Roses Antique Hand Colored Rose Engravings Lithographs

Are you a rose gardener? In gardening competitions? Find decorative 19th Century antique lithographs & Henry Andrews engravings of roses. A perfect compliment to your style!  When you decorate with Anne Hall Antique Prints you will have timeless décor that you will keep forever, while preserving a bit of history.

Henry Andrews Rose Engravings from 1821

The Henry Andrews Roses published London 1821.  They are English hand colored copper plate engravings of roses. The colors are bright and the condition is exemplary. Each old rose engraving measures 9×11″ and are priced at $250. each. Click here to contact us.

More Henry Andrews Antique Hand Colored Engravings of Roses!

More roses! This is a RARE work of botanical illustrations by Henry Andrews.  They were published in London in 1821.    This is a famous classic work of art, published on the rose.  Each antique print is a hand colored copper plate engraving on hand made, rag paper. Look closely at the photos, some creases from being bound on the left side due to the early 19th Century binding of the book. On the bottom,  a couple of titles are trimmed due to book binder hand craftsmanship. Otherwise excellent condition. The hand coloring is superb. Each antique rose print measures 9×11.” Prices range from $250-350 each.  Click here to contact us.

Judith Tankard Landscape Historian on Beatrix Farrand Historic Landscape Designer

Celebrate a woman that made American history in landscape design. Her name was Beatrix Farrand and very few people realize how important she was. She is a world known Author & Landscape Historian, Judith Tankard, I recommend this short 8 minute film Judith co-authored on the First American Woman Landscape Designer, Beatrix Farrand. I have known Author Judith Tankard, Landscape Historian for years.  Learn more about Judith’s books &  watch this short film about Beatrix Farrand that Judith worked on:

Visit the Beatrix Farrand Society to learn more about America’s first female landscape architect!

Roses: Small Antique Rose Lithographs Framed!

These lovely old botanical illustrations are antique chromolithographs produced in Germany in 1885.  They are stunning old rose prints,  the Germans were some of the best color lithographers of all time.  Especially with the way I have framed them.  These small German chromolithographs are floated. They look wonderful in groupings.  Each vintage print is indeed genuine.   I have used a high end picture frame molding. The antique lithographs are under UV glass.  Each piece measures 11 x 14″ finished.  Priced at only $165. each, with three or more are $145. each.   Click here to contact us.

6156 Antique Prints of Roses Framed chromolithographs from 1885.

old print of roses
6156 Antique Prints of Roses Framed chromolithographs from 1885.

Roses: Rosa Regeliana – A Stunning Depiction!

This antique rose print of Rosa Regeliana is Belgian c.1860, coming from Lindenia, Stunning hand finished color lithograph measuring 10 1/2 x 14″ issued with center fold. Stunning vibrant colors. $150.

Harrison’s Yellow Rose & Beatrix Farrand:

Expert rose grower from Long Island and member of American Rose Society  Jason Capone speaks on Harrison’s Yellow Rose & Beatrix Farrand the Landscape Architect!  He wants to get the word out about this remarkable female landscape designer of American gardens working hard at the turn of 19th century, c.1900.

Decorate with antique rose lithographs & antique rose engravings!

Are you a rose gardener? In gardening competitions? That’s how I have met many interesting people. I will help you find just what you are looking for.  Many more pieces are in my show collection.  Contact Anne at 413-245-4197 to further the conversation.

At Anne Hall Antique Prints, we specialize in the rare and unusual work on roses including the work by Henry Andrew’s.  We can offer you framed German chromolithographs of roses.  We specialize in all kinds of old prints engravings and hand colored lithographs.  Published from the 1700’s to 1900 as catalog & bookplate illustrations.  Our antique prints of roses will please admirers and rose gardeners alike.  Antique flower prints are our specialty!  

Do you collect antique botanical prints?

The antique prints we sell are 18th and 19 century illustrations from early periodicals and some books.  The hand colored engravings & chromo lithographs, are framed and unframed.  Anne has reasonable prices! Antique prints of our favorite garden flowers! If you’re a rose grower or simply love it’s smell, we have a fragrant bouquet of them for you!  If you want to buy antique hand colored rose engravings lithographs from the 19th Century, you are in the right place.  They are perfect to decorate with!  When you buy from Anne Hall Antique Prints, a premier American antique prints dealers, you will have some of the most unusual classic and timeless decor that you will enjoy for years and years.

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