Select Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs and Hand Colored Whaling Engravings.  Guaranteed authentic and over 100 years old.  Enjoy our gallery of antique prints including hand colored engravings and whaling scenes.

Large Austrian Whale Poster c.1900,  Bright Color Lithography

Whale Poster Chromolithograph from c.1900. Austrian. Huge. Stunning colors and condition.
Whale Poster Chromolithograph from c.1900. Huge. Stunning colors and condition. $2200.       39 wide x 28″ high, paper size. 35 x 26″ image size.              Click here to buy now.


Whales by Edouard Travies, Framed Hand Colored Lithographs. 1809-1865


Whales by Wilhelm, 1810-1821

Antique whale prints by Wilhelm, 1810-1821. Austrian hand colored copper plate engravings. Each print measures about 8″ by 5″

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Assorted Antique Whale Prints and Whaling Scenes:

These whales are genuine antique 18th and 19th Century engravings and lithographs.

Whales by Lizars – Jardine Whaling Prints. Antique Hand Colored Engravings.

Each antique engraving measures 4 x 6 3/4″.  The color is bright and the paper is in unusually good condition,  with almost no toning of the paper.  Lizar’s was the famous Scotch engraving company that engraved the first 10 Elephant Folio prints for  John James Audubon’s Birds of America and therefore acquired instant fame due to their accomplishments in the engraving trade.

Lizar’s Whales & Whaling Scenes: Original Antique Hand Colored Steel Plate Engravings.

These are Charming Steel Plate Engravings with Water Colors.  The illumination was Applied by Hand when they were produced in 1852. A steel plate was the hardest surface that could used in antique printing method.  A painstakingly amount of time and precision was needed when creating a steel plate engraving.  William Lizar’s firm located in Edinburgh, Scotland was proficient and in high demand for creating life like encyclopedic images of all of the natural history known at the time.

Once again it was a time of curiosity, finding new and undiscovered species.  It was almost a frenzy of curiosity in the least.  Sold by subscription for the masses to buy,  the immense series was published over a 40 year time period.  The water coloring was added at the time of production by a professional staff of water colorists.  Believe it or not one of the hardest things to come by in producing something like this would have been the paper on which to print them.

Whales: Hand Colored Lithographs of Whales Published in 1835:

Hand Colored Whale Lithographs Published in Bruxelles, Belgium in 1835. These old whale prints were printed from limestone plates, known as lithographs, and hand colored at the time of production. These old whale lithographs measure 6×9″, a few I have double matted in rag to 9×12″. Here we have Balene whales, Humpback whales, Orca whales, Beluga whales and Narwhals!

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Whale Chromolithographs: Antique American and Archivally Framed in Burled Wood-

These antique whale chromolithographs were published in New York in 1880. Each and every color in these old whale prints was applied with an individual key stoned, limestone plate. Framed in rag. UV glass. Each piece measures 11×14″  Lead Time 2-3 weeks.  Sold as a set of three for $600. Click here to contact us.

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs and Hand Colored Whaling Engravings!

Whales and whaling history depicted in 18th and 19th Century by book illustrations.  All of our old prints of whales are over 100 years old! We are pleased to offer this varied collection of old prints pertaining to the history of whaling. These are old engravings & lithographs of the largest mammal on Earth, the whale; whaling.  Often the illustrations were drawn when history was being made. These are genuine antiques… from Anne Hall Antique Prints, guaranteed. We sell only authentic old engravings and lithographs, produced in various countries, from the early 1600’s to 1900.  These very old antique prints of whales and whaling documented whaling history.  Great depictions and scenes of the whaling industry from the old days, historically important in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Antique prints of whaling that are historically significant to whaling history. These illustrations were produced when whaling was so important to world commerce. Antique lithographs and hand colored engravings of  whales from Anne Hall Antique Prints.

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