Protea Antique Botanical Engravings of Family Proteaceae

At some 300 million years of age, the hardy family of Proteaceae are still some of the most dramatic flowers found on the planet.

Lindenia Orchid Prints, Antique Lithographs by Jean Linden

The thrill of discovering new species of flowers & orchis was popular during the 1800’s. People educating themselves, read illustrated magazines and books.

Orchid Prints by Van Houtteano & Linden from 19th century botany subscriptions.

Orchid Prints by Van Houtteano & Linden published in 19th century botany subscriptions. These antique lithographs of orchids were featured in gardening magazines during the 1800’s. Louis Van Houtteano’s periodical publication entitled Flore des Serres (1845-1888), and competitors Jean Linden’s periodical entitled L’Illustration Horticole (1869-1896). Orchids Prints: Louis Van Houtteano – Flora des Serres 1845-1888 […]

Cacti Succulents many unusual species of Aloe, & Stapelia.

selection of antique cacti succulents prints including Aloe and Stapellia.

Geraniums Antique Engravings of Pelargoniums

Each piece of artwork is a lovely example of hand colored engraving of geraniums published in the early 1800’s.

Simple Flowers: 16th-19th Century Engravings

Antique botany prints illustrated as simple flowers, (or not very elaborate ones), dating from the 1700’s and the 1800’s.