Raptors Birds of Prey – Eagles, Falcons & Hawks

Raptors Birds of Prey by Martinet & Selby & Nozeman of falcons & eagles. Collections of 18th & 19th century antique lithographs & hand colored engravings.

Thomas Pennant-Peter Paillou Framed Bird of Prey Engraving

Thomas Pennant was an 18th century Welsh traveler, author and artist. His folio natural history book entitled The British Zoology published London 1761-1766. The book was illustrated with beautiful lifelike watercolor etched engravings on hand made laid rag paper. Framed in high quality archival materials by the proprietor. Framed dimensions: 28×34″ $2800. Shipping to be determined. Flank this piece with 2 more birds of prey, a matching pair of Pennant owl engravings for an incredible trip tic. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to discuss your project.

Fabulous Rare Engravings of Leucocephalus Eagle and Peregrine Falcon

This gallery of rare ornithology prints sourced from Nedelandsche Vogelen. The book published Amsterdam from 1770-1829. Nozeman and Sepp have the largest attribution to the work. Yet it took 59 years to complete. The rare ornithology book is adorned with marvelous large folio engravings with spectacular watercolors. The hand- coloring was applied at the time of production. Excellent condition. Each piece measures 14.25×21.”

John Gould c.1860 Hand-Colored Lithographs from his Revered Birds of Great Britain

Below is a collection of original John Gould water-colored lithographs which are available now.. Predominately sourced from John Gould’s Birds of Great Britain. English hand colored lithograph published in London 1863-1873. The Birds of Great Britain was a monumental English ornithology work of the nineteenth century. Each piece measures 14 1/2 x 21 1/2″. Some have been mounted or matted to 22×28″.

Circus Cineraceus Ash Colored Harrier Raptor or Bird of Prey. English hand colored lithograph for Birds of Great Britain published in London c.1860 Size: 14 1/2 x 21 1/2″ $250.

Raptors and Birds of Prey by JP Selby 1817-1834

The following gallery is comprised of 200 year old John Prideaux Selby Birds of Prey engravings. These pieces were published by Lizars in London from 1817-1834. Each watercolor copper plate engraving has a J Whatman watermark in the paper. 20 1/2 x 25 1/2″

Double Folio Cornelius Nozeman Marsh Harrier or Milvus Aruginosus from 1770-1829

Marsh Harrier Milvus Aruginosus 1170-1829 Cornelius Nozeman Christian Sepp & Martin Houttyn Nederlandsche Vogelen. Water colored copper plate engraving on hand made hand laid linen rag, Double folio, centerfold. 21 1/2 x 27″ $750.

Francois Martinet Raptors:  18th Century Hand-Colored Engravings

Raptors Birds of Prey.  Francois Martinet Raptors.  Hand colored copper plate engravings from 1770-1783. Francois Martinet who produced the finest work the French ever produced on ornithology. Martinet along with a staff of 70 people worked in an endless endeavor for 13 years, from 1770 to 1783 (some say 1786) to publish the monumental work on birds. Engravings from the eighteenth century.  Each engraving was published from . They are hand-colored copper plate engravings. The plate was pressed or printed onto a  high quality, hand made hand laid rag paper. The finest at the time. The highly detailed water coloring was added at the time the old bird prints were produced.   Each engraving measures about 8  1/2 x 10″.  The prints are in excellent condition. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order. Click here to contact us.

Raptors Antique Lithographs: Naturgeschicte der Vogel Mittelemopas

Antique color lithographs of raptors (eagles, falcons & hawks), German published in 1895 by Naumann for an encyclopedic bird book entitled Naturgeschicte der Vogel Mittelemopas.  Each piece measures 11 x 5″ and is in very good condition with strong colors. Click here to contact us.

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We are pleased to offer for sale, antique prints pertaining raptors, eagles, falcons, hawks & hobbies… Birds of Prey is a favorite subject of ours. In real life and in our business. All the images you will see here are old engravings & lithographs, produced and published over 100 years ago. Some are a few centuries old. Subjects include hawks, falcons and eagles. Some of the illustrators of the 18th and 19th Centuries that we have include the work of Dresser, Buffon, Pennant, Gould, Martinet, Nozeman, Sepp and other ornithologists.

Visit A Place Called Hope in Connecticut. A Day in the Life – A Place Called Hope (aplacecalledhoperaptors.com) They do amazing work with injured birds of prey so they can return to the wild.

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