Have you been looking for tropical ocean lake fish?  We can help you with Sherman Denton Striped Bass & Blue Fish, Hawaiian, Puerto Rico & more species!

Assorted Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish Chromolithographs by Baldwin and Hudson, c.1900. Each print measures about 10.5″ by 7.5″.

Denton Striped Bass & Blue Fish Framed & Ready to Hang!

This magnificent set of antique prints, framed with the excellent quality supplies, are $725. pair shipped.  When you contact us please refer to the framed Striped Bass and Bluefish on the ocean lake fish antique lithographs page.  Thanks for viewing my website!   Click here to contact us.

Bien Fish of Hawaii: Antique Chromolithographs

Ocean Fish of Hawaii! These tropical fish prints are old chromolithographs published in 1903 by Julius Bien.  Each and every color was applied with limestone plates. Each antique print measures 7 1/2 x 10 1/2″ The colors are vivid, excellent condition.  NOTE:  All of the backgrounds are the same, true in color as the first ones rather than the buy now ones that follow.  If you select a set,  I will photograph them together for you.    Click here to contact us.

These antique ocean and lake fish antique lithographs in color (chromolithographs) are the work of Sherman Denton.  They were published in New York c.1900 and come from the  annual Reports of the New York Fish and Game Commission that were published on a periodic basis.  Offered at a special low price, they come from a collection of a Rhode Island fisherman, wanting to sell his life long collection.  There is some wear to the frames, so please inspect with care.

Denton Fish Antique lithographs, Ready to hang!   from c.1896-1906.

Select from ready to hang Ocean Lake Fish Antique Lithographs framed in gold leaf over red paint.  I used the highest quality archival mat board, UV glass, and only the best products on the market when I framed these American species of fish.   Click here to contact us.

Ocean Fish Denton Fish Prints.

These Original Antique American Chromolithographs which came from the New York Fish and Game Commission Reports.

Tropical Ocean Lake Fish.  Here are old Denton Fish Prints from c.1900. These American chromo (color) lithographs are 9 1/2 x 12″ These are beautiful old prints of ocean species of North American fish. Great for the kitchen and the den! Click here to contact us.

Merian Ocean Lake Fish. 1640’s copper plate engravings on handmade rag.

Merian Fish Prints… these are VERY old antique prints of fish. These are early Mathias Merian fish prints from 1647, produced in Nuremberg. These are copper plate engravings on very very fine hand made hand laid rag paper. Each measure @10×16″ $85. each.  Click here to contact us.

American Chromolithographs from the New York Fish and Game Commission Reports…Old tropical fish prints. Antique prints: Denton fish prints, old Bloch fish prints, Bien fish and Merian fish. Old antique engravings and lithographs, old prints of tropical fish including Bloch’s Fishwerks, the Fish of Hawaii and the Fish of Puerto Rico. These are fish tropical ocean varieties… The very old antique Bloch fish prints from the 1770’s have beautiful water color! The Bloch fish are considered the most beautiful fish prints ever produced. The Mathias Merian fish prints are very old. They were published by Merian in 1646 and stunning in their original state being black and white copper plate engravings on very fine hand made hand laid linen rag! If you snorkel or dive or just love the ocean, you will certainly love our antique tropical fish prints!

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