Hawaiian History Antique Lithographs & Engravings

Hawaiian History, conveyed through original antique prints. Over 100 years old, our vintage sheet music on Hawaii is beautiful art. It is ephemera comprising of 2-6 pages, most with stunning lithographs or photolithographs, followed by songs.  In the late 1800’s -the early 1900’s Hawaiian music was a rage. Generational songs were recorded in the form of sheet music, and many published with beautiful colors on the covers. It is part of Hawaiian history and still enjoyed today. Leʻaleʻa and Aloha!

Hawaiian History: Vintage Sheet Music with Songs and Timeless Art

The antique sheet music in this gallery published from 1900 to 1925. The art-work alone, is attractive and the graphics drove sales for all kinds of sheet music, especially during this period. The beautifully lithographed covers depict romance, hula girls on beaches, palm trees reflecting life in Hawaii.  Produced as chromolithographs and photolithographs, each piece ranges in size from 9.5 x 12″ to 10.5 x 13.5″.   The songs are complete, and published at very memorable times for Hawaiian history.  Each piece is in good to very good condition with wonderful intense colors.   Priced at $75. each.   Click here to contact us.

Antique Sheet Music & the Art

Much of the Hawaiian Sheet Music printed by an antique printing method called chromolithography. In this process each and every color was applied with a key stoned limestone plate.  If you see 10 colors, there were 10 limestone slabs used to print the colors. Chromo meaning color, lithography meaning a drawing applied from limestone.  It is an obsolete printing method,  photo-mechanical printing was much faster and more profitable to use.  So circa 1920 Photolithography, an offset photographic printing process replaced chromolithography.  The process in photolithography is very differnet because the colors printed mechanically. Not only are the covers of the music beautiful to look at, they look wonderful framed.  Mahalo!

Learn more about Hawaiian History by way of Songs & other Ephemera

Learn more by reading more about sheet music that made Hawiian History: Hawaiian Song | Library of Congress (loc.gov) Some very rare documents can be viewed online at Works On Paper – Iolani Palace

Antique Maps of Hawaii are available by calling 413-245-4197.