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Insect – Eugene Seguy Pochoir Papillons PL 9


Insect – Eugene Seguy Pochoir Papillons PL 9

Insect print published in 1926 by E.A., Eugene Seguy Butterflies. These are fantastic examples of POCHOIR, a French technique of applying water colors by stencils. E.A. Seguy Papillons!!!
Seguy Papillons. Eugene Seguy is best known for this FABULOUS work on Butterflies that he published in 1926. Utilizing the French technique of adding color known as Pochoir, the metallic water colors were applied by stencils. The result are these fabulous examples known as the EA Seguy Papillons. It is Art Nouveau at it’s very best. Each stunning old print measures 12 3/4″ x 18″ and is excellent to superb condition with extraordinary bright colors. Click Here to Contact Us

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