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Werning Bavarian Castle 1

Werning Bavaria Rare Castle Engraving 1703(1)

Werning Bavaria Rare Castle Engraving from 1703. Michael Wening

Michael Wening was born and raised in Nuremburg, Germany in 1645. He died 1718, as a very poor man even though he had published this magnificent work on Castles and Monasteries. Beautifully illustrated, engraving on incredible hand made hand laid rag paper. This is a FINE RARE 18th Century engraving. It is a very important part of Bavarian History. This lovely Castle is located in Bavaria. This FIRST work was started in 1696 and published in 1703. Here the artwork in the illustration is formidable. The depictions of the Castles, Moats & Gardens are considered the finest work on Bavaria up to the Modern Age.

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