Strange Creatures & Extinct Species: Odd & unusual animals & unicorns. Antique lithographs & hand colored engravings of dodo, bats, marsupials, passenger pigeons & auks.

Extinct Species of Birds: Dodo’s, Auks & Passenger Pigeons.

We have hard to find antique lithographs-hand colored engravings of extinct species of birds including dodo’s auks & passenger pigeons. The strange unusual 18th & 19th Century depictions are considerably hard to find.

Mid Eighteenth Century Documentation of Strange Creatures.

Browse the gallery of antique prints published from 1749-1761 in Amsterdam and Paris.  Naturalists were recording of new finds that were coming in from newly explored area.  As a result documentation of more information about previously unexplored areas were published by subscription…  In this case,  the result was these copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag paper, by perhaps the most famous of all early naturalist, Compte de Buffon, strange unusual skeletons. Each piece measures 8×10 1/2″ priced at $40. each.

Strange Creatures: Antique Prints of Bats by Buffon!

Bats-Misunderstood Flying Mammals, one of the most odd unusual of all the animal kingdom. Our 18th Century hand colored bat engravings of Fledermaus or flying mice, surely will intrigue your curiosity…Strange Creatures & Critters: Odd & Unusual Species!

Wonderful and tiny antique bat engravings, 4 1/2 x 8″ hand colored copper plate engravings published by Buffon, for a rare German edition of Histoire Naturelle. On hand made hand laid rag paper.  Superb condition.

Strange Creatures & Critters by Albertus Seba 1736 – 1763

Odd & unusual species of animals by Albertus Seba.  His compositions from Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri accurata descriptio, et iconibus artificiosissimis expressio, per universam physices historiam still amaze naturalists today. Unusual weird animal depictions brought to question:  fact or fiction?  The Albertus Seba snakes are the most unusual depictions published at the time on the subject.   Each piece is a double folio hand colored copper plate engravings which were published in Amsterdam by Janssonio-Waesbergios, & J. Wetstenium, & Gul. Smith between 1734 and 1765.

Strange Creatures by Merian and Johnson.  Antique Engravings dating to 1646-1671.

Strange creatures & possible extinct species by Merian and Johnson.  Antique Engravings dating to 1646-1671.  Strange creatures and unusual animals, surely some are extinct species.  Rare antique copper plate engravings on very fine hand made linen rag with especially fine strikes. Published for the first edition of Historia Naturalis de Piscibus et Cetis in Nuremberg, Germany.  Each Antique Engraving measures about  8 1/2 x 13 1/2″Click here to contact us.

Antique prints of flying mammals bats.  Copper Plate Engravings from c.1800.

Antique prints of flying mammals bats… Here are small Buffon bat prints from c.1800. They are English copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. Small 5×8″ $50. for one or six for $200. FrEAKquently misunderstood… bats are a fantastic friend of the environment. Click here to contact us.

Charming Antique Marsupial Engravings of Opossums.

Opossums are of the marsupial family. Here are wonderful old prints of these strange creatures.  Here are antique prints by the Compte de Buffon and they are full of character.   Published circa 1800 and coming from a rare German book, each piece is a hand colored copper plate engraving on hand made hand laid linen rag. The bookplates are tiny,  measuring 4×7″ and are priced at $50. each or the set of six for $200. Click here to contact us.

Additional Ideas to add to your collection:

At some 300 million years of age, the hardy family of Proteaceae are still some of the most dramatic flowers found on the planet.
Find more unusual botany… Many usual species.

I remember growing up in Northern Michigan, where one would become literally face to face with Little Brown Bats at night. They traveled in huge numbers right past you as you walked down the street on this very populated, car less, little island called Mackinac. Rarely ever brushing you, you could feel the wind of them passing you. They were welcomed by me. I have fond memories of the Little Brown Bats!

Antique engravings and lithographs of the odd and unusual animals out there. Old antique engravings and lithographs of the weird, unusual and strange animal species. Work by Buffon and Merian. These are weird and strange animals… bats, opossums, etc… Antique prints of flying mammals! These are the good little critters which are frequently misunderstood!  Cute little marsupials… antique prints of opossums.  Adorable depictions of little critters… produced between the 1640’s to 1900.  They are some 100 to 350 years old.

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