Washington DC antique lithographs and hand colored engravings depict a specific time and era in history of our American Capitol in the District of Columbia, United States.  These old scenes and maps documented events and the progress of building of our Nation’s Capitol during the 19th Century.

Washington DC Assorted Maps, Antique Lithographs and hand colored engravings.

Washington DC National Capitol. Archival framing, hand colored wood engraving. 20 x27″ $450.


Legal Engravings from the 1800’s:

The antique legal scenes here are from illustrated newspapers which were sold during the 19th Century. The featured double page scenes brought to life events that were taking place in Washington DC when the depictions were published during the 1800’s. Wood engravings were the prolific way of producing pictures in the Nineteenth Century. Newspaper printing in the old days depended on readership and it was the illustrations like these that created demand for the newspapers. Sold by subscriptions, Harper’s Weekly, Frank Leslie’s Newspaper and the Illustrated London News were top weekly newspapers at the time. Each piece measures just about 16×22″

Washington DC, Vintage Steel Engravings from the mid 19th Century

Washington DC… Old Meyers Views of Washington DC from 1854. These are old steel plate engravings produced in Germany published in 1854. Each old engraving measures 7×9″Click here to contact us.

Washington DC, Old Engravings, Illustrations of the Capitol Building

Washington DC 16×22″ Rare Old Engravings of the Capitol Building, published during the 1800’s for illustrated newspapers which were understood by all, as they had wonderful illustrations and scenes which were visual and beautiful to look at.   Own and preserve a bit of American history when you decorate your home or office with one of the amazing antique prints of Washington DC.

US Senate. Rare Old Engravings of the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

These rare antique prints of the US Senate in Washington DC measure 16×22″   Call or email us at 413-245-4197 or email me at anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

Washington DC: Scenes, Views. Old hand colored engravings. Legal material, Scenes of Capital Hill, the White House, US Senate. Washington DC is such an incredible bustling city. It was equally impressive in the 1800’s as can be seen in these Vintage views and illustrations. Old engravings of the US Senate, The Capitol Building, legal prints. What a great way to decorate an office or den. Historical antique views of our Nations Capital.  We sell only authentic old engravings and lithographs so feel assured we are a top dealer with a world class collection of antique prints, including these highly desirable historical images pertaining to the District of Columbia..


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