Do you grow orchids or just love the way they look?  Find beautiful 19th century hand colored lithographs from Warner’s Orchid Album at Anne Hall Antique Prints!

Orchids: 19th Century Antique Lithographs, Hand Colored in Pinks & Purples!

Warner Orchid Prints in pinks & purples.  Hand colored lithographs of orchis varieties from England c.1885.  9 1/2 x 12″  Your choice $200. for one, or $175. each in sets.     (Yellows and Oranges follow these).

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Orchids from Warner’s Orchid Album. Hand Colored in Yellow & Orange!

The following orchid prints are hand colored lithographs. Tropical species of orchids, published in England c.1885. Stunning color and condition. Measure 9×12″ frame to 14×18 or 16×20 BEAUTIFULLY! Are you decorating a tropical home? Here we have orchids for tropical decorating.  

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Get a great tropical look for your décor with our Antique Prints of Orchids!

Our orchids came from the  Warner Orchid Album.  Get tropical flair for your decorating purposes with these bright antique lithographs that were published in the mid 1800’s!  These tropical flowers are old orchis species.  Orchid life was depicted by early orchid hunters, naturalists searching the world for new species of orchis.  Hence the production of these old lithographs of a wide range of varieties which documented the findings from early expeditions.   And to confuse matters, nomenclature over the years has changed, and most orchids have been renamed over the years, while new species are still being discovered and named today. 

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