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Contact Us by phone or email. We are happy to help you place an order, answer questions & discuss ideas for decorating with antique prints. We like having fun while helping our customers. And we never share your information! Interested in values of your antique prints… please see below.
Hi I am Anne of Anne Hall Antique Prints. Contact me by or email!
Hello-I’m Anne of Anne Hall Antique Prints
Contact Us by Phone or Email

Contact Anne Hall by Phone or Email:

Are you interested in ordering some of our antique lithographs hand-colored engravings or other art? Contact us, with the information for which you would like to purchase, and we will send an invoice you call pay securely online.

Call Anne:  413-245-4197 Daily 5AM-7PM  EST

Email Anne:

Mailing: Anne Hall Antique Prints P.O. Box 423 Sturbridge, MA 01566

Are you interested in selling, or valuating your antique prints?

Are you interested in having us value what you have? Frankly, valuations over the telephone are difficult to do! Over emails is at times, equally hard. They are especially difficult to do with framed items. Sometimes a local librarian or local auction house, can help you authenticate what you have, and it would be more convient, than shipping long distance.

While it is nice to help you for free, I normally charge a valuation fee of $25. I will invoice you, and you can pay securely online. Sometimes a review may be in lieu of a fee. Sorry unless it adds to what we have, and right down our alley in subject matter, we generally do not but what we are contacted about. We are totally focus on our collections of nature-related engravings & lithographs.

The values given on our website for the antique prints on our website is for good to excellent condition. Values are based on many criteria, including condition. It is easy to find poor condition, and very hard to find great. Lesser equals into a substantially less value. Contact us by phone or email to move forward. If your dimensions vary much from mine of same series and similar antique prints, you may have a reproduction with little value, except as decoration or something special to you, or just pretty to look at.

As for privacy, we do not share any customer information.

When you shop with us, we do not share any of your personal data. We only use information for those of you who place orders. This is generally for the purpose of getting you your order. As for custom frming, I do not return pieces that have been discussed and framed per orders, unless it was fautly some way. Most of our customers love us. We handle each customer individually and hope to make each and everyone of them feel good about their purchases.

We do not encourage or tolerate any copying of our website content, as it is all the masterpiece of art, orchestrated by Anne & Mark.

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