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Contact us by phone or email. Anne Hall is happy to help you place an order, answer questions & discuss ideas for decorating with antique prints. We like having fun while helping our customers.
Hi I am Anne of Anne Hall Antique Prints. Contact me by or email!
Hello-I’m Anne of Anne Hall Antique Prints
Contact Us by Phone or Email

Contact Us by by Phone or Email:

Call Anne:  413-245-4197 Daily 5AM-7PM  EST

Email Anne:

Mailing: Anne Hall Antique Prints P.O. Box 423 Sturbridge, MA 01566

Interested in selling or having us value your antique prints?

Valuations over the telephone are difficult to do. They are very hard to do with framed items. While it is nice to help you with your values I will do a valuation for a fee. Contact us by phone or email to move forward. If your dimensions vary much from mine of same series and similar antique prints, you may have a reproduction with little value, except as decoration. Pretty to look at. Etc. Sometimes a librarian or local auction house can help you authenticate what you have.

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