Orchids: 19th Century Hand Colored Lithographs

On our website, you will find original, 19th century hand-colored lithographs, from Warner’s Orchid Album, to complete your decorating project.

Orchids: 19th Century Antique Lithographs Hand Colored in Pinks & Purples

These antique orchid prints published London, England from 1882-1897. The encyclopedic series is very rare. and is entitled Orchid Album: Select Orchidaceous Plants by Robert Warner and Thomas Moore. The books were illustrated by the master illustrator of orchids, John Nugent Fitch.

These antiques are called hand-colored lithographs. Litho meaning stone, graph to write. An antique method of printing based on the immiscibility oil and water. Each bookplate is partially printed in colors from individual key stoned limestone plates. The printing process started with the lightest colors and worked sequentially to the darkest colors. Furthermore, each piece was finished off with watercolors, all applied by hand. The combination of illumination techniques make the orchids lifelike & practically jump off the plate

Warner Orchids hand-colored lithographs in pinks & purples. Published London, England 1882-1897.  Each piece measures 9 1/2 x 12″.  Very few imperfections, please inspect the photos. Discounts on sets of three or more. Call to speak to Anne directly at 413-245-4197.  Click here to contact us.

Antique Lithographs from Warner’s Orchid Album in Yellows & Oranges

The following prints are 19th century hand-colored lithographs. Published in London England c.1885. They are in stunning bright watercolors. Very good condition. Each piece measures 9×12″. frame to 14×18 or 16×20 perfectly. Are you decorating your home with a tropical theme?  Click here to contact us or pick up the phone and call Anne at 413-245-4197.

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Find beautiful 19th century hand-colored lithographs from Warner’s Orchid Album at Anne Hall Antique Prints! Our artwork is sourced from the 19th century books entitled Orchid Album. The antique lithographs adorned books published in the mid 1800’s. Old species of orchis, many have changed nomenclature. 

The unusual plant life was depicted by early orchid hunters. As well as by other botanical naturalists. There was a lot of searching the world for new species of ochids.  It was a craze during the Victorian Age, a time of discovery new forms in nature. Hence the production of these old lithographs. To illustrate what was being discovered and cultivated. With a wide range of varieties depicted. The specimens recorded findings from 19th century orchid hunting expeditions.   In addition, and just to confuse matters, nomenclature over the years has changed. Most orchids have been renamed over the years. While new species are still being discovered and named today.

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Click and go to the Chicago Botanical Garden 3 1/2 minute Utube video The Orchid Album Exhibition – YouTube. You will see all 5 Albums at the Museum exhibition of a rare complete set of 5 volumes in exquisite fine condition.

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