Aug 232016

Fancily Framed Antique Prints of Bouquets!

These are exquisite botanical illustrations published for the Fairy Bower in 1846.  These are a lovely set of six hand colored lithographs framed and ready to hang.  Rare and great early American prints.  Early  high quality,  hand colored lithographs from the mid 19th Century. Exemplary of some of the best hand coloring produced at the time.   A perfect combination of lithography and intense water coloring with  archival framing.  Set of six $1800.

Fancy Botanical Illustrations for Garden Lovers! Antique flower prints in Pinks! Hand colored engravings.

Fancy Botanical Illustrations!  The colors in these English 19th Century hand colored copper plate engravings are bright and in good condition. Coming from English periodic botanical magazines by Curtis & Edwards, these are the foldouts so please see the folds. The folds are definitive clue that these antique flower prints are authentic antiques.  Perfect décor  for your traditional home.  Or as a great gift for garden lovers!  Each old print measures about 9 1/2 x 11″ to 12″ $95. Each.  Double rag matting to 14×18″ an additional $35. each.

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Fancy Botanical Illustrations for Garden Lovers!  The fancy flower prints shown here are all English hand colored copper plate engravings on heavy wove rag paper. There were many complex crafts in producing antique flower prints like these.  There was the art of creating the paper or paper making.  There was the art of creating a copper plate engraving, and being able to create an image that looked like the original illustration.  There was the art of printing and publishing the work.  Finally there was the art of hand coloring the illustrations.  If you were great at water color illumination the final product was sellable.  These were all life long careers in the early 19th Century.  Individuals would serve apprenticeships for years with little pay before they perfected their craft.  It was only then they could go on to work as a professional engraver, colorist or printer, themselves.  There was great demand to see images of the fanciest and finest varieties of flora being grown everywhere.  Others wanted in on the gardening frenzy, and one was instantly IN if they had access to the information.   Subscribers were immediately a part of the frenzy as the stream of information was delivered to them, generally on a monthly basis.  Garden lovers were wild to receive their latest issue of the the magazines they subscribed to.  This was one of the great pastimes for young women, doctors, clergy and other wealthy individuals who had disposable income for such luxuries.

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