Antique lithographs and hand colored engravings capture a specific time and place in history, conveying the aesthetic of their era. At Anne Hall Antique Prints, we will help you achieve the decorative look you are looking for.

New Offerings From our Show Collection:

For years we have wowed our clientele with a diverse, in depth collection of antique prints at shows as well as online. This Spring we are adding bits from our show collection to our online collection.  Anne will provide you with superior service & provide design ideas in many cases.  Many pieces have been professionally framed to the highest standards, complete and ready to hang!  Let us help you make your home comfortable and beautiful while preserving antiques & it’s place in history at the same time.

Cat-Dog Antique Engravings & Hand Colored Lithographs

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs, Engravings on Whaling.

Sea Shells! Original antique hand colored shell engravings & lithographs.

Trout Salmon Antique Lithographs by Sherman Denton & Bloch

Antique Lithographs & Hand Colored Engravings! 

At Anne Hall Antique Prints, our goal is to connect you with that moment in history and bring it’s aesthetic back to life on the wall of your home or office.  We will help you find the antique prints that will complement your space because it is a pleasure for us to work with our customers! 

Please don’t hesitate to call us with your questions at 413-245-4197.  Your American world class source for natural history subjects.

Find the best nature focused antique lithographs & hand colored engravings when you visit Anne Hall Antique Prints. Seguy Insectes Papillons – Special Pricing on Select Butterflies

We are the American Antique Print Dealers with exquisite antique lithographs and hand colored engravings of Animals, Birds, Insects, Sea Life & Flowers!  If you have ever seen our in depth collection in person at a show or in our previous store, you automatically know that our selection antique prints and antique nature recording,  is a passion for us.  We are enthusiastic about early natural history discoveries and recordings, the naturalists, and the processes involved in publishing these collections.  Here you will learn about this, in an understandable way.   We want you to be as thrilled about nature as we are.


Discover the Anne Hall Antique Prints Difference:

Founded by a husband-and-wife team of rare art dealers, Anne Hall Antique Prints specializes in historic American and European, nature-focused artifacts of early printed matter. We’re experienced antique print dealers.  We have an in depth collection of nature focused antique lithographs & hand colored engravings.  We work with other expert art dealers and historians to uncover rare and unusual finds.  Because of our diligent efforts, we’re able to offer an encyclopedic collection of original prints from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The subjects of our prints are as far-reaching as the time frames they come from.  Click through our extensive inventory to find the perfect antique lithographs and hand colored engravings for your home, restaurant or work space.

Spectacular art from the past

Use Antique Lithographs & Hand Colored Engravings & Create a Beautiful Room.

Surround Yourself in Great Antique Art When You Shop for Antique Lithographs & Hand Colored Engravings at Anne Hall Antique Prints.

Let us help you find the right antique prints to complement your design project. At Anne Hall Antique Prints, we have years of experience in the business and have participated in over 1250 antique shows and events all over America!   Anne has personally visited over 200 individual art galleries & professional picture frame shops around the United States on business.  We have sold antique lithographs & hand colored engravings to many museums around America. Working with multitudes of customers, designers and store owners equivocates to valuable knowledge and experience. Use Antique Lithographs and Hand Colored Engravings in Your Design Project & Create a Beautiful Room.  Surround yourself in great antique art.  Anne even takes on picture framing projects at reasonable prices.  She has years of framing experience and had literally framed thousands of pieces over the years. 

Experince exciting antique shopping at Brimfield Massachusetts & other events!

Magnificent Antique Prints Sturbridge

We always have participated in antique shows and other events around America, but predominately we are in New England.  If you are in region this year, plan to see me at an exciting event!   We pride ourselves on providing excellent show displays of antique lithographs & hand colored engravings.  We give superb individualized attention to each and every customer. “It is in the same vain that I hope you will receive an excellent experience on my website as well” says Anne Hall.  “Find us at the World Famous Brimfield Antiques Shows.”  At Brimfield you will see us at our best!  You will be able to shop from our world class collection of antique prints while experiencing the largest antique show in America with as many as 5000 dealers, held every May, July and September.  Brimfield Shelton Antique Shows.

User Experience & How to Navigate our website.

We hope you have a good user experience on our website Anne Hall Antique  It works best if you use it from a desktop or cell phone, as it is completely mobile friendly.  When you see a title of a subject that you would like to explore.  Press on the title itself to go to that page.  There  is a substantial inventory of antique lithographs & hand colored engravings on our website.  There is a store to click and buy now and our main inventory which is simply under subjects.  We are happy to help you navigate our website if you need help.  I am interested in your comments about your use ability experience.   All you have to do is place a phone call to us at 413-245-4197.  Thank you for visiting and taking the time to give us feedback!


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