Anatomy Medical Teaching Charts & More

Anatomy Medical School Teaching Charts. Huge Vintage Lithographs!

Anatomy of the entire human body: circulatory, muscular, vascular systems. The eyes, the brain and other important organs of the human body… Stunning old medical anatomy teaching charts! Sourced from a medical school in Worcester, MA. These anatomy prints are fabulous large @4×6′ vintage lithographs c.1949.

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Anatomy! Antique 18th 19th Century Engravings Lithographs $300 to $750. each.

Anatomy. Vintage teaching charts, chromolithographed poster sized. We are pleased to offer these old anatomy and medical prints. These are antique chromo lithographs of medical & anatomical subjects. These are stunning large medical teaching charts with outstanding detailed chromolithography. Our old human body and animal anatomy prints date from 1800-1950. Great art work for a nutritionist, doctor, or MUSCLE and body builder! We are pleased to offer very unique antique medical anatomical teaching charts from a medical college in Massachusetts.

Chromolithography defined: every color seen in the antique images, was applied with an individual key stoned limestone plate. A laborious and tedious obsolete printing technique. Imagine getting the registration perfect.

Anatomy prints, old engravings lithographs published prior to 1900, by antique printing methods including lithography and copper plate engravings. Paper types included printing onto hand made hand laid rag papers, and heavy wove papers. Medical history is a fascinating subject. We are lucky to have such advanced medical technologies available to us. It may have been a bit more frightening to be a patient in the year of 1800, or 1860. To have a Barber also be a DENTIST!

We have animal anatomy engravings from the 1700’s.  INQUIRE.

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