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Apr 162018

Renaissance paintings featuring cultural diversity and portraying rich cultural heritage laid great emphasis on the Christian symbolism regarding insects. Back in the time, when the camera wasn’t invented, some conspicuous artists like Maria Sibylla Merian did the work of the camera by capturing scientifically accurate and sensational paintings of nature that encompassed flowers, fruits, birds, and insects. Being one of the world’s first entomology insect art painters, Merian was an accomplished artist and an exemplary naturalist who had a keen eye to observe nature and capture it in her paintings.

If we go back in time, during the persecution held by the Romans, we see that the Christians used a number of signs and symbols to identify each other secretly. Diverse sacred images that acted as moral instructions were commissioned by the Church and hence, we got to witness some of the greatest masterpieces during the Italian Renaissance. Most of the art of this period portrayed various religious images and carvings using insects that used to carry hidden meanings.

The cicada denoting the symbol of prayer, sanctuary, and hope while the caterpillar symbolized the cycle of life and rebirth. Other insects like the infamous ladybug denoted healing and divinity while a spider’s web meant monarchy or church intrigue.

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