Anthurium Flower Prints:  Antique Chromolithographs!

Anthurium Flower Prints. Old hand finished color lithographs! These are vivid stunning antique images. Old prints of Hawaiian flowers including these gorgeous Anthuriums. These antique lithographs were published  1869-1896. These are stunning hand finished color lithographs produced in Belgium during the 19th Century.   Each old print measures about 10×13″. Click here to contact us.

Issued on a periodic basis as nursery illustrations,  each and every color seen was applied by an individual  key stoned limestone plate. This is an antique printing method, widely used during the 1800’s,  frankly a lost art today.  A special type of limestone, generally came from Germany. It had the correct porosity to become a lithograph. A type of a greasy crayon was drawn onto the smooth surface of the prepared limestone plate. The plate was then emerged into nitric acid, leaving in relief what was under the greasy crayon. The greasy crayon then was wiped off.  This would be the plate for that one individual color. The process was repeated for every single color desired for the final illustration. Chromolithography was a  painstaking craft. A process where perfection was key for the success of the publisher, the printer, the lithographer and ultimately the purchaser of the study. Either the image would be in focus once printed or distorted. Your profession as a lithographer depended on your skill to produce exact colors and details. After an illustration was perfectly printed, then water colors finishing could be added to enhance the botanical illustration.

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