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Trout, Salmon Fish Prints by Sherman Denton. Framed $165. each

These antique trout salmon fish prints are old chromolithographs by Sherman Denton.  They were published in New York c.1900.  They come from reports published by the New York fish and game commission and were published on a periodic basis.  Offered at a special low price, they come from a collection of a Rhode Island fisherman, wanting to sell his collection.  There is some wear to the frames, so please inspect with care.  The fish prints themselves are worth $165. each.  Free US shipping.

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During the 1880’s, Denton and his brothers accompanied their father, a geologist, on expeditions to Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea where he collected natural history specimens. Upon his return, Denton worked as an artist for the US Fish Commission at the Smithsonian Institute, where he illustrated their reports and also developed and patented a method for mounting fish without them losing their natural colors. He became the leading maker of the Field Museum in Chicago and the Agassiz Museum at Harvard. Denton was hired by the State of NY Fisheries, Game and Forest Commission to illustrate their annual reports, providing the watercolor illustrations for some 100 chromolithographs. Denton’s superb drawings vividly illustrated the appearance of live fish, and set the standard for natural history fish illustrations. 

Freshwater Fish Prints.  Sherman Denton Framed Trout Prints.

Genuine antique chromolithographs published c.1900 by the  New York Fish and Game Commission, in high end double rag mats and under UV glass in honey burl wood. 

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Trout and Salmon Prints by Sherman Denton. Circa 1900 New York Fish and Game Commission Chromolithographs.

These are the work of Sherman Denton, who was hired by the State of New York Fish and Game Commission to illustrate species pertaining to the U.S. Denton came from Wellesley, Massachusetts for  all you history buffs! These old prints are called chromolithographs.  Included here are salmon and trout of American fresh water streams. Here we have Trout and Salmon. This particular series of prints are considered the best produced on North American species. These are stunning prints that are highly collectible! They delight both fisherman and chefs. Old Denton Trout and Salmon Prints from Anne Hall Antique Prints. These measure 9 1/2 x 12″ and are $165. your choice. Click here to contact us.

Bloch Fishworks. Rare Hand Colored Engravings. Salmon, Trout, Freshwater Fish

Bloch Fish engravings. These old prints were published by Elizer Bloch.  Come from Elizer Bloch’s rare book on fish entitled Fishwerks.  Produced c.1730. These are hand water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag.  They are lake, river and stream. Fresh water fish species including trout and salmon.  They range in price 200-350 each and are about 10 x 13 1/2.” Click here to contact us.

Trout and Salmon Fish Prints.  Old prints of fish from freshwater lakes and rivers… We have quite a selection of Sherman Denton’s antique illustrations at Anne Hall Antique Prints, a reputable and knowledgeable antique print dealer!   Denton was hired by the New York Fish & Game Commission to illustrate North American species of fish including: lake trout, brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout & salmon, land locked salmon.    All of these old engravings and lithographs date to 1905 or before.  These old prints are the perfect artwork for a den, camp or kitchen! Fishermen love to collect these old prints!

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