Misc Aquatic… Antique Prints of Lobsters & Crabs & Corals.

Sea life: old antique prints of gator, anenome & lobster prints, crab & coral. Other sea life prints by Wilhelm, Merian, Rhump & Denton.

Trout Salmon Antique Lithographs by Sherman Denton! Framed & Unframed

Fish freshwater. Old fish prints from Anne Hall Antique Prints. Collect Denton fish & trout, and others found in the pond, lake and river.

Sea Shells! Old antique hand colored shell engravings & lithographs.

Antique prints of sea shells. We have a large selection of old prints of shells. Antique shell prints: shell engravings & shell lithographs from1640-1900 make great beach decor!

Ocean Lake Fish Antique Lithographs: Hawaiian & Denton

Tropical AND Ocean fish!! DIVE ON IN!!! Snorkel? Dive? Love these old Fish prints. Tropical AND ocean species of fish… Old tropical fish prints. Antique prints: Denton fish prints, old Bloch fish prints, Bien fish and Merian fish. Old antique engravings and lithographs. Old prints of tropical fish including Bloch’s Fishwerks, the Fish of Hawaii and the Fish of Puerto Rico.

Turtles frogs including all amphibians and reptiles and lizards.

Very old prints of Turtles and Frogs from Anne Hall Antique Prints! Old frog prints & old turtle prints. Amphibians and reptiles! Pre 1900 engravings & lithographs guaranteed.

Elieser Bloch Fish Engravings from the 18th Century. Ithtyologie: Des Poissons

Buy Elieser Bloch Fish Engravings from one of the leading rare antique prints galleries in America. Please contact me for a customized assortment to select from. They will compliment your oceanside and lake home.  If you are looking for distinctive wall hangings and antique art of fish, you will find them here at Anne Hall […]

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