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Song Birds John Gould Antique Hand Colored Lithographs.  Martinet Birds: French Hand Colored Engravings.  Studer’s Birds of North America: Antique Chromolithographs….

Song Birds John Gould.  Beautiful antique hand colored lithographs.

John Gould had a passion for Ornithology.  As a result he illustrated a world class work on birds from 1832-1888.  It had to be completed by his associates,  after his death until 1888.  These subscriptions were published in London, England.  Below is a selection of John Gould original hand water colored lithographs.  Each illustration is in very good condition with bright and original water colors.    These are no less than LOVELY antique ornithology prints!  The measurements are 14×22.”

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Francois Martinet Pretty Birds. French Water Colored Copper Engravings 1770-1783

Francois Martinet had an intense interest in birds in the 18th Century.  Consequently Martinet produced one of the finest works the French ever published on Ornithology.  He employed a staff of 70 people.  Still the work took some 13 years, from 1770-1783, to complete. These are French water colored copper plate engravings by Francois Martinet. The colors are bright and enhance  your décor. 

Each old engraving measures @9×12.”  Specially priced at $175. each when you purchase 3 or more.

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JJ Audubon Song Birds. Lockwood Edition, Hand Colored 1870.

JJ Audubon illustrated the Birds of North America.  His ornithological illustrations were very popular. There needed to be a more affordable edition made, and quickly, as the interest was strong.  All this demand, resulted in a second small edition of his Birds in 1870, known as the Lockwood Edition. The birds are all North American species. Chromolithographs of North American. Double matted in rag to 9×12″ Click here to contact us.


Reverend F.O. Morris Song Birds. Hand Colored Wood Engravings from 1890.

This is the work of Reverend F.O. Morris.  These are some of the song birds from 1890. They are English hand colored wood engravings.  A “birder”  Reverend and his congregation, collected the specimens, and created this encyclopedic collection about Ornithology. Measurements: 6×9″, and will mat up to @ 9×12″ or 11×14.” 

Cheep and Cheerful at only  $75. each.

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Song Birds! Woodpeckers by Morris! Charming Hand Colored Engravings from 1890.

Song Birds!  These are antique Woodpecker prints by F.O. Morris from 1890.  Each is an English water colored engraving.  It’s one of my favorite birds at my bird feeder… WOODPECKERS!  Each old print measures about 6×9″  and will frame up perfectly to 9×12″ or 11×14.”

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Raven & Crow Framed! 1890 Reverend Morris Hand Colored Engravings.

Song Birds by Jacob Studer’s Birds of North America. Chromolithographs 1865-1885.

Jacob Studer’s Birds of North America was published in Philadelphia, 1865-1885. These are lovely old chromolithographs of birds we love to see… The pileated wood pecker! IVORY BILLED WOODPECKER! Even an old print of Cardinals! Click here to contact us.



THE BALTIMORE ORIOLE!!! A Lovely American Chromolithograph $85.

Pretty song birds.  Species found at a bird feeder.

Old song bird lithographs & engravings,  pre 1900. Antique prints of robins, finches, humming birds, woodpeckers, titmice, thrushes and other pretty little birds one may see at the bird feeder.  Large John Gould hand colored lithographs date from 1860-1880. The work on song birds John Gould and Audubon, and others. Even our cheap and cheerful Morris birds are antique 1890 hand colored engravings! Tweet … Tweet…Old prints of song birds! Antique engravings & lithographs of song birds by ornithologists including Gould, Morris, Gentry & Audubon. Song birds: robins, finches & woodpeckers, titmice and hummingbirds…

A favorite subject of ours is old prints produced from 1640-1900 of little birds that can sing the prettiest tunes…   They include Song birds John Gould, and J.J. Audubon…  Pretty birds you might see at the bird feeder.  Antique hand colored lithographs and engravings of woodpeckers, thrush, titmice, sparrows and finches.  Ornithologists include F.O. Morris, John Gould, Studer, and Gentry.   Antique prints of robins, hummingbirds, woodpeckers.    

Even our cheap and cheerful Morris birds are antique 1890 hand colored engravings!  Tweet … Tweet…Old engravings and lithographs of song birds.    Antique hand colored lithographs and engravings of woodpeckers, thrush, titmice, sparrows and finches.  Ornithologists include F.O. Morris, John Gould, Jacob Studer, and Gentry.  Old prints of birds! Song Birds John Gould, Martinet, Studer & Morris. Old Prints of bird feeder type birds!

These are antiques… Do you love to watch the birds? A specialty of ours is birds. Enjoy!

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