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Turdus Iliacus

Turdus Iliacus

Turdus Iliacus. Nests Eggs & Birds by Nozeman. Coming from Nederlandsche Vogelen.

Some of the most famous naturalists of the 18th Century collaborated in producing one of the finest works ever done on Ornithology: Nederlandsche Vogelen. Also known as the Birds of the Netherlands. Remember the Netherlands included other trading posts those days.

Beautifully illustrated by Cornelius Nozeman, who lived from 1721 to 1786. Nozeman was a Dutch minister & an ornithologist. It was Nozeman that wrote the text for the first two volumes. In 1786, Nozeman died, with most of the descriptions for the second volume written, which was published in 1789.

The renowned engraver & artist Christian Sepp drew the illustrations. Sepp is best known for his meticulous drawings and his passion for beautiful detail which is evident in this work. The majority of Sepp’s drawings were transferred onto copper plates and etched and engraved by himself. It was in the first two volumes which were directly created by these well known ornithologists, artists and engravers. Sepp’s son, Jan Christian, a bookseller, interested in the study of natural history and engraving, published the first volume. In 1775, Christian Sepp died and Jan Christian completed the second volume.

Martinus Houttuyn, also a famous naturalist, continued the work for the third volume (published in 1797). Houttuyn died in 1798, and it was not until 1809 that the fourth volume was published, without the name of the writer.

The huge project was finally finished in 1829, by the grandson of Christian Sepp, Jan Sepp, and Coenraad Jacob Temminck.

This is the most important and first study in the Netherlands of ornithology at that time. The birds are depicted as they are in life, said to be depicted close to life sized and in their envionment. This great work, is well known for the wonderful combinations of birds with their nests and eggs, some of the best ever done. The frontice pieces are some of the best examples of bird artwork ever done.

These are extra large, full folio, hand colored copper plate engravings, on fine hand made hand laid rag paper. At the time of production the cost of the set was 525 Dutch Florins, $6000 in today’s currency, the most expensive book ever published up to that time

Excerpts have been taken from Fine Bird Books and the Netherlands National Library.

Prints are 14.25″ x 21″

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