Seguy Insectes Papillons – Rare Pochoir Art by Emile Allain Séguy

Seguy Insectes Papillons. 1920’s French pochoir artwork of bugs and butterflies. Eugène Séguy known as Emile Allain Séguy and E.A. Séguy. Each plate represents an effort of the artist to connect nature with the arts. He was an accomplished entomologist. Furthermore an artist of Pochoir. His work today is revered by the world for his unusual style and compositions. The Parisian Art Deco plates are dramatic and timeless.

Available: A Complete Set of 20 Seguy Insectes, Pochoirs from 1925-1926.

Now available, select choice pochoirs, from a complete set of Emile Allain Séguy’s Insectes. The pochoir plates are nearly 100 years old. The colors are exceptionally bright. The outside edges are worn, as they were handled publically, in an Indiana public library. The portfolio was taken off the public library shelf c.1990. The measurements of each piece is 13 x 17 1/2″. $1800 each. Phone Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Available Seguy Insectes Papillons, Original Pochoir Plates, Paris c.1926.

These desirable antique prints are in stock and available now. Eugène Séguy, is also known as Emile Allain Séguy, and E.A. Seguy. He is best known best for the works on Butterflies and Insects. Seguy published the incredible works of Art Deco in Paris, 1924-1926. Utilizing the French technique of adding color known as Pochoir. The metallic water colors were applied by stencils. The results were these fabulous examples of art deco. Each piece reflects the excitement experienced during the art nouveau period. Who can’t be appreciate the beauty of these works of art? Click here to contact us.

Available portfolio of 20 pochoirs, E.A. Seguy’s Papillons, $12,500.

A complete set (or portfolio) of E.A. Seguy’s Papillons. The masterpiece on butterflies, published Paris France, in 1925 and 1926. The plates beautiful to look at, and have impacted the design industry for decades. Live with art, published, during height of the Art Deco in Paris France. And you will be living with Parisian history for years to come. The measurements of each piece is 13 x 17 1/2″ $17,500. for the complete work of 16 plates and 4 patterns/designs. Speak with Anne at 413-245-4197 or email: to place your order.

Owning a piece of Seguy’s art, from the 1920’s will bring you years of pleasure. Partly because of the extraordinary compositions of butterflies. Additionally because they are incredible antiques from the Parisian Art Deco period. Furthermore, each piece is even more breathtaking in person.

Set of Five, Emile Allain Séguy Insectes: Available Pochoir Plates from 1926, for Purchase Individually

Original portfolios of Seguy Insectes Papillons were published in Paris in 1926. This was during the height of Art Deco. 20 individual plates were issued per portfolio of Papillons or Insectes. They were printed by pochoir technique. The paints were applied by stencils. E.A. Seguy’s Insectes were not popular as the Papillons were. They are scarcer on today’s market. I have found a couple Seguy Insectes portfolios in 25 years.

Our bugs have some of the best color ever seen. The plates impress everyone who sees them in person. Colors in the paints are bright and intense. Each piece is in superior condition. All the background paper tones match. The measurements of each piece is 13 x 17 1/2″. $1600. each.

Available E.A. Seguy Butterflies, Set of Six Plates sourced from Papillons, 1920’s Portfolio

One owner, of this set of E.A. Seguy Papillons, actually bound the collection of plates. It was enjoyed. A few of the stamps are at the edge of the plate. Yet the paint’s colors are intense which makes up for any other flaws. Each portfolio possibly printed demand (i.e. the sale).  Sold in Paris during the height of the French Art Deco period. Background paper is consistent in color tone. Binding tape on left edge of each piece. Each piece measures 12 1/4 x 17″. Priced at $1200. each. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order and receive personalized service.

E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons: Art Deco, with Nature as the Focal Point in Design.

This gallery comprises of available plates, sourced from various original portfolios of Seguy Insectes Papillons, we have had along the way. The rare are portfolios published in Paris in 1926 during the height of Art Deco. 20 plates were issued per set, including 4 of patterns. They were sold then printed by a rare pochoir technique. Intense inks were applied by stencils. Good condition with minor spotting, staining. The colors are strong. Please inspect with care. Each piece measures 13 x 17 1/2″.

You can find a specially priced, single plates from one of Seguy’s portfolios we have owned over the years, in the the buy it now, insects section in the shop.  Find insects in the dropdown menu of the Shop in the menu bar. Contact us if you need help. 413-245-4197.

E.A. Seguy provided designs that still inspire decorators around the world.

The E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons, represent Art Nouveau, and Art Deco periods at their heights.

E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons are considered the most beautiful and amazing work ever produced on entomology. The plates are decorative collages of beetles, bugs and butterflies, moths and other insects. The compositions are in great detail. The Papillons or Butterflies are exquisite. They reflect the natural details seen in actual specimens. The Insectes are difficult to obtain. Anne Hall Antique Prints has a superb collection of Antique Art Deco Pochoir Prints. Most of our rare finds are in stock and available now. Inquire at 413-245-4197.

Available 1926 Patterns from the E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons $450. Each.

Rare Art Deco, Antique Pochoir Plates with Intense Metallic Colors. Each print has slight overall toning of the paper. The water coloring is bright and intense. See additional plates in the SHOP section. It is located in the dropdown menu. Excellent condition & colors. Priced at $450. each with discounts on more than one plate. Each piece measures 13 x 17 1/2″.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 with your order or questions, and for shadow free photos.

Other plates from E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons, we have once owned:

Own a part of 1920’s Parisian History: Seguy Insectes Papillons.

If you are interested in acquiring a complete E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons portfolio, call 413-245-4197. They rarely come onto the market and are very expensive. Yet every once in awhile they do. The Insectes are rarer than the Papillons. This is because they were not as popular as his butterflies. Therefore fewer copies of Insectes published (printed in the 1920’s).

Rare to come onto the market, original plates from Seguy Insectes Papillons emulate Paris Art Deco at it’s height. When you purchase one of these rare pieces of art, and look at them on your walls everyday, you can experience an unsurpassed time in Parisian history. They will bring you years of pleasure each time you see them.

Trending, in the height of Art Deco, Paris France, using insects and butterflies, in his designs, Seguy created art unlike any seen before. You can live with art deco history, when you own a piece of what Seguy created. Learn about, and purchase a plate from Eugene Alain Seguy Papillons or Insectes. For personal service call Anne at 413-245-4197 or Email: 

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Find art from original portfolios of Seguy Papillons & Insects. Published Paris 1926, at the Height of Art Deco.
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