Ocean Lake Fish: Tropical Hawaiian Fishes & Denton

Ocean Lake Fish ~ Rare bookplates of Caribbean species of tropical fishes; American antique lithographs of Hawaiian fish; Original Sherman Foote Denton antique fish lithographs; Framed Striped Bass & Bluefish. Buy antiques for nearly the same price of a fake.

Sherman Foote Denton Antique Fish Prints-c.1900 American Lithographs

The Sherman Foote Denton fish prints below are antique lithographs from c.1900. These American color lithographs measure 9 1/2 x 12″ Free U.S. shipping on 2 or more pieces. Call Anne 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Denton Striped Bass & Blue Fish With Burl Wood Frames

Burl wood framed Blue Fish & Striped Bass. Over 100 years old, the relics are antique lithographs by Sherman Denton. Personally framed by the proprietor with museum quality supplies. Double rag matting, UV glass and solid wood Italian burl wood frames  When you contact us please refer to the framed Striped Bass and Bluefish on the ocean lake fish antique lithographs page. $750. for both, free U.S. shipping. Call 413-245-4197 with your details.

Original Denton Ocean Lake Fish Framed in Gold – Ready to Hang

Buy framed Sherman Denton antique lithographs, over 120 years old. Ready to hang. Ocean Lake Fish antique lithographs from c.1900. Framed in a modern gold leafed frame, over red paint.  I used the highest quality archival mat board, UV glass, and only the best products on the market. Each piece measures 18″ wide and 14″ high. Free U.S. Shipping!  Click here to contact us.

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Framed Denton Small Mouthed Black Bass & Tautog. Free Shipping.

These antique ocean and lake fish antique lithographs in colors are the work of Sherman Denton. They were published in New York c.1900 . The relic lithographs came from the annual Reports of the New York Fish and Game Commission. Reports published yearly on a 1895-1906. French matting and wood frames. Sourced from an elderly Rhode Island Sports Fisherman. A bit of a relic himself. Excellent condition and colors. Measuring @ 16×20.” Free East Coast shipping. Call 413-245-4197 for fast delivery.

Tropical Fish & Hawaiian Fishes: Antique Lithographs Over 100 Years Old.

You have found, the hard to find antique lithographs of Hawaiian fishes or tropical species. The beautiful color lithographs were issued in books. They published in America in 1903 by Julius Bien.  Each and every color was applied with individual key stones limestone plates. It is the lost art of chromolithography. Every print measures 7 1/2 x 10 1/2″. The colors are vivid and strong.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 for fast service!

Antique Lithographs Over 100 Years Old: Tropical Fish of Puerto Rico

Tropical Fish of Puerto Rico.  Antique Lithographs in color also known as chromolithographs whereas each color was applied with individual limestone plate. Printed by Baldwin and Hudson, c.1900. Each piece measures 10.5″ by 7.5.”

Tropical Fish of Hawaii: Antique Lithographs from 1903

Tropical Fish of Hawaii. These tropical antique prints of fish are color lithographs published in America in 1903 by Julius Bien.  Each and every color was applied with individual key stones limestone plates. Each antique print measures 7 1/2 x 10 1/2″. The colors are vivid and in excellent condition.  NOTE:  All of the backgrounds are the same, true in color as the first ones rather than the buy now ones that follow.  If you select a set,  I will photograph them together for you.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 for personalized service!

Ocean Lake Fish-Sherman Foote Denton Antique Lithographs, 120 years old.

Over 120 years old, these are original Sherman Foote Denton, antique lithographs. The American chromo (or color) lithographs are sourced from the New York Fish and Game Commission Reports. Reports published New York 1895-1906. The printed relics we are selling are antiques & real deal with values on several levels. Each piece measures 9 1/2 x 12″.

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Ocean Lake Fish.  Here are old Denton Fish antique lithographs from c.1900. These American chromo  or color lithographs are 9 1/2 x 12″ These are beautiful old prints of ocean species of North American fish. Great for the oceanside or lake home! Call Anne at 413-245-4197 for personal service.

Mathias Merian Ancient Ocean Lake Fish. 17th Century engravings on handmade rag.

Mathias Merian fish prints are very old. In fact they are 17th century relics. They were published in 1646. Black and white copper plate engravings on very fine hand made hand laid linen rag. Printed in black ink, possibly lamp soot.

Below are a selection of Mathias Merian antique fish engravings. These are ancient printed relics, 350 year old antique engravings of fish. Published 1647 Nuremberg, Germany.  Merian owned and operated one of the early printing shops in Germany.  Printed by copper plate engraving, carefully crafted and stamped onto a very, very fine hand made hand laid rag paper.  Each piece measures @10×16″ and are priced at $85. each.  Click here to contact us.

Sherman Denton: Traveler & Artist of American Ocean-Lake Fish

Sherman Denton was born in Wellesley, Massachusetts which today is complete with Denton Street in honor of his work and home from 1856 through 1937. Sherman’s father was a naturalist and geologist. He had taken Sherman at age 15 and in the 1880’s to Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea, where he collected natural history specimens. During this time he managed to gather the largest collection of freshwater pearls in the United States.

Upon returning to America as a young man Sherman Denton landed a position working for the “Forest, Fish and Game Commission of the State of New York” and stayed from 1895-1909. Denton provided lifelike watercolors illustrations for over 100 chromolithographs. This is what you are looking at for sale. It is one of the original chromolithographs which published more than 100 years ago.

During this time he developed & patented a method for mounting fish without them losing their natural colors. Denton set the standard for natural history fish illustrations. Furthermore Denton became the leading artist of fish models for collectors and museums. Collections are housed at the Smithsonian Institute, the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, and the Louis Agassi’s Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University.

You can buy real antique fish prints that are century old relics for low prices

Additionally, we have an in depth selection of ancient Bloch fish prints from the 1770’s. They are beautiful nearly 250 year old engravings with original watercolors! Bloch fish are considered to be the most beautiful fish prints ever produced. See my Bloch fish by clicking here.

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