Victoria Regia Initial Bloom

Victoria Regia Initial Bloom

Magnificent Bloom Victoria Regia Water Lily

Victoria Regia: or The Great Water Lily of America. With a brief account of the discovery into cultivation with illustrations by William Sharp. From Specimens grown at Salem, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

By John Fisk Allen.

Printed and Published for the Author.

William Sharp came to Boston from England in the late 1830’s, and jumped into printing colors from limestone plates-or lithographs. He was very proficient with incredible detail and use of color. He was a natural at his profession and produced five of the 6 plates. John Fisk Allen did only one. Can you guess which one is Allen’s?

When this rare book comes on the market it is usually offered as Americana. It was the first chromolithography published in the United States. Chromo means color. Lithograph meaning printed from limestone.

It was all about how fast magazines, subscriptions and books could be produced and published. Hand coloring took tremendous time, talent and money. Printing in colors, from limestone plates, certainly would be less expensive… IF you had a GREAT lithographer. Each color was applied with an individual key stoned limestone plate.

Victoria Regia is in very good to excellent condition with bright color, with some minor spotting. Measurements 20 1/2 x 26 1/2″

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