Cat Dog: Antique Lithographs & Engravings of Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs at Anne Hall Antique Prints! Our collections of original cat dog engravings and lithographs are antiques. That means they are at least 100 years old!

The 18th & 19th century artwork comes from a variety of sources, encyclopedias of sorts, which feature all kinds of felines and canines, recorded centuries ago.  Artists include Alfred Brunel, Mathias Merian, Compte de Buffon, Sir Edwin Landseer. 

A Set of Twenty, Cassell’s Dogs, Stunning Antique Lithographs!

Here are exciting additions of dogs from our travelling show collection! Each of these beautiful antique lithographs were published in London, England in 1890 for Cassell’s Book of the Dog. Revered as some of the most beautiful antique lithographs of dogs ever published on the subject, these antique dog prints are exemplary of the technique of color lithography.

Our Cassells dogs book lithographs are in bright colors and excellent condition.  Each antique dog print measures 8 1/2 x 11 1/4″.  Call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Cat & Dog: Large Framed Engravings & Lithographs; Ephemoral, Vintage & Antique!

Shop our large antique cat dog prints. Published decades ago, most published as ephemera. Each piece, of felines & canines, was produced in order to celebrate or honor, a person or event, and to document the history of, a one time event. The cats and dogs below, are in the form of ephemeral printed art. That means they were printed once, to commemorate an event, of the painting being completed, hung in a gallery, or even to flaunt the wealth of a King. Some of the dog artwork, was given as a premium, for advertising, in the mercantile and store. Other of the large cat dog prints, sold as art in shops & galleries in London, Paris etc.

Dog art was produced, in order to allow people the opportunity to own a beautiful picture, of a commissioned painting. Prints enlightened and educated, as they still do today. They are recordings, in history & time, about felines & canines. Plus they are beautiful to look at. Painters of the 18th 19th and 20th centuries created a masterpiece, which generally was commissioned by royalty clergy government and people with money. So it’s no wonder that most of the original dog paintings eventually were held by museums, both public and private.

Some publications such as the Art Journal, were magazines of the early days in which people could see which works of art, were in which museums, and information behind the art. These journals, and other periodic magazines of the day were popular reading. Sometimes a special piece was commissioned and produced into A lithograph or engraving that could be used as art work, that the public could acquire.

I am happy to bring them to a show, if you are interested in seeing them in person. Or we can arrange pick up, or shipping in America, at an additional charge. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 for further information.

Set of 2, vintage pastels of Black Cats, large originals from the 1960’s

“Moon Over Waikiki & Greater Eastern Moon Cat or Okole Maluna,” are wonderful vintage pastels of cats, signed by LA Hood. I date the artwork c.1965. I say vintage, because the pastels are nowhere near 100 years of age, making them antiques. The picture frames, reflect the beach & are weathered looking, almost like driftwood. The style is right out of the 1960’s. Outside finished dimensions 26 x 32.” Sold with Moon Over Waikiki Cat Pastel, $1850. for the pair plus shipping.

In the process of engraving or intaglio printing, these felines & canines, required cutting into metal.

In the lost art, the intaglio printing process, the lines to be printed are cut into a metal plate. A steel plate engraving required the craftsman to use a cutting tool called a burin. This process is called engraving. Versus an etching, which is a corrosive action of acid the process was known as an etching. An example of etching is where the plate is covered in an resin ground or an acid resistant wax material. The burin cuts through this material revealing the plate underneath, and then the plate is dipped into acid and the acid burns into the plate that was exposed. Sometimes there is evidence, a combination of both processes was used.

Large, mid 19th century, antique engravings of cats & dogs:

Bayard Antique Saint Bernard Dog, Out All Night, Kiss Me & The Prodicals Return:

  • Out All Night Manchester Terrier Dog Steel Plate Engraving Framed about 26 x 35,” $1250.
  • Bayard Antique Saint Bernard Dog Engraving Framed. Featuring the face of a St. Bernard. Painted by Frank Pator, Engraved by JB Pratt, April 14th 1886. Published by Leggatt Knodler NY. 33 x 38″ From a private Collection. $2200.
  • The Prodigals Return Dogs. Steel plate engraving painted by Jason H Beard, Engraved by W.B. Simmons 27.5 x 21.5″ From a private collection. $1600.
  • Pick-A-Back, Framed Antique Terriers Dog Engraving of Jack Russell Terriers by Arthur J. Elsley, 1904. From the Illustrated London News. 23.5 x 30.5″ $750.

Pair of Game Keeper Engravings. Painted by Richard Ansdellara, Engraved by F. Stackpoole.

The English Game-Keeper & Scotch Game-Keeper, Framed Engraving, Setter Dogs. 19th century, steel plate engravings. Painted by Richard Ansdellara. Engraved by F. Stackpoole. Framed, each piece measures 30.5 x 37″ Sturbrige MA pick up or local delivery, no long distance shipping. Sold as a pair, $2500.

Background on the early stamping and printing methods, in the antique cat & dog art, we sell:

The early stamping and printing methods, of our antique dog artwork. Lithography comes from ancient Greek. Litho- meaning stone and Graphin meaning to write. It is a method of printing based on the admissibility of oil and water. Utilizing a flat limestone surface, a certain kind of limestone coming out of a particular area of Germany had the right porosity to become a lithograph. First developed in 1796, by Alois Senfelder, an actor, writer and utilized the process in theatrical works.

Yard of Puppies, is an Antique Chromolithograph. Yard long in width, weathered frame.

Yard of Puppies, is an Antique Chromolithograph. Measuring a yard long in width, or 36″ in a weathered frame. $350. plus shipping.

A rare set of six, 18th century, antique cat engravings, Compte de Buffon.

Feast your eyes on this: A rare set of six antique cat prints, published Amsterdam & Paris, from 1749-1761.  Compte de Buffon’s work on felines canines & other animals, has character and rich histories. The medium is copper-plate engraving, on hand-made laid rag paper. The watercolors has been professionally added, recently. A grouping of six, rare Buffon cat-dog engravings. Each of the cats measures in at 7 1/2 x 9 1/4″. $300. each.

Find Compte de Buffon, 1st edition engravings of cats, and dogs.

Browse this collection of Buffon cat & dog engravings, these published in Paris and Amsterdam, from 1749 to 1761. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon was a famous French naturalist and scientist. Buffon was in charge of the King of France’s royal collection, so anything of a scientific nature went to Buffon first. He had lots of inherited wealth. He could produce expensive illustrated books, on mammals such as Histoire Naturelle. The effort depicting animals resulted in fabulous illustrated books on natural history subjects.

A set of nine, 18th century engravings of dogs: Compte de Buffon!

A set of nine, eighteenth century cat-dog engravings, by Compte de Buffon. His felines canines, and other animals have incredible character. The miniature, antique dog engravings, date from 1785-1804. Originally illuminated with watercolors, applied when the book published.  Each piece measures: 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2-7″ Sold as a set of 9. Valued at $1600.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Set of 7, Compte de Buffon, Mid 18th Century Engravings, Sold Individually.

A grouping of antique dog prints published 1749-1761.  They are copper plate engravings, on hand made hand laid rag paper.  The water coloring in this rare Compte de Buffon edition is original to the set. A magnificent grouping of rare Buffon cat-dog engravings, each piece measures in at about 7 1/2 x 9 1/4.”

Browse the collection of Buffon Cat Dog engravings published in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749 to 1761. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon was a famous French naturalist and scientist. Buffon was in charge of the King of France’s royal collection, so anything of a scientific nature went to Buffon first. He had lots of inherited wealth and therefore could produce some very expensive illustrated books on mammals including Histoire Naturelle. The laborious depictions resulted in fabulous illustrated books on natural history subjects.

Each antique print is a copper plate engraving and was printed onto a hand made hand laid linen rag piece of paper, with water coloring added at a later time. Each piece measures in at about 8×10″ priced $225. each.

Set of Eight, 18th Century Buffon Cat & Dog Antique Engravings.

Compte de Buffon 18th century cat dog prints have character! These dog engravings, date to 1749 to 1761. European water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. Each piece is framed in damaged distressed frames. Complete with French hand-colored mats, they are under UV glass.

Each piece framed measures about 13 x 16″ and are priced at $300. each or $250. each if purchased in sets of three or more.  Plus shipping costs. Click here to contact us.

Extraordinary Antique Cat Chromolithographs by Alfred Brunel, the Famous Cat Painter

Brunel Cat Prints! Here is a pair of the best domesticated CAT dog prints I have ever come across.  These large American cat chromolithographs are entitled “Mixing the Colors” and “Anxious Moments.”

Anxious Moments & Mixing the Colors are after the oil paintings of Alfred-Arthur Brunel.  Published 1897 in New York, by the Amlico Publishing Company.  Intended to be sold as decorative artwork for stores and homes alike.   Intense inks were applied, each in it’s own process and sequence.  One color after another.  A limestone plate was specially lithographed for each and every color seen.  Artwork of felines was growing in popularity.  Mixing the Colors & Anxious Moments certainly would be popular in America so Brunel hired Amlico to publish the affordable & large pieces.  Fortunately, some did not sell and I was able to purchase the uncirculated stock of Mixing the Colors & Anxious Moments years ago from Ken Smith, old friend and American antique prints dealer in New Jersey (passed away).  Both are two of the finest examples of cat artwork ever published.

A striking wall of antique American artwork of Cats when hung as a pair.

Each antique cat chromolithograph measures 21 1/2 x 26 1/2″   with intense vibrant coloration.   Minor flaws mostly around the perimeter, which should be expected in large pieces such as these and they were not framed. Click here to contact us.

Set of Three, Medieval, 17th Century, Antique Dog Engravings: 1646 by Mathias Merian.

These antique dog engravings, are the work of Mathias Merian. Published in Nuremburg in 1646, this set of three dog prints are the work of Mathias Merian, one of the most famous of publishers in Early Nuremburg, Germany.  Seventeenth Century copper plate engravings on very fine, hand made hand laid linen rag paper.  Published in Nurmburg, Germany 1646-through about 1670.

Sold as a set of three. Framed in high end picture frame moldings, in rag mats and under UV glass.  Outstanding crisp deep strikes. Each framed dog print measures about 16 x 22″ The set is $1800., plus actual shipping in the U.S. Click here to contact us.

Felines Canines: Antique Engravings & Lithographs from Early Pictorial Newspapers.

Early illustrated periodicals and illustrated newspaper subscriptions were the rage during the the 1800’s.   Felines canines were good subject manner for readers.  Illustrated newspaper stories about cat dog were depicted on a regular basis.  Just like today, throughout history, both felines canines have been incredibly import to man.

Antique cat lithographs and engravings from years ago. Some of our antique prints date as early as the mid sixteen hundreds. We generally stop when photography came into play circa nineteen hundred.

Set of 12 Dogs, English Antique Engravings of Terriers, 1888

Published in England in 1888 these old prints of dogs are antique wood engravings. Terriers: 19th Century Wood Engravings. Wood engravings of terriers! Published in England in 1888. 5×8″  Perfect to frame 9×12 or even better 11×14.”  Priced at $45. each.

“Kiss Me” Charming c.1900 Photo-Lithograph

Kiss Me, Matted, Charming Antique Print Dogs. Photolithograph, painted by Geo A Holmes. Published by the Crowell and Kirkpatrick Co. NY and Chicago. Matted. 24″ x 30″ $350.

Antique Folk Art Bookends of Dogs, and Scotties

Click here to purchase by clicking, any of these Cat & Dog bookends:

Cat Dog Ephemera & Advertising

Ephemera on dogs vitamins, foods and treats from c.1900, measuring about 5×8 1/4″ and are $45. each. 2 for $80.

Large Leon Danchin Antique Dog Prints

Large Leon Danchin c.1940-50 French water colored engravings in good condition and strong water colors.

Horses: see three pages of collections.

Antique Cat-Dog Lithographs and Hand-Colored Engravings, from the 17th-19th Centuries!

Thanks for visiting my cat-dog prints.  Cat-Dog Antique lithographs & hand colored engravings from the18th & 19th Centuries. Alfred Brunel, Merian, Buffon artwork of cats, dogs (felines, canines).Antique prints by Cassell, Buffon, Merian, Landseer and others.  18th-19th Century hand coloredengravings & antique lithographs of our favorite canines and felines.   These old prints were published for books and magazines and newspapers over 100 years ago. Find additional antique prints of cats & dogs on our buy it now section! “SHOP” on the menu bar.


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