hand made hand laid linen rag, with modern water coloring. Each old print measures about 9 1/2 x 16″ Click here to contact us.

American chromolithographs of Anemone, Coral & Crab.

Published c.1885 these are American chromolithographs by Louis Prang. These aquatic antique prints are of crabs, anemones, and star fish, and corals. Each old print measure about 9 1/2 x 12″ and the colors are strong. Click here to contact us.

Mid 19th Century German hand colored engravings & lithographs.

c. 1850 Old Sea Life Prints. These are German hand colored engravings and lithographs of shells, coral, fish & other sea creatures. measuring about 8×10″ Priced at $95. each. Click here to contact us.

Assorted Antique Lithographs and Hand Colored Engravings of Alligators, Jelly Fish, Lizard & Seals:

Assorted old  Sea life engravings and lithographs, some are hand colored. Crocodiles & Gavials,  Lizards, Jelly Fish and Seals Click here to contact us.


The Stunning Corals by Dennis Diderot and Jean le Rond d’Alembert c.1770

These are the stunning aquatic antique prints of coral by Diderot.  Hand colored copper plate engravings from the Encyclopedia ou Dictionnaire raisonne des sciences, des arts et des metiers, par une societe de gens de lettres, published in Paris c.1770.

Misc aquatic antique prints of lobsters, crabs and corals. Antique hand colored engravings, lithographs and chromolithographs of lobsters, anemone and other curiosities found in the ocean. We are pleased to offer a great selection of misc aquatic antique prints from Anne Hall. We have Wilhelm gators. We have Prang anemone & coral prints. All of our old prints are over 100 years old! We also have really old antique prints of crabs other sea creatures by the early naturalists Rhump, Seba, and Mathias Merian! Wilhelm’s illustrations have so much character. They are small and colorful and will fit almost anywhere. Merian was an early publisher from Nuremburg. His work producing Johnston’s Animalia is primitive yet almost modern looking. Sea life creatures were quite the curiosity during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries. Can you even imagine what people thought back then when they saw the specimens or the old prints of them?

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Oct 242017
Denton Trout for Fishermans Home Decor

Trout Salmon Antique Lithographs by Denton! Awesome Gifts for the Fly Fisherman! Denton Trout Salmon chromolithographs are classic in style so if you are looking for decorative wall hangings for your favorite fisherman,  look no further, we have unique and antique, trout & salmon prints, revered by all!

Trout Salmon Antique Lithographs by Sherman Denton, Archivally Framed in Honey Fruitwood-

Circa 1900, Sherman Denton was hired by the New York Fish and Game Commission to illustrate North American species of fish. Considered to be the best of his work are his trout salmon chromolithographs. Here some are framed, in rag and under UV glass, in a lovey honey colored burl, solid wood frame measuring 18″ wide x 14″ high.  With a little lead time I would be happy to frame your choice of fish like these.  A great classic look for trout salmon fishermen!

Denton Trout Salmon Fish Prints. Old Style, Framed $165. each

These antique trout salmon fish prints are old chromo lithographs by Sherman Denton.  They were published in New York c.1900.  They come from reports published by the New York fish and game commission and were published on a yearly basis.  Offered at a special low price, they come from a collection of a Rhode Island fisherman, wanting to sell his collection.  There is some wear to the frames, so please inspect with care.  The fish prints themselves are worth $165. each. 

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During the 1880’s, Denton and his brothers accompanied their father, a geologist, on expeditions to Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea where he collected natural history specimens. Upon his return, Denton worked as an artist for the US Fish & Game Commission at the Smithsonian Institute, where he illustrated their annual reports and also developed and patented a method for mounting fish without them losing their natural colors.  He became the leading maker of the Field Museum in Chicago and the Agassiz Museum at Harvard. Denton was hired by the State of NY Fisheries, Game and Forest Commission to illustrate their annual reports, providing the watercolor illustrations for some 100 chromo lithographs. Denton’s superb drawings vividly illustrated the appearance of live fish, and set the standard for all natural history fish illustrations. 

Antique Lithographs: Sherman Denton Trout Salmon Prints Framed in Walnut Burl.

These are genuine antique chromolithographs of trout salmon.  They were published c.1900 by the New York Fish and Game Commission.  They are framed in high end double rag mats and under UV glass in dark walnut burl veneer, a solid wood frame. 

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Trout and Salmon Prints by Sherman Denton. Published Circa 1900 for the New York Fish and Game Commission.  Antique Chromo Lithographs in Great Condition.

These are the work of Sherman Denton, who was hired by the State of New York Fish and Game Commission to illustrate species pertaining to the U.S. Denton came from Wellesley, Massachusetts for  all you history buffs! These old prints are called chromolithographs.  Included here are salmon and trout of American fresh water streams. Here we have Trout and Salmon. This particular series of prints are considered the best produced on North American species. These are stunning prints that are highly collectible! They delight both fisherman and chefs. Old Denton Trout and Salmon Prints from Anne Hall Antique Prints. These measure 9 1/2 x 12″  Click here to contact us.

Eliezer Bloch FishWerks. Rare Hand Colored Engravings of Salmon & Trout

Bloch Fish engravings. These old prints were published by Eliezer Bloch.  Come from Eliezer Bloch’s rare book on fish entitled Fishwerks.  Produced c.1730. These are hand water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag.  They are lake, river and stream. Fresh water fish species including trout and salmon.  They range in price 200-350 each and are about 10 x 13 1/2.” Click here to contact us.

Trout and Salmon Fish.  Antique Lithographs and Engravings.  These are old prints of fish from freshwater lakes and rivers… We have quite a selection of Sherman Denton’s antique illustrations at Anne Hall Antique Prints, a reputable and knowledgeable antique print dealer!   Denton was hired circa 1900 by the New York Fish & Game Commission.  His job was to illustrate North American species of fish. Here I have trout and salmon antique lithographs and engravings of:  lake trout, brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout & salmon, land locked salmon, and steelhead salmon.    All of these old engravings and lithographs date to 1905 or before.  These old prints are the perfect artwork for a den, camp or kitchen! Fishermen love to collect these old prints!

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Jun 142017
Turtles Frogs Home Decor Applications and Frog Collector Ideas

Turtles Frogs Amphibians Reptiles: Antique Lithographs & Hand Colored Engravings from Anne Hall Antique Prints, Trusted and Second Generation Antique Print Dealer.

Turtles Frogs Amphibians Reptiles: Antique Lithographs & Hand Colored Engravings

Turtles Frogs! Small frog and turtle prints from 1810-1821. These are water colored copper plate engravings that were published in Vienna Austria by Gottliem Wilhelm. These old prints of frogs and turtles are tiny and unusual illustrations, measuring a mere 4 x 6 1/2.” They are on heavy board,  possibly as a type of flash card. Priced at $85. each.

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 Turtles Frogs Amphibians Reptiles by Shubert. German 1865-85 Chromolithographs.

Turtles and Frogs. Framed American Chromolithographs from 1885:

This is a beautifully framed pair of 1885 chromolithographs published in New York.  They have been framed in a beautifully cut, double rag mat, framed under UV glass.  The dark wood molding is weathered.  Each measures 13×16.”  The pair $400.

Pacific Railroad Survey Amphibians, Hand Colored Lithographs from 1848:

Turtles Frogs Amphibians:  Old Frog Prints 1848. These hand colored lithographs of North American species of frogs were produced by the US Pacific Rail Road surveys. The reports included scientific illustrations of flora and fauna found along the proposed routes of railroads going West. Framed, these old frog antiques can be your to enjoy. The old lithographs of frogs are here, measuring 8 1/2 x 11″. Priced at $85. each. Click here to contact us.

Turtles Frogs Amphibians Reptiles! Vintage frog and turtle prints. Amphibians, reptiles. Old illustrations, offered for sale from Anne Hall Antique Prints! Our guarantee: we sell only old engravings & lithographs produced prior to 1900, and no reproductions!  A favorite subject of ours is amphibians and reptiles! We have antique prints of these wonderful & fascinating critters! Frequently misunderstood throughout the history of man.  Old prints of frogs & turtles. Turtles & Frogs.  These great old turtle and frog prints are fun to collect! Assorted collections create unique décor.  Old frog engravings and turtle lithographs.  Antique decorative illustrations for and by Buffon, Wilhelm & Shubert.

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Jun 062017
Bloch Fish Engravings Oceanside Home Decor

Elieser Bloch Fish Engravings 18th Century Home Decor:

Here are the beautiful Elieser Bloch Fish Engravings.  They will add a classic and modern feel to your home decor.  Published during the 18th Century, in Nuremburg, Germany from 1772-1778, these Elieser Bloch fish engravings are considered the finest of all fish prints ever produced. Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings. These Fabulous Antique Prints are Elieser Bloch FISH Prints. These rare hand colored antique engravings were produced in Germany from 1772-1778. The fish prints Bloch produced are considered the finest work on the subject. These are hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. The water coloring in the Ichthyology illustrations pictured here, is NO LESS THAN MAGNIFICENT! Each piece measures about 9 1/2 x 16″ Brightly water colored. Please inspect carefully, some have old folds. Click here to contact us.

Antique Elieser Bloch Fish Engravings:


The Evolution of Printing…

The history of antique printing methods of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries is very interesting. My website consists of old prints, published in obsolete printing methods, that really do not exist today.  The entire subject revolves about how fast information could be published for readership. Readership in the old days revolved around money and new discoveries, especially in the area pertaining to natural history. If one could discover a new species of fish… Wow! That would boost the desire for information. It had a trickle down effect. Like today, in the OLD days, desire for information lead to wanting more and more information, almost a viscous cycle. Hence the production of publishing. First to publish religious material. Only the high priests could convey the printed messages. This lasted for a long time. Around 1800 or so, more people read. It was fashionable to be educated. Everyone could understand a beautiful illustration. They did not have to understand the words, but it encouraged understanding. Soon, the publications became subscriptions, everyone wanted them. Like today, everyone wants the latest devise. Initially periodical subscriptions were made to those who could afford it: royalty, clergy, noblemen, etc. Who could read? The answer is only the educated, super wealthy, religious, clergy, nobility, etc… Oftentimes on expeditions, specimens were collected and captured, many alive, many did not survive the journeys home, nor the conditions when relocated. Many journeys were three months at sea.  In the 18th and 19th Centuries museums of curiosities became the rage. Hoards of people would rush to museums to see exotic specimens brought home from expeditions of early explorers and naturalists. Royalty, Clergy financed explorations and hence the illustrations, publications that developed from trips. Often times young men, early scientists, aboard ships recorded the natural history sightings they saw along the way. They recorded every detail of the natural history specimens they came across. All of this absolutely fascinated the public. And so the history of illustration, depicting and describing what had been found, along these tremendous explorations was found. How fast the information moved forward can be seen through the history of printing. Exactly as the way things are moving forward these days, so did printing history. It started with very slow laborious hand drawn pages by scribes and monks onto velum, to copper plate engraving on hand made hand laid linen rag paper, and moved forward to faster and faster printing, from lithography, hand colored or not to printing in colors, chromolithography. All driven by readership subscriptions. It all ended about 1900. when photographic printing became the 20th century tool, to today, when everything is digital and untouchable on the internet.
read more about Bloch on Wikipedia

May 062017

Water birds by John Gould could be just the finishing touch to complete your room!

John Gould Water Birds: Magnificent Swans!

Water Birds: These Magnificent Swans come from The Birds of Great Britain circa 1860. They are beautiful water colored lithographs in excellent condition and each old print measures about 14.5 x 21.5″.   I have other waterbirds available and I welcome your inquiries please email me or call 413-245-4197.

John Gould is perhaps the most famous English ornithologist of the 19th century.  He illustrated some 2999 different birds.  Issued by subscription in large folio parts, his work was in great demand by the wealthy, clergy, doctors, and other naturalists. To create a monumental work on a certain type of bird say the birds of Great Britain circa 1860, many steps were involved. First one had to travel and see the Bird in person, then a meticulously drawn illustration was made with notations of colors, behavior, and other scientific data that was observed. Through the art of lithography, The illustrations would come to life in the form of water colored lithographs for subscribers. The high quality paper was made by a paper maker. Then to create a lithograph, the process by which a limestone piece was drawn upon with a sort of a greasy crayon. The slab of limestone was then dipped into nitric acid which burnt away parts not under the greasy crayon.  The slab of limestone was wiped off and inked up, then watercolors could be professionally added. The bird prints John Gould created required tremendous workmanship, being one of the most laborious processes of printing known.

Water Birds: Hand Colored Antique Swan Prints

Loons Hand Colored.  Antique Lithographs & Engravings.

Water Birds! Loons hand colored lithographs engravings. To hear the loon calling, something you’ll remember always. Water Birds ~ Loons… Here is an assortment of old engravings and lithographs, some are hand colored. The ornithological illustrations were executed by various early Ornithologists including Buffon, Meyers, Studer, Edwards, Dresser and Morris. Click here to contact us.

Water Birds! Buffon Kingfishers, hand colored engravings.

Buffon Kingfishers, hand colored engravings from 1785-1804! These are small German water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand linen rag. One of the most fanciful water birds. One of the famous French naturalists ever George Leclerc Compte de Buffon. Archival matting to 8×10″ $125. each, 3 or more $100. each. Free shipping in the US. Click here to contact us.

Buffon Hand Colored Water Birds, Framed

Water Birds, Buffon hand colored water fowl framed. These small framed hand colored engravings of water birds are lovely. This is the work of George Leclerc Compte de Buffon. A rare German edition of Buffon’s. Published from 1770-1805. These are water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. Framed in rag, under UV glass. Each framed print measures @ 10×12″ $165. Each, free shipping on two or more. Click here to contact us.



Mark Catesby Water Birds Dutch Hand Colored Engravings

Mark Catesby Dutch hand colored engraving. This famous work is of special interest as it is one of the few works published on North American species of birds and foliage they require. Too poor to have a separate illustration for the bird from the foliage, Mark Catesby’s work is now classic, iconic on the subject. Catesby was in the Carolinas, Virginia, Florida and the Bahamas in the 1730’s. The Seligmann Edition was published from 1771-1776 in Amsterdam. These stunning hand water colored copper plate engravings were printed onto rag paper. The hand coloring was added at the time of production. Each old print measures about 10 1/4 x 17″ though there are a few that are 9 1/2 x 15 1/2″ Click here to contact us.

Water Birds: Francois Martinet French Hand Colored Engravings

Francois Martinet French Hand Colored Engravings of waterbirds published 1770-1783. Fine French water colored copper plate engravings, inked up and printed onto hand made linen rag (paper). Each old bird print measures @9×12″ Superb strong hand coloring and great condition! Click here to contact us.


Ridgeway Water Fowl, American

Ridgeway Water Fowl, American Photo Lithographs.   The illustrations by JL Ridgeway are sought after by North American birders. These old print were published in New York c.1900.  Each print measures 9 1/2 x 12″ and are in good condition with strong colors. Click here to contact us.

Water birds! We have a great old water bird prints for sale! hand colored lithographs, hand colored engravings, Chromolith lithographs. Here are old ornithology prints. Water Fowl. Antique Water Bird Prints of all kinds of water fowl including old engravings and lithographs produced by many ornithologists including, John Gould, Francois Martinet, Cornelius Nozeman, John Prideaux Selby, Thomas Pennant, and Buffon. Antique swan prints and antique heron prints. Antique hand colored lithographs of ducks and swans, egrets and herons by John Gould. Old tropical water birds prints by Martinet and other early ornithologists! Old prints produced by Buffon, Martinet, Gould, Selby, Pennant, Nozeman and other early ornitholigists! Some of these old prints date from the mid 1600’s to about 1900. Antique prints of waterbirds with character from Anne Hall Antique Prints! Some of the water birds include king fishers, egrets and herons, swans and ducks. These are old engravings and lithographs, antique prints of water birds. These prints are in very good condition as always… from Anne Hall Antique Prints!

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Apr 302017

The  Insect Prints by Maria Sybilla Merian, are some of the most famous documents published on the subject of Insect transformation during the 18th Century.  Considered a revolutionary woman of her day, Merian is considered to have been one of the most significant contributors to the developmental stage of the field of entomology (a branch of zoology that deals with insects). She was a life-long dedicated entomologist. She also worked as a botanical artist, portraying insects with their host plants and painting flowers. Maria Sibylla Merian described the life cycles of 186 insect species. Her specific area of interest, in the metamorphosis of insects, was the life cycles of moths and butterflies.

Maria Sybilla Merian’s Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium

A famous rare work on transformations.  Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium. Maria Sybilla Merian and her Insects of Surinam!  These rare insect prints are from Maria Merian’s  Insects of Surinam and were published in 1730. These are gorgeous, rare hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. Each old print measures 14 x 20 1/2″   They are expensive, please serious inquiries only. Click here to contact us.

These unusual antique insect prints are from Maria Sibylla Merian’s work entitled Metamorphosibus Insectorum Surinamensium. Published in The Hague in 1730. The work features the insects and plants of Surinam in the Dutch Colony of South America. Fantastic composition and stunning details make this rare work one of the most sought after botanical or insect works in existence. After viewing a collection of insects from South America inspired Merian and her daughter Dorothea Maria to embark on an expedition to Surinam. She proposed the concept of transformation in Medieval times, to a male run society.  Merian’s astounding large folio work of insect prints was the result of going to Surinam, a remarkable adventure for a young woman.  It took her months to get to Surinam and months to get back to Europe.  It adventually lead to her death.  Thankfully her daughters helped to complete this magnificent work on transformations.  Her insect prints focused on Surinam flora and the entomology there. 

Insects & Rose Prints from Insects of Europe. Exquisite Framed Set.

This extraordinary set of three antique rose and caterpillar prints are hand colored engravings dating to 1730.  It is the rare work of Maria Sybilla Merian and her Insects of Europe.  Each piece measures 9×11″ and are sold only as a trio for $1200.

Insect Prints: Merian’s Metamorphosis of European Insects. Fabulous & Framed!

Insects of Europe were published in Amsterdam by Maria Sybilla Merian’s daughter Dorthea Maria.  These are hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag.  Framed using the finest archival materials, each piece measures 11 1/2 x 12.”  The high end molding is dark green and gilt gold leaf.  Each piece is $500. and $600. each.  

Insect Prints:  Insects of Europe by Maria Sybilla Merian! Rare Hand Colored Engravings

These rare and old insect prints are rare hand colored (water colored) copper plate engravings on hand made, hand laid linen rag paper.  They are small, measuring about 7 x 8 1/4″  each. The prices vary from $150 and up. Click here to contact us.


Insects Prints from Insects of Europe by Maria Sybilla Merian.  This AMAZING work on European Entomology was published in Amsterdam in 1730.   Maria Sybilla Merian was the first person, let alone a pioneering woman, to explain through these stunning illustrations, the transformation stages of butterflies, moths and other insects. Her work on butterflies and moths on Insects of Europe was revolutionary, changing Medieval thought forever.  This incredible woman lead this significant discovery, and to proved the stages of the transformation to the male dominated world of science.  Up to this time,  it was thought that butterflies were birthed from various sources, rather than cocoon or pupa.  She was enthralled with insects at a very young age.  She collected insects and studied them.  She was not allowed to work in oils as a woman (only men were permitted) she worked in water color.  These insect prints are highly detailed.  A huge  influence on her life passion for creating these remarkable insect prints:  her step father was a publisher!



Insect Prints by Moses Harris. The Aurelian, 1796. Rare Hand Colored Engravings.

Moses Harris Aurelian. Hand Colored Insect Prints. These beautiful old butterfly prints are the work of Moses Harris, coming from his great work on Butterflies entitled The “Aurelian”. These are gorgeous, water colored engravings on hand made rag. These Butterfly Prints were produced in England in 1796, by Moses Harris – Chief of the Lepidoptera Society(or Butterfly Society). And an EXPERT ON COLOR! He was the first to illustrate the color wheel we still use  today.  These lovely old engravings at perfectly to 16 x 20″ (the prints  measure about 14 x 17″). Click here to contact us.


Oliver Goldsmith Entomology. Antique Hand Colored Engravings of Beetles, 1850.

Oliver Goldsmith Entomology.  Hand Colored Engravings. Published in Edinburg Scotland in 1850. Each old print measures 6 1/2 x 10″ Click here to contact us.


Baron Cuvier Entomology. Beautiful 19th Century Engravings of Bugs!

Baron Cuvier Entomology Engravings, published in 1805. These are  black & white English copper plate engravings on rag paper.  Each old print measures 6×9″ Click here to contact us.


Nodder Butterfly Prints!  18th Century. Antique Hand Colored Engravings of Butterflies!

Nodder Butterfly Engravings.  Hand colored 18th Century prints published in England c.1790.  Stunning condition and colors. Each print measures about 5×9″ and are sold individually at $125. each.  Click here to contact us.

Vintage hand colored Butterfly engravings. c.1800, framed with archival materials.

Vintage hand colored butterfly engravings. Trio of c.1800 butterfly engravings with archival framing, in walnut burl veneer. The 2 larger pieces measure 13×16, and one smaller measures 11 wide x 9 high. A perfect trio. Set of three $475. Click here to contact us.


Shubert Insect Prints. Hand Colored Engravings from c.1875

Shubert Insects. German Entomology Prints from c.1875 measure @14×18″ and run $95.each, 3 or more $75. each. Look with care, some smudging… Click here to contact us.


Insect Prints: Stunning American Chromolithographs of Butterflies, from 1885, Framed and ready to hang!

Trio of 1885 American chromo lithographs of Insect prints, with archival framing, each measures 13×16″   Sorry this set is SOLD, however I do have another trio of these antique chromolithographs.  Please inquire about custom framing of your choice. Click here to contact us.




JJ Schmuzer Insect Prints.  Rare hand colored engravings from Vienna, c.1805.

JJ Schmuzer Insect Engravings published c.1805. Small 4 x 7″ German hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made rag. Wonderful transformation stages of butterflies, caterpillars, moths, pupa, dragon flies and other bugs. An entomologists dream come true! Click here to contact us.


Humphrey Butterflies and Moths, English hand colored Insect Prints:

Insects!!! These are lovely old antique prints of Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Dragonflies, Caterpillars and other Bugs! Old engravings and lithographs of entomological specimens from the 18th & 19th Centuries by Moses Harris, & Maria Sybilla Merian. Insect transformations and more…Insects! We have old antique Insect prints. These insect prints are old engravings and lithographs by various 18th and 19th Century naturalists. Moses Harris, showed the transformations of butterflies and moths in the 1790’s. Humphrey insect comprised of boquets of specimen butterflies and moths! Perfect for framing! We have rare Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Surinam, and her Insects of Europe. A remarkable work on butterflies, etc. by such an unusual woman of her day! Outstanding Shaw and Nodder butterfly prints. A great selection of antique entomology prints. Old dragonfly, butterfly and even beetle prints!  old insect prints, old prints of butterflies, antique prints of insects, antique butterfly prints, maria sybilla merian, insects of Surinam, transformation of insects, prints of, butterfly, insect, moses harris

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Feb 242017

Complete your room with French Country Décor with old prints of Cows Goats Sheep.  Our selection of antique engravings & hand colored lithographs of heritage breeds are available at affordable prices.

Sheep. Stunning Large Old Chromolithographs of a Flock of Sheep.

These magnificent Antique Sheep Prints from c.1875.  These are stunning large chromolithographs that were printed on heavy textured paper. Sold only as a pair for $1500. Each print measures about 22×30 verify size, excellent condition. Click here to contact us.


Cows, Bulls. 1860. Large Antique French Lithographs, Water Colored.

These are large cattle and cow prints from c.1860. The lovely French water colored lithographs of cattle including both bulls & cows. This is great French country decor! Call me for availability on other breeds of cattle. Each print measures about 14×19″ $200. each.   Click here to contact us.

Antique Prints of Cattle:  Cows & Bulls. American Antique Lithographs Published 1888.

Small lithographs, all kinds of Cattle. These antique lithographs were published in America in 1888. They measure 5×9″ and run only $45. each, 3 or more @ $40. each. These are cheap & cheerful and make great French Country Decor!  Click here to contact us.

Sheep and Lamb American Antique Lithographs from 1888:

These old prints are cheap and cheerful at $45. for one, or three or more $35. each. They measure about 5 x 9″

Buffon Cattle, Goats, Sheep. Antique Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings.

Old Buffon engravings of goats and sheep. These old prints are from 1749-1761. They are copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag. I have matted them in rag mat board to 11×14″ Can’t get any more French Country than this!!! $125. each.   Click here to contact us.


Decorate your home with French Country Décor!

Decorate and finish your room with antique prints of farm & barn yard animals such as cows goats sheep and heritage breeds.  We have very old antique engravings & lithographs of cattle:  cows and bulls.  Antique prints of all old breeds of goats!   Antique lithographs of sheep….old heritage barn yard breeds at reasonable prices.  Antique prints of farm animals found in the barnyard including old prints, antique engravings & lithographs of cows, goats, and sheep…from Anne Hall Antique Prints.

Old cattle engravings & lithographs. Antique prints of cows, goats & sheep in the barn yard! Farm animals: furry goats & sheep engravings and lithographs.  Moooo….  The sheep says Baaaahhhh….  Holy cow!  Old cattle & cow  prints…   Moooooo… These old prints of cows goats sheep make  great kitchen,  farm & agricultural art, and French Country Decor that is cheap and cheerful!

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Jan 052017

The exotic species of animals found within the Continents of Africa, Asia and India, may be found here. If you have specific requests please contact me.

Buffon Animals Exotic Species:  Old Hand Colored Engravings of African, Asian and Indian Animals.

Buffon Animals. Here are some of our most outstanding exotic animal prints.  African, Asian, Indian. They were produced from 1749-1761 in Paris and Amsterdam by George Leclerc the Compte de Buffon, a brilliant French naturalist.  Buffon had great inherited wealth and wanted to depict all living species.  Cost was not a consideration.   These are copper plate engravings on fine hand made hand laid linen rag with superb water color illumination. The prints measure 8 x 11.”  They mat beautifully to 11 x 14 or 12 X 16.”  The prints are in near perfect condition. Click here to contact us.

Framed 1st editions, Buffon’s Histoire Naturelle.  Antique hand colored engravings published from 1749-1761.

Click here to contact us.

African, Asian, Indian Animals. Exotic Species by Mathias Merian. Camels, Lions, Giraffes.

Merian Camels, Lions, Giraffes Engravings. African, Asian, Indian Animal species. We are pleased to offer these rare old prints. Date 1646. They include Lions, Giraffes, Camels.  Mathias Merian was a publisher in Nuremburg, Germany.  He published these copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag in 1646.  The hand colored engravings measure about 8 x 13.”  The water color is bright and the prints are in very good condition for being over 350 years old!  $375. each or the three for $1200.Click here to contact us.

Buffon’s Exotic Species of Animals. Old Hand Colored Engravings, Framed!

Buffon Exotic Animals Hand Colored Engravings, Framed in rag and under UV glass. Buffon Zebra, Elephant, Camel engravings. Over 250 years old. Outstanding illustrations of top exotic animals. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Framed Buffon Camel, Elephant, Zebra Engraving! Rare hand colored engraving by Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Archival Framing. Excellent condition, strikes, hand coloring. Each framed piece of artwork measures about 17×20″. Call for details… Phone: 413-245-4197 Email:
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African Asian Indian Animals by Lizar. Hand colored steel engravings, framed.

African Asian Indian Animals by Lizar, Framed. William Lizars. Hand colored steel plate engraving. 1840-1860, Scotland. Archival double rag mat, UV glass. Ornate gold wood frames. Finished framed dimensions 12 wide, 10 high. $150. each, set of six $600.
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Goldsmith Animals, Exotic Species of Animals

Goldsmith Animals, Exotic Species of Animals. Oliver Goldsmith Exotic Animal Life produced c.1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. African, Asian, Indian, Exotic Species. These are old hand colored engravings of a leopard, zebra and elephant. Have you ever seen any of these animals in your travels? The trio of antique prints need to be sold as a set of 3. Each measure 6 1/4 x 10″ the color is BRILLIANT! These are wonderful old exotic animal prints. The set of three for $350. Click here to contact us.

Matted Goldsmith Hand Colored Elephant, Zebra


William Lizar. African, Asian, Indian Animals. Hand Colored Steel Plate Engravings Mid 1800’s.

Lizar Zebras. Antique Hand Colored Steel Plate Engravings

Lizar Zebra Engravings. Old prints of Zebras!!! These are small water colored steel plate engravings were produced in Edinburgh, Scotland by William Lizars from c.1840-1875. They measure 4×6 1/4.” Old Zebra prints will finish off your TRAVEL room just right! Click here to contact us.

Lizar’s Big Cats. Antique Hand Colored Engravings. Mid 1800’s.

Big Cats, Lizar Hand Colored Engravings. One BIG CAT STORY told in these old hand colored steel plate engravings. These exotic cat prints were produced in Scotland from 1840-1875. They are small measuring 4×6 1/4″ Roar says FELIS LEO! Click here to contact us.

Lizar Rhinos, Elephants.  Antique Hand Colored Engravings

Lizar Rhinos, Elephants. Vintage EngravingsLizar prints of EXOTIC ANIMALS: RHINOCEROUS and ELEPHANTS! These small water colored steel plate engravings were produced in Edinburgh, Scotland by William Lizars from c.1840-1875. They measure 4×6 1/4.” Vintage rhino and elephant prints will finish off your TRAVEL room just right! Click here to contact us.

African Asian Indian Animals. Exotic species of animals. Old illustrations, engravings, lithographs. Dating 1640 to 1900. Vintage prints. elephant, rhino. We are pleased to offer old prints of exotic animal life from  Africa and Asia.  These are old engravings & lithographs that were produced prior to 1900.  These are old prints of wild African and Asian animal species.   Antique prints of jungle animals too.   Old engravings & lithographs:  old prints of wild African and Asian animals.   Antique prints of jungle animals.  Wild African and Asian Animals of the Jungle and the Savannah including old prints:  antique engravings and lithographs of elephants, lions,  and camels.  Wild African Asian Animals… Create a great jungle theme with elephants, camels. Big cats: lions & tigers! African and Asian Animals of the Jungle and Savannah. Tropical travel theme: wild African and Asian animals, old engravings and lithographs of including big cats: lions & tigers elephants & camels. These will finish your travel room with exotic decor! Have you been to Africa or Asia? Do you love to too see the wild life around the world? Then you should enjoy looking at these wonderful old animal engravings and lithographs. We have old prints of ELEPHANTS, ZEBRA, and LARGE CATS! Old prints of Exotic Animal Life. Species native to Africa and Asia. Old prints of elephants, rhinoceros, big cats, lions, zebras…These are antique engravings & lithographs, old prints of wild African and Asian Animals. Antique prints of jungle animals from Sumatra and India…

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Dec 212016

Classic French Equestrian! Art Deco Antique Lithographs of Horses! If you want to finish your room in a classic French equestrian decor. Look no further! You will find these antique horse lithographs a perfect compliment for your home! Race on over to Anne Hall Antique Prints for details on the pair for $500.

Classic French Equestrian Art Deco Posters by LeMercier Publishing Paris France c.1930:

These fantastic antique horse prints are actually large old French Posters. They were published c. 1930 by the most famous of all printing companies in Paris.  The publishing company responsible for their production was named Le Mercier Publishing Company.  They were the best of the best!  Perfectly sized artwork when shown as a pair over a sofa.  A touch of classic French equine decor for your wonderful Art Deco room…?

The Horses names are La Fille and Valentino.  Priced at $350. each or  $500. for both.


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A Brief Explanation about Chromolithography:

Chromo means color.  Lithography is the art of printing from limestone slabs.  Chromolithography is antique printing method.  A lost art of the 19 Century to the early 20th Centuries.   A certain kind of limestone came from a certain part of Germany.  It had the right consistency or porosity to become a printing slab of stone.  A type of a greasy crayon was used to draw the image sought to be seen.  Emerged into nitric acid, the stone unprotected by the greasy crayon was burnt away.  What was in relief, was going to be the  image. Multi complicated…  each and every color was applied with a key stone limestone plate.  Imagine if you will… the talent required to produce large posters like these.  The skill of getting the registration just right.  Once again I point to the long apprenticeships served by those involved from paper making to printing.  And at extremely low pay.  If you were good apprentice, which was served for years, then you would move forward.  If you were not, good at least, then you were in the streets LITERLLY.


Dec 212016
Mare & Foal

Our rare Antique Horse Prints of equine equestrian subjects are offered in sets, or as individual pieces. Call me with your interest. Phone: 413-245-4197  or  Email:

Framed George Buffon Antique Horse Prints: 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings.

These Antique prints were produced from 1765-1804, for famous French naturalist George Leclerc Buffon’s Natural History. These were a monumental work in which Buffon’s intent was to depict all known mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The hand coloring is original, beautifully applied with water colors. These antique prints were produced in Germany, by a process of copper plate engraving, printed onto handmade, hand laid, linen rag. I personally guarantee the authenticity. Framed, each measures, @ 9 x 11″


Merian, Johnston 17th Century Antique Horse Engravings.

Merian horse engravings. Antique copper plate engraving printed onto fine hand made, laid rag paper. Published by Mathias Merian for Johnston. Nuremburg, 1646. Old Equine Engravings by Mathias Merian, published 1646 Nuremburg, Germany, famous copper plate engraver. Merian’s illustrations or engravings documented subjects in real time.  Merian horse engraving. Antique copper plate engraving printed onto fine hand made, laid rag paper. The printing shop was owned by Mathias Merian, Johnston. Nuremburg, 1646. Nuremburg, Germany in 1646 there was an engraver named by the name of Mathias Merian. He worked for the publisher producing was Johannes Jonstonus, Jonston, a Medical Doctor. He had a happening, fast moving business that secured the details of publishing illustrations for books. Mathias Merian engraved the copper plate engravings. Each measures about 10×13″  4 for $1200. Click here to contact us.

Horses: Old steel plate engravings of famous racers.

Small steel engravings of famous racing horses. Racing winners. These are old images of race horses printed in England, published 1860. These are antiques. English equestrian prints. Perfect to mat to 8 x 10″ and $60. each. 2 or more $50. each. Click here to contact us.

Assorted old horse engravings & lithographs, misc. equine equestrian subjects:

Equine prints from early publications and periodicals such as Harper’s Weekly. These are predominately boxwood engravings, many with professional water coloring added.  Others are chromolithographs.   Click here to contact us.

Cassell’s Horses:  Antique English Chromolithographs.

Horses – from Cassell’s Book of the Horse, published in England  c.1885.  These are lovely old chromolithographs of horses and equine subjects.  Horses by Cassell, and lithographed by Vincent Brooks, Dat & Sons Lith. …  In these old prints,  each color was applied each in a separate process,  each from a separate key stoned limestone plate.  Hence the word chromolithography. Chromo meaning color, lithography means printing from limestone slabs every color seen in the final art work had it’s own limestone plate. Each color was applied with individual key stoned lime stone plates. From the lightest to the darkest colors. It was extremely laborious. Hence another antique printing method. As you may imagine that the registration would have to be perfect. The colors had to be exact. Each print measures 8 1/4 x 10 1/2″.  Call for availability.  Click here to contact us.

Horses: equine equestrian!Old horse and equine engravings and lithographs published predominately prior to 1900. Let us know what your specific interest in equestrian material, as there is too much to list here. Old horse and equine engravings and lithographs.  Old prints by Cassell, Buffon & Harper’s Weekly.  Newcastle dressage prints. Antique equestrian scenes such as riding schools and horse racing.  Many of the scenes depicted actually were taking place at the time the equestrian event was taking place.  Old horse and equine engravings and lithographs.  This is old art. Prints by Cassell, Buffon and some old prints from Harper’s Weekly.  Antique equestrian scenes such as riding schools and horse racing. Anne Hall Antique Prints is fairly priced and has a unique selection.  Antique prints of equestrian scenes, riding schools and horse racing…Old horse and equine engravings and lithographs.  Antique equestrian prints of riding schools & horse racing …Polo…Newcastle…Including old prints of horses produced for Harper’s Weekly.  Antique equestrian scenes such as riding schools and horse racing.  Antique Polo Prints!  These equine prints date from the mid 17th Century to 1900.  Antique prints of horses: riding schools, horse racing and coaching prints!   Great antique equestrian prints for horse lovers!

“We are the antique prints dealers that frame antique horse engravings and horse lithographs with the highest quality archival materials, at reasonable prices.”

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Nov 172016

Audubon Squirrel Prints. Antique Hand Colored Lithographs by John James. Call with specific Audubon requests. Phone: 413-245-4197  or  Email:

Audubon Squirrel Prints coming from the First Royal Octavo of John James Audubon’s work entitled “The Viviparious Quadrupeds Of North America.” Published in Philadelphia, 1844.  Beautifully illustrated hand colored lithographs. Click here to contact us.



The work of John James Audubon. These antique prints are a part of American history. These are original antique hand colored lithographs.  We are pleased to offer these hand colored antique Audubon squirrel prints.  They come from the First Royal Octavo Edition Published by Audubon in Philadelphia in 1844. Each antique print measures 7 x 10 1/2″.  Drawn from nature by John Woodhouse Audubon. Drawn on stone lithograph by William E. Hitchcock. Lithographed, printed and colored by J.T. Bowen, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1844. The Quadrupeds of North America, which encompassed a total of 150 native American four legged or quadruped mammals individually documented and portrayed in their land natural settings. This was a collaborative work between very famous 19th Century American painters: John James Audubon, his two sons John Woodhouse Audubon and Victor Gifford Audubon and the naturalist Reverend John Bachman. They documented and portrayed what J.J. Audubon considered a dwindling resource: the native mammals set among the splendor and majesty of the uninhabited America landscape. The team traveled westward from Audubon’s home in Mill Grove, Pennsylvania up the Missouri River and through territory just previously explored by Lewis and Clark. From the Canadian border of the Northern Russian Territories, now Alaska, southward to Mexico. This monumental journey was extremely hard on the wildlife team, and therefore influenced the compositions to some degree. Still though, these are a pertinant record of North American Mammals. The Quadrupeds of North American is a wildlife classic: an essential and timeless contribution to both American Culture and the Art of American Wildlife Painting. The American Review, a Whig journal, heralded the national origin of the Quadrupeds: “We have at last have a Great National Work, originated and completed among us- authors, artists and artisans of which are our own citizens. the Bible of Nature!” This information was sourced from the book entitled: John James Audubon in the West. Published in 2000 in New York by Henry H. Abrams.


Nov 172016

Woodland Animals: Antique Prints of Bear, Beaver, Cougar, Deer & Squirrel. We offer a variety of hand colored engravings and antique lithographs, call me with your specific ideas. Phone: 413-245-4197  or  Email:

Woodland Animals. Hand Colored Engravings of Woodland Mammals by Compte de Buffon

Woodland animals published from 1749-1761. These are Buffon Animal Prints, animals you may look for if you like the woods. Woodland mammals. I love wild North American animals… And I love George Leclerc Compte de Buffon’s work on mammals. Every animals has a unique expression.  Measuring about 7 1/2 x 9 1/2″, these are hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag. There is a slight toning to the paper. The prints look great in person.  Click here to contact us.

Framed Exquisite Deer Engravings by George Leclerc Compte de Buffon!

These woodland animals of deer come from a rare edition of Buffon’s work, published in Germany from 1790-1805.  These are hand colored copper plate engravings, on hand made hand laid rag.  Double matted in rag and under UV glass in a solid wood molding with fruitwood burl.  Each piece measures 9 1/2″  x 11 1/2″. Click here to contact us.

George Leclerc Compte de Buffon Squirrels, a Unique Collection Framed.

These woodland animals come from a rare German edition of Compte de Buffon’s work which was published from 1790-1805.  These are hand colored copper plate engravings, on hand made, hand laid rag.  Double matted in rag and under UV glass in a solid wood molding with fruitwood burl.  Each piece measures 9 1/2″  x 11 1/2″. Click here to contact us.

Wild North American Woodland Animals Published in New York 1900.

c.1900 Published by the Fish and Game Commission of the State of New York. Photolithographs. Each in lovely bold colors, paper measures about 9 x 11″ they are priced $75. each or the three for $175. Click here to contact us.

Please contact me about animals you are interested in, for a personalized selection.

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Wild North American Woodland Animals. We are happy to offer only original engravings & lithographs produced by famous naturalists including the work of Audubon, Buffon and Merian. Our antique prints of wild North American woodland animals are guaranteed authentic antiques from the 1640’s to 1900. The Quadrupeds… are four legged animals! We have old engravings & lithographs of bear, deer, beaver & otter. These are old prints of mammals. Animals you may see in the woods. Enjoy our selection of North American species at Anne Hall Antique Prints.

Copper plate engravings are old antique prints. It was an antique printing method, like photographs in the old days, so that people could see images of what these studies were about. In copper plate engraving, a very thin piece of copper was attached to a block of wood. Tools called burins were used to engrave into the copper. While the paper was slightly damp, the copper plate was carefully inked up and printed onto the piece of hand made rag paper, actually engraving the paper. Water colors could be added by hand, using the finest natural products obtained from everywhere on the Earth.

Lithography is an antique printing method. It came after copper plate engraving. Generally a lithograph was printed in one color, black. A type of greasy crayon was used to draw onto a special type of limestone, with just the right porosity. After the image was completed, the limestone was emerged into nitric acid, burning away what was not under the greasy crayon, leaving that portion in relief. It was inked up and printed. The image frequently was illuminated with water colors.

Chromolithography is an antique printing method whereas each color was printed from individual key stoned limestone plates. An extended version of lithography, quite laborious requiring a very skilled craftsman to get the registration just right and not distorted, or render the image out of registration. The process virtually replaced the laborious and expense of hand water coloring. Adventually, c.1900 photographic off set printing replaced any and all antique printing methods, pretty much forever.

Nov 172016

Rabbits Bunnies and Hares. Our old Hand Colored Engravings & Lithographs are antique prints by Audubon and Buffon. Call or email me with your specific interest in antique rabbit prints. Phone: 413-245-4197  or  Email:


Rabbits! Amazing Hand Colored Engraving by Buffon in Exquisite Black Forest Frame

Published circa 1800 for a rare German Edition of Buffon’s work. Exquisite archival framing. $345.

Rabbits! Audubon Bunny Rabbits and Hares. Hand Colored Antique Lithographs from 1854-1855

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Audubon Rabbits, Bunnies and Hares.  Unframed Antique Hand Colored Lithographs Dating to 1854-1855, 7×10′:


JJ AUDUBON…Rabbits and Bunnies! Antique Hand Colored Lithographs

These prints above, many are the work of Audubon’s work on animals, published in 1854-1855.  They come from first Octavo edition of Audubon Animals.   These are  American water colored lithographs of different kinds of rabbits and hares. All are available Now!!  Each print measures @ 7×10″  What a great gift for your bunny  lover! John James Audubon’s last major accomplishment was producing 150 drawings of North American animals, known as Viparious Quadrupeds of North America. Having depicted all the known birds of North America, but still lured by his love of nature and art, he began on his last drawing expedition up the Missouri River in the summer of 1843. With the aid of his son, John Woodhouse Audubon, he created the first attempt ever to document and depict all the mammals of North America. First came the elephant folio edition, then came the octavo edition,  which theses hares and rabbits come from.

Read more on JJ Audubon via Wikipedia

Rabbits! Bunny Lover or are you the Bunny Lady? Old Prints of Bunny Rabbits for sale… These are very old lithographs and engravings of bunny rabbits and hares. These antique prints of rabbits are from the 1800’s and are no less than charming. A collection of John James Audubon bunnies and more. One of our favorite animals to find in our yard are rabbits! We have a selection of old lithographs & engravings by Audubon, Buffon & other early illustrators! Attention all bunny lover’s: we have old pictures of rabbits for sale! If you are building a rabbit collection, please look here. All of these prints are over 100 years old. Antique lithographs and engravings by Audubon, Buffon and other early naturalists. Audubon hares & Buffon rabbits. Antique Prints of Bunnies & Great gifts for all you bunny rabbit lover’s!

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Nov 172016

Audubon Mice. Set of three framed Audubon Mice prints. These three prints are Audubon mice. Three of his best illustrated with food. Published during 1854 to 1855. The work is entitled Vipaparous Quadrupeds of North America.

These old prints of mammals are water colored lithographs that were completely produced from 1854-1855. They are 1st edition octavo edition mammals. I am selling the three of these framed as ONE set for $1250. shipped, they are framed right to conserve them in no less than stunning, high end gold leaf frames over red paint. Each framed Audubon measures about 17″ wide by 13″ high. An exemplary, outstanding trio of the Author’s work. Click here to contact us.

The illustrations of JJ Audubon’s Mammals, or his Quadrupeds of North America are important as they documented the animal life in North America in the early 1800’s. How were they published? The illustrations were transferred onto a specially crafted flat piece of limestone. What adventially would be in relief was drawn in with a kind of a greasy crayon. It took tremendous skill to be a lithographer. One would serve an apprenticeship for years before becoming a lithographer. If you were not good, you would never work for a major firm. Your job depended on your skill. Once finished with meticulous detail, the limestone plate was emerged into nitric acid. The nitric acid burned away the parts of the limestone that was not protect extend by the greasy crayon. The plate was cleaned off, inked up and printed in black ink. The porosity of the limestone had to have a just the right consistency and posits for printing purposes. The coloration was added professionally by hand at the time of production, back in 1855.

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