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Jan 042018
Seguy Pochoir Papillons

We have the rare antique pochoir artwork of Eugene Seguy Insectes Papillons…  Eugène Séguy, also known as Emile Allain Séguy, and E.A. Séguy  was the most accomplished entomologist and artist of Insects and Butterflies during the  Art Nouveau and  Art Deco period.    Enjoy viewing my E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons, and Patterns.


Seguy Insectes – Bugs: Rare & Scarce Pochoir Antique Prints from 1926.



Seguy Papillons. Rare Art Deco, Antique Pochoir Prints with Intense Metallic Colors. In Stock & Available!

Pochoir defined: the application of water color by stencil.  A French technique used in the early 1900’s.

These desirable antique prints are in stock and available now. Eugène Séguy, also known as Emile Allain Séguy, or E.A. Seguy is best known for these FABULOUS works on Butterflies and Insects.  Seguy  published these incredible works of art in Paris, about 1926. Utilizing the French technique of adding color known as Pochoir, the metallic water colors were applied by stencils. The results were these fabulous examples of art deco with flair of the art nouveau period.  Who can’t be appreciate the beauty of these works of art?  Each stunning old print measures 12 3/4″ x 18″  Furthermore, these pieces are in excellent condition with extraordinary bright coloring!

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Coming from the E.A. Seguy Insectes & Papillons Portfolios, these extraordinary antique prints represent Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods at it’s height.

Coming from E.A. Seguy Insectes Papillons portfolios, these are the most beautiful and amazing work ever produced on entomology illustrating beetles, bugs and butterflies, moths and other insects.  The Papillons or Butterflies are exquisite. The Insectes are fantastic illustrations.  Anne Hall Antique Prints has the most beautiful Antique Art Deco Pochoir Prints ever produced.  Most of all these rare finds are in stock and available!  Please inquire now for the best price.


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