Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs, Engravings on Whaling

Whales & Whaling Ships: Historic antique lithographs, and hand-colored engravings. The antique whale prints, on our website are available, and over 100 years old.  Enjoy our galleries, of whaleboats with oarsmen, and historic scenes. We offer professional picture framing services on our, decorative antique prints.

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Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs & Hand-Colored Whaling Engravings

Where can I find great antique prints of whaling ships, whaleboats & whales?

At Anne Hall Antique Prints!
Exploring the world of whales, this engraving printed 150 years ago, of active whaling scen.

Antique poster of Right Whale, whaling ships & whaleboats: An original 120 year old lithograph!

Decorate your oceanside home, with this beautiful antique poster of a Right Whale. It is an original 120-year-old lithograph. The scene includes a baleen, right whale, whaling ships, and whaleboats. It published in Vienna, Austria circa 1900.  The color lithography, or chromolithography. Each and every color applied from individual key-stoned limestone plates. All in a color pallet of greys, blue-greens, and silvers & tans which reflect the colors in the ocean. The piece is awesome. In colors are bright stunning colors, the piece is in great condition.  $2200. Dimensions: 35″ x 26″ image size 39″ wide x 28″ high, paper size.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197.

Spectacular, vintage whaling poster 120-year-old whale lithograph, a baleen whale. Colors of the ocean are soft blue greens, and a grey blackfish whale.

Assorted antique lithographs & engravings, focused on whales & whaling:

A varied collection of, antique whale prints, available for purchase. This art gallery, is dedicated towhaling history.  All of the images of, are genuine antiques, in the form of 18th and 19th century bookplates. Choose from a varied assorted collection of antique lithographs and hand-colored engravings. 17-19th century prints, are of whaling scenes, whales, whaling ships and whaleboats. Every piece is over 100 years of age. You can buy some of them in the shop, while others can be ordered by calling Anne at 413-245-4197. Unless marked, all should be available.

Lizars & Jardine, Whaling Scenes: Original, Antique Watercolor Engravings

This art gallery of antique engravings of whaling scenes, whales, whaling ships, and whaleboats, published circa 1840-1860. Lizar’s was a famous Scotch engraving company. The engravers of the first 10 Elephant Folio prints, for John James Audubon’s Birds of America. Achieving instant fame in the book business, due to their accomplishments in the engraving trade. Each antique engraving is miniature, and measures only 4 x 6 3/4″. The watercolors are bright. Very good condition. 

William Lizar, Antique Whale Prints, are Small Charming Steel Plate Engravings

William Lizar Antique Whale Prints are Small Charming Steel Plate Engravings.  The water coloring illumination was applied by hand when they were produced in 1852. A steel plate was the hardest surface that could used in antique printing method.  A painstakingly amount of time and precision was needed when creating a steel plate engraving.  William Lizar’s firm, located in Edinburgh Scotlandw was proficient and in high demand for creating life like encyclopedic images of all of the natural history known at the time. The MIT Museum has a similar set of Lizar whales in their collections. See them.

Whales & Whaling Ships by Gottlieb Wilhelm, Austrian Naturalist & Artist: Engravings from 1810-1821.

Whales & Whaling Ships by Gottlieb Wilhelm, Austrian Naturalist & Artist: Engravings from 1810-1821. Miniatures, Austrian hand-colored copper plate engravings are about 200 years old.  One of the hardest things to come by in producing something like this would have been acquiring the rags to make the paper on which they were printed.

It was a time of curiosity and recording, new and undiscovered species of whales.

The early 1800’s was a time of curiosity and interest in the whale.  Illustrated books and encyclopedias made discovering them interesting. People wanted to learn how London was becoming electrified with whales’ oil, and what the animals looked like, whaling ships and whaleboats. Supply & demand drove book subscriptions. They issued as parts published. This Austrian work was immense series and is encyclopedic in nature. It took 11 years to publish.  The water-coloring was added at the time of production by a professional staff of watercolorists.

Each piece measures just 4 1/4 x 6 3/4″ as priced call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Set of 3 Framed American Whale Lithographs

Antique whale chromolithographs (Chromo meaning color.  Lithography meaning applies from a limestone plate) which were published in New York in 1880. Each and every color in these old whale prints was applied with an individual key stoned, limestone plate. Framed in rag. UV glass. Each piece measures 11×14″  Lead Time 2-3 weeks.  Sold as a set of three for $600.  Would you like a similar set?  Click here to contact us.

Edouard Travies Whales: Antique Lithographs on Whaling

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs. These antique prints are hand-colored lithographs, published by Furne for Edouard Travies in Paris in 1854. Each piece was printed in black onto white paper from a limestone plate and finally finished in watercolors by hand, with accents of Gum Arabic. All the artwork was that of Travies, 1809-1865. He is considered to be one of the best French artists of that time.

Set of three framed,  Edouard Travies, antique whale prints, framed in (satin finish Poplar) burl-wood:

This set of three, framed pieces, antique whaling prints, published c. 1855, Paris France. Edouard Travies whales. Each piece measures 14 x 17.”  Archival frame jobs. Shipping to be determined. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order. The rare, set of three framed, Travies whales, is $1250. for the set.

Individual bookplates Edouard Travies, vintage engravings of whales:

Each of these antique bookplates, are the work of Edouard Travies. The 170 years old, vintage engravings of whales, are hand-colored steel engraving, published in Paris France, c.1850. The paper measures, 10.5 wide x 6.5″ high.

Framed, Historic Antique Lithograph of Whale, Measuring 46 x 39″

This great piece on whaling, came back to me recently, after a prominent doctor in Massachusetts passed.  He was an avid collector of all kinds of art, including antique lithographs hand-colored engravings, and more. This went on aggressively, for his 50 years in practice. This is a giant, antique whale lithograph, framed with archival materials. It is framed, in a weathered wood picture frame. Published in Austria by color lithography, c. 1900, the framed piece measures 46″ wide x 39″ high. $2200. Local New England delivery or pick up.

Hand-Colored Lithographs of Whales, Published 1835

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs.   Hand-colored whale lithographs, Published in Bruxelles Belgium in 1835. These old whale prints were printed from limestone plates, known as lithographs, and hand colored at the time of production. These old whale lithographs measure 6×9″, a few I have double matted in rag to 9×12″. Here we have Balene whales, Humpback whales, Orca whales, Beluga whales and Narwhals! Click here to contact us.

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs and Hand Colored Whaling Engravings

Why do these historic depictions of Whales prior to 1900 exist?

Mankind was in pursuit of whale oil in order for London to keeps it’s streets lit. That ended when people started drilling for oil and developed kerosene. Fortunately, whales and whaling history received a lot of attention in the seventeen, eighteen and nineteen hundreds. Naturalists brought the scenes to life with depictions, in the form of book illustrations. Which were sold by subscription. Issued in parts periodically, as the work could be printed. The 18th and 19th Century depictions were published when whaling was critical to world commerce. Depictions were drawn at the time at the time of the event.

Great genuine paper antiques… from Anne Hall Antique Prints. Thank you for browsing our gallery of Whales: historic antique lithographs and engravings. We sell only authentic old engravings and lithographs, produced in various countries, from the early 1600’s to 1900.  Antique prints of whaling are historically significant to whaling history. These antiques of whales and whaling documented world whaling history which was driven by the desire for street lights.  You have seen many period depictions and scenes of the whaling industry from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries which are historically important today. Contact Anne: Phone: 413-245-4197 or by Email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

Two Travies antique lithographs of whales in black & gold molding with archival framing:

Sold! Two Edouard Travies, antique lithographs of whales in black & gold molding with archival framing. Framed hand-colored lithographs, 1809-1865. 11″ x 14″

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