Browse the collection of cat dog engravings lithographs. 18th & 19th Century artwork of cats, dogs (felines, canines). Artists include Alfred Brunel, Mathias Merian, Compte de Buffon, Sir Edwin Landseer. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in a certain breed.  We have additional pieces to select from. Call 413-245-4197.

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Hand Carved Books Dogs

18th Century Buffon Cat Dog Antique Engravings. Framed in Shabby Chic!

Compte de Buffon 18th Century dog prints. Dating from 1749 to 1761 these are the famous Buffon Dogs. European water colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. Each piece is framed in damaged distressed frames. Complete with French hand colored mats, hey are under UV glass.

Each piece framed measures about 13 x 16″ and are $225. each. Or $175. each if purchased in sets of three or more. Click here to contact us.


Extraordinary Antique Cat Chromolithographs by Alfred Brunel, the Famous Cat Painter

Brunel Cat Prints! Here is a pair of the best domesticated CAT prints I have ever come across.  These large American cat chromolithographs are entitled “Mixing the Colors” and “Anxious Moments.” The color lithographs were published in New York by the Amlico Publishing Company, after the oil paintings of Alfred Brunel, a famous French cat painter.

Each antique cat chromolithograph measures 21 1/2 x 26 1/2″   with intense vibrant coloration.    Minor flaws mostly around the perimeter, which should be expected in large pieces such as these and they were not framed. Click here to contact us.


Additional Cat Dog Prints. Call to Place Your Order.

Vintage Brass Greyhound Statue

Compte de Buffon Dogs! Charming 18th Century Engravings.

Browse the Buffon Dog engravings published in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749 to 1761. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon was a famous French naturalist and scientist. Buffon was in charge of the King of France’s royal collection, so anything of a scientific nature went to Buffon first.  He had lots of inherited wealth and therefore could produce some very expensive illustrated books on mammals including  Histoire Naturelle.  The laborious depictions resulted in fabulous illustrated books on natural history subjects.  Each antique print is a copper plate engraving and was printed onto a hand made hand laid linen rag piece of paper, with water coloring added at a later time.

Each piece measures in at about 8×10″ and priced at $145. each. Click here to contact us.

17th Century Dog engravings 1646 by Mathias Merian. Fabulously Framed!

Dog Engravings by Mathias Merian. Published in Nuremburg in 1646, this set of three dog prints are the work of Mathias Merian, one of the most famous of publishers in Early Nuremburg, Germany.  Seventeenth Century copper plate engravings on very fine, hand made hand laid linen rag paper.  Published in Nurmburg, Germany 1646-through about 1670.   Framed in high end picture frame moldings, in rag mats and under UV glass.  Outstanding crisp strikes.

Sold as a set of three, each framed dog print measures about 16 x 22″ The set is $1375. shipped. Click here to contact us.

Cat-Dog: Engravings & Lithographs from early Pictorial Newspapers

Early illustrated periodicals and illustrated newspaper subscriptions were the rage during the the 1800’s.   Cats and dogs were depicted on a regular basis.  Just like today, throughout history,  the cat/dog has been incredibly import to man.

Cat Dog. Antique Prints & Art:  Large Framed Pieces!

Click here to contact us.

Dogs! Vintage Victorian Terrier Prints: 19th Century Wood Engravings.

Published in England in 1888 these old prints of dogs are antique wood engravings. Vintage Victorian Terrier Prints: 19th Century Wood Engravings. Here are some great old prints of Fox Terriers, some are known as the Jack Russell Terrier today. Precious POOCHES. Smart Dogs! Smart Breed! These old terrier prints will have you doing TRICKS 4 TREATS! Click here to contact us.

Terrier Prints. Old Wood Engravings of Terrier Breeds from 1888

Wood engravings of terriers!  WOOF WOOF!! More Terrier Prints! Great old dog wood engravings were produced in England in 1888. These wonderful dogs are 5×8″ and are only 45. each! Click here to contact us.

Dog Ephemera

Ephemera on dogs vitamins, foods and treats from c.1900, measuring about 5×8 1/4″ and are 45. each. Click here to contact us.

Cats and dogs. Old engravings and lithographs, some hand colored. Brunel, Buffon and Merian! Dogs & Cats! Wonderful old prints of dogs and cats, the animals we humans are CRAZY about!! 

Horses: see three pages of collections.

We have a great selection of cat-dog prints.  Antique prints by Cassell, Buffon, Merian, Landseer and others.  Old engravings & lithographs of our favorite canines and felines.  Is this Fluffy’s bloodline?  These old prints were produced over 100 years ago…  of our favorite companions… all from Anne Hall Antique Prints!  Authentic antique engravings & lithographs produced and published over 100 years ago.

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