Cows Goats Sheep. Antique Cattle Engravings & Lithographs

Browse our selection of available antique prints of Cows Goats Sheep. Our antique engravings & hand colored lithographs of heritage breeds are available.  Please inquire for additional options not on my website!  We have more!

Cows Goats Sheep:  Folio Antique Cattle Lithographs.

Large folio antique cattle and cow prints from c.1860. French water colored lithographs of cattle including bulls & cows. Country& decorative! Call me for availability on other breeds of cattle. Each print measures about 14×19″ and is priced at $225. each.  Discounts on sets.

Antique Prints of Cattle: Cows & Bulls. American Antique Lithographs Published 1888.

Small lithographs, all kinds of Cattle. These antique lithographs were published in America in 1888. Cheap & cheerful and a great look for French Country Decor!  Is a certain heritage breed of interest?  Just call 413-245-4197 for expert help from Anne.  Each piece measures 5×9″ and are priced at only $45. each, 3 or more @ $40. each.

Sheep. Stunning Large Old Chromolithographs of a Flock of Sheep.

These magnificent Antique Sheep Prints from c.1875.  These are stunning large chromolithographs that were printed on heavy textured paper. Sold only as a pair for $1500. Each print measures about 22×30 verify size, excellent condition. Click here to contact us.

Cows, Bulls. 1860. Large Antique French Lithographs,

These are large cattle and cow prints from c.1860. The lovely French water colored lithographs of cattle including both bulls & cows. They will make great French country decor! Call me for availability on other breeds of cattle. Each print measures about 14×19″ $225. each.   

Cows Goats Sheep and Lamb American Antique Lithographs from 1888:

These old prints are cheap and cheerful at $45. for one, or three or more $35. each. Each piece measures about 5 x 9″

Buffon Cattle, Goats, Sheep. Antique Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings.

Old Buffon engravings of goats and sheep. These old prints are from 1749-1761. They are copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag. I have matted them in rag mat board to 11×14″ Can’t get any more French Country than this!!! $125. each.   Click here to contact us.

Decorate your home with French Country Décor!

Decorate and finish your room with antique prints of farm & barn yard animals such as cows goats sheep and heritage breeds.  We have very old antique engravings & lithographs of cattle:  cows and bulls.  Antique prints of all old breeds of goats!   Antique lithographs of sheep….old heritage barn yard breeds at reasonable prices.  Antique prints of farm animals found in the barnyard including old prints, antique engravings & lithographs of cows, goats, and sheep…from Anne Hall Antique Prints.

Old cattle engravings & lithographs. Antique prints of cows, goats & sheep in the barn yard! Farm animals: furry goats & sheep engravings and lithographs.  Moooo….  The sheep says Baaaahhhh….  Holy cow!  Old cattle & cow  prints…   Moooooo… These old prints of cows goats sheep make  great kitchen,  farm & agricultural art, and French Country Decor that is cheap and cheerful!

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