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Zebra of the Sea

Zebra of the Sea by Elieser Bloch

Zebra of the Sea by Elieser Bloch.

Germany 1772-1778. Rare hand colored engraving on rag. Folio. Magnificent hand coloring.
Marcus Elieser Bloch (1723-1799) was German medical doctor and naturalist. He is generally considered one of the most important ichthyologists of the 18th century.

Bloch was born in Anspach and practiced as a physician in Berlin. He is best known for his encyclopedic work on ichthyology. Between 1772 and 1778 he published his Allgemeine Natureschichte der Fische, a 12-volume, beautifully illustrated comprehensive work on fishes. The first three volumes describe fishes Germany and were entitled Oeconomische Naturgeschichte der Fische Deutschlands, the remaining volumes dealt with fishes from other parts of the world and were entitled Naturgeschichte der auslandischen Fische.

Bloch’s actual collection of about 1500 specimens is today preserved at the Museum for Natural History (Naturhistorisches Museum) of the Humboldt University of Berlin.

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