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Masdevalla Chimaera PL 203, c.1885. $175.

Do you grow orchids or just love the way they look?  Find beautiful 19th century hand colored lithographs from Warner’s Orchid Album at Anne Hall Antique Prints!

Orchids: 19th Century Antique Lithographs, Hand Colored in Pinks & Purples!

Warner Orchid Prints in pinks & purples.  Hand colored lithographs of orchis varieties from England c.1885.  9 1/2 x 12″  Your choice $200. for one, or $175. each in sets.     (Yellows and Oranges follow these).

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Orchids from Warner’s Orchid Album. Hand Colored in Yellow & Orange!

The following orchid prints are hand colored lithographs. Tropical species of orchids, published in England c.1885. Stunning color and condition. Measure 9×12″ frame to 14×18 or 16×20 BEAUTIFULLY! Are you decorating a tropical home? Here we have orchids for tropical decorating.  

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Get a great tropical look for your décor with our Antique Prints of Orchids!

Our orchids came from the  Warner Orchid Album.  Get tropical flair for your decorating purposes with these bright antique lithographs that were published in the mid 1800’s!  These tropical flowers are old orchis species.  Orchid life was depicted by early orchid hunters, naturalists searching the world for new species of orchis.  Hence the production of these old lithographs of a wide range of varieties which documented the findings from early expeditions.   And to confuse matters, nomenclature over the years has changed, and most orchids have been renamed over the years, while new species are still being discovered and named today. 

See Van Houtte and Linden Orchids

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Jan 192019

Orchid Prints by Van Houtte & Linden  published as antique lithographs from 19th century botany subscriptions… Old orchid prints for Louis Van Houtteano’s famous periodical publication entitled Flore des Serres (1845-1888) and for competitor Jean Linden’s periodical entitled L’Illustration Horticole (1869-1896).

Orchids: Louis VanHoutteano – Flora des Serres 1845-1888.

These are lovely old hand finished color lithographs were published in Belgium from 1845-1896. It is said that Van Houtte had the largest nursery on the continent. Louis Van Houtte opened his own lithography firm in order to produce images of what was for sale in his nursery catalogs. Each old orchid print measures @ 9 1/2 x 13″ Click here to contact us.

Orchids by Jean Linden- the Orchis Hunter.  Coming from L’Illustration Horticole.

These antique lithographs of orchids are 19th century botanical prints.  L’Illustration Horticole was published in Belgium from 1869-1896.  Here, a collection of orchids which are double sized and many have issue folds. Please inspect the images with care. Each hand finished color lithograph is in very good condition and has bright color. Each old orchid print measures @ 9 1/2 x 13″ and will frame up beautifully to 16×20.”

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I have additional orchid prints by Van Houtte & Linden.  If you would like to discuss your project or see additional images, please email or just dial 413-245-4197.

The history of printing is a fascinating subject, especially when it came to orchid prints. Western Europe was unfamiliar with the tropical species that were being discovered in tropical and exotic places.   Thus producing images and documentary encyclopedias of Orchis required hiring and employing vast numbers of highly craftsmen. 

People had life long trades of professional crafts during the 17th, 18th,and 19th Centuries. Paper making, hand made rag papers, wove rag papers, all employed prior to making paper from trees as we do today.  Antique printing methods include copper plate engraving, steel plate engraving, wood engravings. Lithographs and chromolithographs. Illumination by Hand Coloring, using water colors, and printing in colors by limestone plates. That doesn’t even take into account obtaining or creating the illustrations, producing the documentation and text…

See More Antique Color Lithographs of Orchids!

See Water Colored Orchids!

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Jan 152019

Are you searching for antique prints of tropical birds to decorate with?  Francois Martinet’s are considered some of the finest ornithology engravings published in the 18th Century.

Tropical Birds by Francois Nicolas Martinet, 1770-1783

Martinet  had a passion for birds.  Not only was he a naturalist but he was an excellent engraver. So from 1770-1783 he hired of  an enormous staff of 70 people, that worked an astounding 13 years to create the most magnificent work on Ornithology ever produced by the French.  It was an encyclopedic compilation of every known bird, from the most remote places in the World to birds found on the European continent.


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18th Century Rare Book production was complex…

Generally an encyclopedic study like this was funded by Royalty, Clergy and Medical Doctors, etc.  Expeditions with naturalists aboard military ships,  collected specimens drew illustrations making pertinent notations were taken in the field.  Once all of the information was gathered an author wrote the book.  In this case Francois Martinet with George LeClerc Buffon, Compte de Buffon.

Each part of bookmaking required lifelong tradesmen: naturalists, publishers; paper makers; engravers; water colorists, and so on… Paper was perhaps the hardest part of the equation to get a hold of.  It required high end rag, 100% cotton, flax or linen to produced good quality hand made rag paper.  Not many people could afford new rags (clothing) to wear, as we do today.

This rare Ornithological work entitled Histoire des Oiseaux on tropical birds by Francois Nicolas Martinet,  was a work supervised entirely by Martinet himself.   He also did most of the engraving!  The illustrations were transferred onto a thin sheet of copper, attached to a board and meticulously engraved with burins.  When the paper was slightly damp, the engraving was inked up and printed onto a slightly damp piece of paper,  where it impressed into the paper, thus the word engraving.   Meticulous and professional water coloring was added.  Text was printed. Finally compiled and bound by a bookbinder.

Life in the 1700’s

Natural History curiosities or museums, displayed collections of newly discovered species of animal and plant life.  The public wanted to learn about all the new discoveries, so the museums were opening.  Before Museums opened,  the way to learn about scientific and natural history discoveries was to open a book, with plates, or pictures like these, which offered by subscription, in parts, over 13 years.  This is the way life was during the mid 18th Century.  It was entertainment and enlightenment for the well to do.

Jan 122019

Are you hunting for authentic antique lithographs and hand colored engravings of sea shells?  At Anne Hall Antique Prints, we will help you find the right decor.

Sea Shells: Set of 6 Framed George Wolfgang Knorr Hand Colored Engravings.

c.1764 George Wolfgang Knorr. This magnificent shell print was product circa 1764 in Nurnberg, Germany by George Wolfgang Knorr. It comes from what is considered one of the rarest works on shells ever produced, Vernugen der Augen un des Gemuth.

Each antique print is framed with conservation materials including double rag mats and UV glass.  We use the highest quality products when framing any of our antique prints.  Measuring in at 15 x 18″ (Print dimensions: 6.75″ x 8.5″) the collection would be well suited for a 9′ area or above a sofa.  The set of six is priced at $1750.  shipped, insured within the continental US.

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Sea Shells by Lamarck! 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings 1790-1810…

These rare antique engravings of sea shells date to 1790-1810, they are hand colored copperplate engravings which were produced in France.  Special foldouts actual size 11 3/4 x 15 1/2″ with issue folds as they were in an encyclopedic series on sealife.  


Sea Shells!  Rare 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings by Gualtieri From 1742!

Rare 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings of Sea Shells Published in Italy by Gualtieri, dating to 1742.   Each framed piece measures 22 x 28″  

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Sea Shells! Antique Lamarck Hand Colored Engravings from 1779-1820.

Shells!  These old engravings of sea shells date from 1779 to 1820.  They were published by Lamarck in France.  Numerous well known artists worked on this series including Marachel and PJ Redoute. They are stunning old copper plate engravings with modern water colors.  They range in price from $125. to $225. each. and we do offer discounts on sets.    Each print measures about 8×11″  and are in very good condition.   Click here to contact us.


We have a large selection of old prints of  sea shells, by Lamarck, Albertus Seba shell prints, and other early naturalists works on shells. Please contact us with your interest as this subject is popular at shows, and it is hard to keep a good online inventory.  Our antique shell prints are very old sea shell engravings and lithographs,  that were produced from from 1640 to 1900. We are pleased to offer our customers great service, please feel free to contact us with your specific interests.

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Jan 112019

Our Lindenia Orchid Prints are antique lithographs by Jean Linden and published in Belgium circa 1885, coming from Iconographie des Orchidees …

Lindenia Orchid Prints. Iconographie des Orchidees. Jean Linden Iconic Orchid Hunter!

Lindenia… HORIZONTALS…  Anne Hall Antique Prints is pleased to offer Lindenia Orchid Prints, Antique Lithographs, by Jean Linden and published in Belgium circa 1885.  Hand finished color lithographs that are absolutely gorgeous! Each color seen was applied with a separate key stoned limestone plate called a lithograph.  They lithographs were printed in colors.  Each color used it’s own lithograph. This was a very laborious antique printing method. Then the chromolithograph was finished generally with water coloring, gum Arabic, or egg white (albumen).  Each old print measures about 10 1/2 high x 13 1/2 wide.

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Lindenia Orchids, Orchis Antique  Chromolithographs, Hand Finished.

Lindenia Orchid Prints. VERTICALS. Published in Belgium c.1885 of varieties of orchids. Coming from Iconographie des Orchidees These are hand finished color lithographs that are bold and clean. Each color seen was applied with key stoned limestone plates called lithographs. This was a very laborious antique printing method. Then finished generally with water coloring or gum Arabic, etc. accentuations by hand. Each old print measures about 10 1/2 wide x 13 1/2 high.

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Anne Hall Antique Prints is pleased to offer Lindenia Orchid Prints!

Anne Hall Antique Prints is pleased to offer Lindenia Orchid Prints, Antique Lithographs, by Jean Linden, published in Belgium c.1885 of all varieties of orchids. The thrill of discovering new species of Orchis was extremely popular during the 1800’s. Of course most of the people learning about the new species didn’t discover them themselves.  Rather they discovered the botanical illustration published from the specimens themselves.  Publishers would record all the important information.  Subscribers were the recipients of the published data.  The orchid hunters included Jean Linden, who traveled to  South and Central America.  Linden also sold plants in his Luxemburg nursery.  Hunters gathered specimens. Brought them back to their country to cultivate.  Specimens were shown off in museum curiosities in cities around the world.  There were also many privately held collections.


Jan 102019

Palms: Antique Palm Tree Prints. Old Lithographs and Engravings. Antique Engravings & Hand Colored Lithographs.  Let us help you because we enjoy working with customers.
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We have old palm prints of coconut palms, date nut palms, & palm tree scenes. All produced prior to 1900. All of them are original, old lithographs & engravings. These are great antiques! They have a feeling of the beach, the sun, and happy times. These antique botanical prints will complete your home into a tropical oasis! Inquire with us for additional options and ideas because that is our strength. When you shop with us we will do our best to fulfill your requests!

Assorted Palms & Palm Tree Prints from 18th & 19th Centuries:

Palms! Large Hand Finished Chromolithographs from 1869-1896:

Large old prints of palm trees from a Belgian periodic publication entitled L’Illustration Horticole and dating from 1869-1896. These are hand finished color chromo lithographs of palms. Measuring @11×14″, some have center folds, as issued. The have brilliant intense colors. And the mat up beautifully to 16×20″

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Palms! Small Hand Colored Lithographs and Chromolithographs 1860-1900:

These tropical antique prints look great!  The colors are so vivid and bright!

Lithography is an antique printing method. Generally a lithograph was printed in one color. A type of greasy crayon was used to draw onto a special type of limestone, with just the right porosity. After the image was completed, the limestone was emerged into nitric acid, burning away what was not under the greasy crayon, leaving that portion in relief. It was inked up and printed. The image frequently was illuminated with water colors.

Chromolithography is an antique printing method whereas each color was printed from a key stoned limestone plate. An extended version of lithography, quite laborious requiring a very skilled craftsman to get the registration just right and not distorted. Botanical illustrations done this way were frequently hand finished with water colors and almubin, egg whites or gum Arabic to enhance the image.

Palm Trees from Anne Hall Antique Prints will complete your tropical oasis whether it is a home on the ocean or a finishing touch to a bathroom. Our old engravings and lithographs of palm trees are over 100 years old! Great old and rare antique botanical prints of palms in a variety of sizes and price ranges will complete your space! Antique palm tree prints from Anne Hall Antique Prints!  

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Jul 012018
Buffon Hand Colored Engraving Framed Elephant

The exotic species of animals found within the Continents of Africa, Asia and India, may be found here. If you have specific requests please contact me.

Buffon Animals Exotic Species:  Old Hand Colored Engravings of African, Asian and Indian Animals.

Buffon Animals. Here are some of our most outstanding Antique Prints pertaining to exotic species of animals.  African, Asian, Indian. They were produced from 1749-1761 in Paris and Amsterdam by George Leclerc the Compte de Buffon, a brilliant French naturalist.  Buffon had great inherited wealth and wanted to depict all living species.  Cost was not a consideration.   These are copper plate engravings on fine hand made hand laid linen rag with superb water color illumination. The prints measure 8 x 11.”  They mat beautifully to 11 x 14 or 12 X 16.”  The prints are in near perfect condition. Click here to contact us.

Exotic Species of Animals:  Framed 1st editions, coming from  Buffon’s Histoire Naturelle.

These are antique copper plate engravings on hand made rag paperwith water coloring.   These exact engravings, in the images below are Exotic Species of Animals and were published from 1749-1761.

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African, Asian, Indian Animals. Exotic Species by Mathias Merian. Camels, Lions, Giraffes.

Merian Camels, Lions, Giraffes Engravings. African, Asian, Indian Animal species. We are pleased to offer these rare old prints. Date 1646. They include Lions, Giraffes, Camels.  Mathias Merian was a publisher in Nuremburg, Germany.  He published these copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag in 1646.  The hand colored engravings measure about 8 x 13.”  The water color is bright and the prints are in very good condition for being over 350 years old!  $375. each or the three for $1200.Click here to contact us.

Buffon’s Exotic Species of Animals. Old Hand Colored Engravings, Framed!

Buffon Exotic Animals Hand Colored Engravings, Framed in rag and under UV glass. Buffon Zebra, Elephant, Camel engravings. Over 250 years old. Outstanding illustrations of top exotic animals. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Framed Buffon Camel, Elephant, Zebra Engraving! Rare hand colored engraving by Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Archival Framing. Excellent condition, strikes, hand coloring. Each framed piece of artwork measures about 17×20″. Call for details… Phone: 413-245-4197 Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com
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African Asian Indian Animals by Lizar. Hand colored steel engravings, framed.

African Asian Indian Animals by Lizar, Framed. William Lizars. Hand colored steel plate engraving. 1840-1860, Scotland. Archival double rag mat, UV glass. Ornate gold wood frames. Finished framed dimensions 12 wide, 10 high. $150. each, set of six $600.
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Goldsmith Animals, Exotic Species of Animals

Goldsmith Animals, Exotic Species of Animals. Oliver Goldsmith Exotic Animal Life produced c.1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. African, Asian, Indian, Exotic Species. These are old hand colored engravings of a leopard, zebra and elephant. Have you ever seen any of these animals in your travels? The trio of antique prints need to be sold as a set of 3. Each measure 6 1/4 x 10″ the color is BRILLIANT! These are wonderful old exotic animal prints. The set of three for $350. Click here to contact us.

Matted Goldsmith Hand Colored Elephant, Zebra


William Lizar. African, Asian, Indian Animals. Hand Colored Steel Plate Engravings Mid 1800’s.

Lizar Zebras. Antique Hand Colored Steel Plate Engravings

Lizar Zebra Engravings. Old prints of Zebras!!! These are small water colored steel plate engravings were produced in Edinburgh, Scotland by William Lizars from c.1840-1875. They measure 4×6 1/4.” Old Zebra prints will finish off your TRAVEL room just right! Click here to contact us.

Lizar’s Big Cats. Antique Hand Colored Engravings. Mid 1800’s.

Big Cats, Lizar Hand Colored Engravings. One BIG CAT STORY told in these old hand colored steel plate engravings. These exotic cat prints were produced in Scotland from 1840-1875. They are small measuring 4×6 1/4″ Roar says FELIS LEO! Click here to contact us.

Lizar Rhinos, Elephants.  Antique Hand Colored Engravings

Lizar Rhinos, Elephants. Vintage EngravingsLizar prints of EXOTIC ANIMALS: RHINOCEROUS and ELEPHANTS! These small water colored steel plate engravings were produced in Edinburgh, Scotland by William Lizars from c.1840-1875. They measure 4×6 1/4.” Vintage rhino and elephant prints will finish off your TRAVEL room just right! Click here to contact us.

African Asian Indian Animals. Exotic species of animals. Old illustrations, engravings, lithographs. Dating 1640 to 1900. Vintage prints. elephant, rhino. We are pleased to offer old prints of exotic animal life from  Africa and Asia.  These are old engravings & lithographs that were produced prior to 1900.  These are old prints of wild African and Asian animal species.   Antique prints of jungle animals too.   Old engravings & lithographs:  old prints of wild African and Asian animals.   Antique prints of jungle animals.  Wild African and Asian Animals of the Jungle and the Savannah including old prints:  antique engravings and lithographs of elephants, lions,  and camels.  Wild African Asian Animals… Create a great jungle theme with elephants, camels. Big cats: lions & tigers! African and Asian Animals of the Jungle and Savannah. Tropical travel theme: wild African and Asian animals, old engravings and lithographs of including big cats: lions & tigers elephants & camels. These will finish your travel room with exotic decor! Have you been to Africa or Asia? Do you love to too see the wild life around the world? Then you should enjoy looking at these wonderful old animal engravings and lithographs. We have old prints of ELEPHANTS, ZEBRA, and LARGE CATS! Old prints of Exotic Animal Life. Species native to Africa and Asia. Old prints of elephants, rhinoceros, big cats, lions, zebras…These are antique engravings & lithographs, old prints of wild African and Asian Animals. Antique prints of jungle animals from Sumatra and India…

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Jan 102018

A collection 18th Century prints of monkeys by Buffon, a famous curious Frenchman and naturalist!  These are hand colored, antique monkey engravings by the Compte de Buffon.

To order one of our Monkeys by Buffon or any of our antique lithographs and hand colored engravings, fill out our contact form with the image’s name and caption and your contact information. Our staff will call you to arrange payment and shipping.    We offer most of our prints, with discounts on sets. On some of our prints, we offer framing & international shipping.  Call us directly at 413-245-4197 to discuss your order.

Monkeys Buffon Hand Colored Antique Monkey Engravings 18th Century:

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Buffon Monkeys FRAMED. Exquisite & small hand colored monkey engravings.

These antique monkey prints were produced by George Leclerc Compte de Buffon, a famous French naturalist with endless amounts of inherited wealth. Published c.1800, these hand colored copper plate engravings were printed onto hand made hand laid linen rag. Rare German edition of monkey prints. Framed measuring about 10 x 12″ each.    $200. each.   Click here to contact us.

George Buffon Monkeys. Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings.

These were produced in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761. These old prints of monkeys by Buffon are hand colored copper plate engravings. Each measures  8 1/4 x 10 1/2″  and are priced at $165. each Click here to contact us.

Monkeys by Buffon Framed! Compte de Buffon! First Editions!

Monkeys by Buffon Framed.  They will enlighten your home décor! The illustrations are wonderful depictions dating to the mid 18th Century.  Each old hand colored engraving has archival framing, by myself.  The molding is a honey burl, solid wood frame. These were produced in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761. These old monkey prints are copper plate engravings on fine hand made laid rag with hand coloring.  Outstanding condition with great hand coloring. This set of three framed Buffon monkey prints are. Complete with free US shipping. Click here to contact us.   Sorry this set is SOLD.  Let me provide you with a customized set of your own!

Monkeys! A great selection of antique prints, monkey prints ready to hang. Compte de Buffon Histoire Naturelle. Engravings of Monkeys produced in the 1800’s! Great prices on monkey prints produced by Buffon, Jacobs and other early naturalists! These are old monkey engravings and lithographs that are over 100 years old! Give your room a warm tropical feel with these little guys who have so much character! Monkeys come from the Jungle! The early naturalists were fascinated with the human like creatures. Thus monkey engravings and lithographs were produced, all over 100 years ago! We have old antique monkey prints by Buffon, Jacob & other early naturalists. These are all antique engravings and lithographs that have charm and character. Monkeys are one of our favorite tropical creatures! For your tropical theme… consider these vintage prints of monkeys.

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