Chickens-Roosters-Hens: Antique Poultry Lithographs & Engravings

Find fabulous antique poultry lithographs of chickens roosters & hens by Kramer & Buffon. Perfect artwork for French Country decor.

Antique Poultry Lithographs of Chickens and Roosters

These antique poultry lithographs are very desirable because of the quality of the color lithography. Most notably is that the colors are intense and beautiful. Published as a breeder’s catalog of chickens roosters hens by Kramer in Germany in 1897.  Today the encyclopedic collection of antique prints of chickens and roosters is a benchmark of breeding poultry.  A salesman would WOW his customer, the farmer with this beautiful lithographed catalog with striking images of chickens and roosters and then the farmer would place his order.

These small chicken and rooster lithographs are absolutely brilliant in colors and exemplary of the craft of printing in colors by limestone plates in the lost art of “Chromolithography.”  In this process, each and every color was applied in a separate process from key stoned limestone plates, sequentially from lightest to darkest colors.  Each color represents a different limestone plate used for that color.  Superb registration of a talented lithographer was imperative to this series. 

Each of the antique rooster hen lithographs measures  5 x 7 1/4″ and are priced at $45. each.Click here to contact us.

Chickens & Roosters.  Framed Kramer Chickens:  Antique Chromolithographs.  Buy Now!

Antique rooster artwork framed in slate frames, cheerful décor, available and ready to ship! Each old chromolithograph measures 9×12″ and has stunning strong colors. The hand made black slate frames are beautifully crafted, from Vermont.  A wonderful trio of antique poultry lithographs framed in black Vermont slate priced at $150. each.

Chickens and Roosters! BUFFON Hand Colored Engravings from 1785-1804, Framed.

Chickens framed.  Small and rare.  Hand colored engravings of chickens by George Leclerc Compte de Buffon.  Each old engraving has been framed with archival materials in a fabulous black & gold frame. Call us to see what is available.

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Chickens and Roosters: Kramer lithographs from 1897, Framed in Vermont Slate.

French Country Chickens and Roosters Framed

Antique Chicken Chromolithograph in Fabulous ornate French Country Frame. German, Published 1897,  measuring 16″ wide 14″ high. $185.

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Chickens and Roosters,  Miscellaneous Antique Prints-

Chickens and Roosters: Rare prints including Kramer chromolithographs, 18th Century Buffon engravings,  rare breeds of poultry found on farms. Antique poultry engravings & lithographs of Chickens, Hens & Roosters!  Bring yourself years of pleasure when you decorate with these colorful and cheerful antique poultry prints.  They would look wonderful in a country kitchen or on a working farm.    

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