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White Nosed Monkey

White Nosed Monkey

White Nosed Monkey.

Buffon. Wonderful hand colored engraving in pristine condition for an antique dating to the mid 18th Century. A Lovely water coloring.

A laborious craft of all those involved in producing something like these WONDERFUL hand colored Engravings of Monkeys! First one had to travel, find and identify the species. Second the illustrations had to be meticulously drawn, with the best accuracy. LATER The image would be transferred onto a copper plate and engraved with burins. The paper was hard to acquire, and the engraver would have to re engrave another plate after just 300 strikes. The water coloring has been professionally added with great precision. Yet these old prints still exist in super fine condition and exemplary condition. That is mostly due to the quality of the rag paper. Paper was made of rag right up through the turn of the 20th Century. Coming from linen, flax, NOT TREES. There was no acid in the paper those days.

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