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Express your passion for nature, decorate with timeless art. Explore our galleries, of 17th 18th & 19th century antique prints. Find decorative collections, and sets of framed ready to hang art. Or select your own set of antique lithographs hand-colored engravings. Almost every one of our, fine rare prints, are between 100-350 years old. Below are some featured categories. Use the menu bar to access all of our original, antique prints.

Our antique lithographs and hand-colored engravings are antiques.

Did you know that “antiques” are over 100 years old ? Or that we are American antique print dealers, with exquisite collections of them? We offer: antique lithographs hand-colored engravings, of animals, birds, insects, sea-life & flowers.  If you have ever seen our in depth collection in person, at an antiques show and other events, or in our previous store, you know that our collection, has always been a passion for us. 

We offer a museum quality art collection for sale. When you shop with us, we offer a place to learn about art. In the form of printed relics, or the lithographs and engravings, which printed the works of early naturalists. We are enthusiastic about these people and their recordings. Moreover, the processes of publishing, the 17th-18th-19th century bookplates, that we offer for sale. 

We want you to be excited about nature & history!

At Anne Hall Antique Prints we love all wildlife from insects to mammals and botany. We are drawn to one another. Looking for birds and animal life everywhere we travel to & at home. See our collections of 18th-19th century bookplates. Our collection of ancient antique lithographs hand-colored engravings, reflect our passion for nature.

Create a Beautiful Room with Antique Prints & Surround Yourself with Timeless Art

Our decorative seventeenth, 18th-19th century prints, once framed, will bring you pleasure for years to come. Moreover on our website, not only will you will learn about antique prints, but also the naturalists & craftsmen who created them.   

Use antique lithographs hand-colored engravings, in your decorating or design project. create a beautiful room while surrounding yourself in great antique art. You will be preserving a little bit of history, when you use decorative antique prints in your space. You will be enjoying nature’s history, by living with 17th-18th-19th century art. Make a bold statement without spending a fortune. Achieve a classic style that you will enjoy for years to come.

Why not decorate with nature-related antique prints, and antiques in general?

When you decorate with antiques, you can surround yourself in great style, while preserving a piece of history. Sometimes there are the fraction of the price of something not well made. The craftsmanship and quality were paramount century ago from furniture to publishing books. The meaning of the word “antiques” denotes that are at least 100 years old.

By using decorative antique prints, you can get a great combination of antiques and art, that suits your style. You will appreciate the beauty of nature’s history and look to the future. This website is a homage to a time when nature made history, in important and beautiful ways. Decorate your walls, with antique lithographs and hand-colored engravings. Get personalized service and great ideas when you shop with Anne Hall Antique Prints.

Decorate with 18th-19th Century Prints | Framed Sets | Ready to Hang

Decorate with original, antique lithographs hand-colored engravings. Some of our decorative antique prints, are framed in sets and are ready to hang. The centuries old, framed pieces are preserved in high quality materials. We have years of framing experience. We will take on framing orders with art that you buy from us. Turn around times runs about 4 weeks to receive. We use high quality conservation quality materials when framing antique prints. Prices on smaller pieces start at $150. and pricing goes up from there. Shipping charges are in addition to picture framing services.

Discover the Anne Hall Antique Prints Difference:

Founded by a husband-and-wife team of rare art dealers, Anne Hall Antique Prints specializes in historic American and European, nature-focused artifacts of early printed matter. We’re experienced antique print dealers and have an in depth collection of nature focused, antique lithographs hand-colored engravings. We offer a museum quality art collection, for sale online. We like working with our customers. When you shop with us you will be excited about your artwork. Furthermore your decorative antique prints, will bring you enjoyment for years to come.

We Are Experienced American Antique Print Dealers.

Let us help you find the right antique lithographs hand-colored engravings to complement your project. Our art is in the form, of decorative antique prints. They are sourced from 17th, 18th-19th century books, which are nature based. At Anne Hall Antique Prints, we have years of experience in the business while participating in over 1350 antique shows and events all over America! Anne has personally visited over 200 art galleries, museums & professional picture frame shops in America. She has also worked with thousands of customers, interior designers, and store owners which equivocates to knowledge and experience when it comes to decorating with prints.

Yes, you have found a highly specialized antiques shop for nature related, antique prints. Our antique lithographs hand-colored engravings, are sourced plates from the 17th-18th-19th centuries. Search our collections of birds, butterflies, palm trees, sea shells & ocean life. Find framed sets, of decorative antique prints, over 100 years old. Some are ready to hang on your wall. Enjoy antiques shopping, while you learn, from a second generation, American antique prints dealer, with a world class collection of art.

Make Anne Hall Antique Prints your source for antique lithographs, hand-colored engravings. Browse our collection of nature focused, antique prints and learn more. Our goal is to connect you with that moment in history and bring it’s aesthetic back to life on the wall of your home or office.  Escape with us & we will help you find the perfect pieces to complement your space.

Learn about & buy: antique lithographs hand-colored engravings.

Why not buy authentic old prints? Shop our galleries of antique lithographs hand-colored engravings. Frequently, you can own a real antique print, for the same price as a fake. Or not much more. Prints have rich histories. Moreover, you will be living with history, when you decorate with them. Surely, we have something in our inventory, that will suit your budget. The antique prints, on this website are examples, of what we specialize in. Moreover almost all of them are sourced plates from the seventeenth 18th and 19th centuries.

Explore our carefully curated collections, of ancient paper relics, in the form of Antique Lithographs Hand-Colored Engravings.

We work with other expert art dealers and historians to uncover rare and unusual finds and have been serious collectors as well.  Because of our diligent efforts, we’re able to offer an encyclopedic collection of original prints, from the 17th-18th-19th century. The subjects of our antique prints are as far reaching as the time frames they come from. 

Enjoy clicking through our inventory. All of the original prints, are almost 100 years old or more. Find the perfect antique lithographs hand-colored engravings to decorate with. Whether in your home or work space. Are you serious about starting a collection of antique prints? We may be able to offer some personalized help. Reminder, just to reinforce an understanding: (almost all) of our old prints, are antiques; they are lithographs & engravings, which are over 100 years old. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 or email at

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