Fuertes, Louis Agassiz. Antique Illustrations American Birds

Fuertes, Louis Agassiz Fuertes Antique Illustrations of American Birds!

Fuertes Birds.  Louis Agassiz Fuertes is known best for his OUSTANDING antique illustrations of North American Birds. I am not sure how he did such an incredible job illustrating birds, as it takes quite an extraordinary feel for art to see a bird and draw it. They move incredibly quickly, therefore one must wait and wait to see his subject, or have an incredible memory for details. Louis Agassiz Fuertes was very talented ornithologist. His artwork is exemplary when it comes to North American Birds. Old, vintage prints of his are very desirable amongst North American birders. Fuertes was an illustrator and artist. He set new standards for ornithological art and is considered as one of the most prolific American bird artists after John James Audubon. He made thousands of bird paintings and sketches, based on studies in nature and details from fresh specimens, that illustrate a range of ornithological works. Many of Fuertes’ paintings remain popular and in-demand today. In particular, a 1924 oil painting, Wild Turkey, sold for $86,250 at a January 2012 auction in New York. Fuertes’ love of animals and landscapes comes through in his paintings; there is a notable vivacity and excitement present in his work that has created long-term value. These lovely old photographically printed illustrations were published c.1900 in the state of NY. These are Fuertes bird illustrations. Each old bird print measures 9 1/4 x 12″ Click here to contact us.

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