Sea Shells: Original lithographs & hand-colored shell engravings.

Sea Shells: All of our ocean-related, antique lithographs & hand-colored shell engravings, are over 100 years old. We have a stunning in-depth collection of sea-shells. Make a set of antique shell prints. We can finish them with modern, professional archival picture framing. We also offer loose, antique shell conchology plates. The 18th & 19th century naturalists, include: Knorr, Lamarck, Seba, Gualtieri, & Nodder. Get personal help online, or at our gallery in Newport, RI.

Set of 9 Framed, 19th Century Engravings of Seashells by Kuster, Martini & Chemnitz

Buy an exquisite, framed set of nine, decorative antique prints of sea shells which published in Nurnberg, Germany in the mid-19th century. The hand-colored engravings are the work of Heinrich Carl Kuster with the help of Martini & Chemnitz. He devoted his life researching and documenting seashells and insects.

Each piece is framed in double rag matting and under UV glass in beautiful beachy burlwood picture frames. The overall dimensions of each framed piece is 14×18″. The set of nine $3150. shipped in America. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Albertus Seba Shell Designs | 18th Century Engravings

Sea Shells: Set of Three, Albertus Seba, Framed Conchology Designs

This set of framed Albertus Seba sea shells are extraordinary designs from 1734-1765. Each mid 18th century, antique print is a rare copper plate engraving on hand made laid paper. Seba was a wealthy Dutch apothecary as well as member of the East India Company. He amassed large collection of natural history specimens sourced from throughout the world. He sold his first such collection to Peter the Great. A total of 446 different plates published for Albertus Seba’s Locccupletissimi Rerum Naturlium Thesauri Accurata Descripta.

The spectacular folio sized sheets have exquisite details. This set was framed many years ago by Pocker bespoke framers in New York. Sticker on reverse. Call Anne to discuss your interest at 413-245-4197.

Conchology: Shells from Locccupletissimi Rerum Naturlium Thesauri Accurata Descripta

This is perhaps the finest engraving to publish on nautilus shells. The antique print depicts exquisite carved nautilus shells. Published Amsterdam 1734-1765 for Albertus Seba’s Locccupletissimi Rerum Naturlium Thesauri Accurata Descripta. Sea-shells and the ocean were a particular interest to this Dutch 18th century pharmacist collector and naturalist. Some of his collections can still be viewed almost 3 centuries later in Museums around the world. Call Anne 413-235-4197 to discuss your order.

More Albertus Seba, Decorative Antique Prints of Sea Shells

This pair of magnificent sea shells were published in the early 18th Century, from 1734-1854. Albertus Seba published the most magnificent work Locupletissimi Rerum Naturalium Thesauri Accurata Descriptio. It was a book of curiosities based on the personal collection of Seba’s specimens of newly identified flora & fauna. The ocean, including sea-shells was a particular interest to this Dutch 18th century pharmacist collector and naturalist. Each piece measures 13 1/2 x 20″

George Perry’s Conchology Aquatints from 1811

Drawn by Clarke and engraved by William Miller. The aquatints for George Perry’s Conchology, the Natural History of Shells, published London 1810 to 1811. This new 19th Century Conchology book stunned subscribers because the shells were shown so large, lifelike and in water colors.

Aquatints, an early printing technique, utilized 1770 to 1830 offered tones rather than a line engraving effect. Etched into metal with the use of resin & acid the plate would be cleaned, inked & printed with depth. The water colors seen here were applied by hand. Each pieces measures 11×16 1/2″ and a couple smaller pieces measure 10 1/4 x 16″. Bright colors. Excellent condition. $425. each. Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Antique bookplates from the late 18th Century of Starfish & Sea Urchins

Decorate your space with antique shell prints from our antique shows and other events collection!  These antique shell prints are copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag paper that were published from 1779-1820 in Paris, France to document all the different kinds of sea shells found around the world.  The water color illumination has been added recently by a professional colorist.  Each piece measures 9 1/4 x 12 1/4″.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to discuss your order.

Sea Shells: 1770 Lister Engravings on Hand Made Rag Paper

Wonderful sea shells, original depictions from 1770.  Rare copper plate engravings published in England for Martin Lister’s remarkable effort to depict & document sea shells known at the time for his book entitled Histoire Conchyliorum.  The strikes have deep intense ink. Certainly they were printed at the beginning of the creation of the copper plate, (as there could only be about 300 pieces printed from each plate because the copper surface was too soft to print more and the image would not be crisp).   Never published in color.  They are absolutely beautiful as they are. Own a piece of history almost 250 years old.

Each piece measures about 8 3/4 x 13 1/2″  and is in good overall condition.  $125. each or in sets of three or more $100. each.  Call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Shells by Lamarck. 18th Century Hand-Colored Engravings 1790-1810

These rare antique engravings of shells date to 1790-1810. Each piece is a copperplate engraving on rag paper with modern hand-coloring. Published in France.  Each antique print is over 200 years old. They are the special foldouts of the encyclopedic volumes so they have an issue fold. Double sized measuring 11 3/4 x 15 1/2″.   

Coming Soon: More Gualtieri, 18th Century Engravings of Sea Shells

Rare 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings of Shells Published in Italy by Gualtieri, dating to 1742. Professionally framed using archival and museum quality materials. Each framed piece measures 22 x 26″ with a paper size of 12 x 18″ and the plate mark measures 10 x 14″ Click here to contact us.

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Antique Lamarck Hand-Colored Shell Engravings from 1779-1820

Shells!  These rare engravings of sea shells, date 1779 to 1820.  They were published by Lamarck in France.  Numerous well known artists worked on this series including, Marachel and PJ Redoute. They are stunning old copper plate engravings with modern water colors.  They range in price from $125. to $225. each. and we do offer discounts on sets.    Each print measures about 8×11″  and are in very good condition.   Click here to contact us.

Super set of 6 framed engravings of sea shells, over 175 years old.

Ready to hang, this set of 6, framed, decorative antique prints of sea shells are 175 years old to 200 years old. For instance Plate 52 Published London by E. Donovan & Messeurs by Simpkin & Marshall on Sept 1 1823. The two framed sea shells in the middle, are the work of Kuster, Martini & Chemnitz, Germany, the mid 1800’s. All of them are hand colored engravings on hand made paper. This set is sold. Call for a set of your own.

Each piece has been professionally framed using archival materials including UV glass. Each piece measures 13 x 16″ and can be displayed in several arrangements. The beachy burl picture frames make this set of 6 framed engravings of sea shells the perfect collection which brings the beach and ocean to your home. This set of 6 is sold, but let us replicate the grouping for you. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 or email at to place or discuss your order.

Collection of six antique engravings of sea shells framed.

This exquisite collection of six framed sea shell engravings is sold. The antique prints published 1779-1830 for thee different publications.  Each of the antique prints are late eighteenth or early nineteenth century book plates. Each piece has professional archival framing. Complete with ultraviolet glass.  Framed in a beautiful blonde burl wood frames. They would be sensational in an ocean side home.  Designed to hang three over three. Above a sofa would be a perfect collection.  Each piece measures 14×17″. Call to discuss an order for yourself call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Sea Shells: More info for part of the set of 6 framed, George Wolfgang Knorr, hand-colored engravings.

c.1764 George Wolfgang Knorr. These magnificent antique engravings of shells, published circa 1764 in Nurnberg Germany, by George Wolfgang Knorr. It comes from what is considered one of the rarest works on shells ever produced, Vernugen der Augen un des Gemuth. Each antique print is framed with conservation materials including double rag mats and UV glass. We use the highest quality products when framing any of our antique prints. (Print dimensions: 6.75″ x 8.5″) the collection would be well suited for a 9′ area or above a sofa. Check back again soon for more Knorr shells! Call Anne at 413-245-4197 Email:


In conclusion, we have a large selection of old prints of sea shells. Artists and authors include Lamarck, Albertus Seba, and other early naturalists works on conchology, or shells. Please contact us with your interest as this subject is popular at shows, and it is hard to keep a good online inventory.  Our antique shell prints are very old engravings and lithographs,  that were produced from from 1640 to 1900. We are pleased to offer our customers great service. Feel free to contact us with your specific interests. Phone: 413-245-4197 Email:

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