Oct 312014

Ridgeway Water Bird Illustrations of North American Species of Birds… Old Prints. These vintage illustrations is the work of JL Ridgeway. They are sought after by North American birders, partly because the illustrations include the environment the birds would be seen in, in nature. Included in the selection is the Great Blue heron, Belted Kingfisher, Wood Duck,   Dowitcher, Yellow Legs, and the English Snipe. The images of the birds include the environment the birds live in.  The natural habitat of each burd.  These old photolithographs were printed in the early days of photo mechanical printing. It was an off set printing method. Each color was applied in a separate process photographically. They are affordable images of North American species of birds. These old bird prints were first illustrated by Ridgeway. They were published in New York c.1900. There were not many books published on North America birds from 1830-1900.  Therefore if you want reasonably priced old prints of North American birds, these may be for you.  Nice coloration and lovely scenic backgrounds.   Each old print measures 9 1/2 x 12″,  is in good condition, and has strong colors. I am willing to double mat them in rag, archival mats to 11×14″ for an additional $20. per piece. Click here to contact us.

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