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Ferns! Antique Fern Color Lithographs from the mid 1800’s. Each and every color was applied from limestone plates,  in a separate and precise process,  from the lightest colors to the darkest colors.  Framed in Burl and Unframed Pieces as well.

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Ferns priced at $40. each piece. Chromolithographs dating from 1854-1875. Lowe’s Ferns!

Ferns by Lowe.  Each old Fern print measures 6″ x 9.5″. The colors are intense. The condition is very good. These antique prints of ferns are fairly priced at $40. each.   Click to Buy Now or call me personally.    Click here to contact us.

Ferns Old Chromolithographs. These antique Fern Chromo lithographs were published in England from 1854 through 1875. The study included all species of ferns known during that period. Common and exotic species. Almost appearing as a pressed Fern, many people are surprised to find out they were not pressed. They were actually produced by an antique printing method known as Chromolithographs. A Chromolithograph, Chromo meaning color, lithograph, meaning printed from limestone. Each and every color scene was applied with its own individual limestone slab. Keystone just for that very color.

Ferns! Lowe Fern Chromolithographs

Lowe Fern Chromolithographs. Ferns, Lowe Fern Prints that were produced in England from 1854 to 1875. They are chromolithographs whereas each color was applied with  individual key stoned limestone plates.  They have intense color and are in great condition. Each vintage print measures @ 5 1/2 x 10″. $40. each. Click here to contact us.

Ferns! Lowe’s Fern Chromolithographs Framed. Antique English Chromolithographs of Ferns 1854-1875.

Ferns by Lowe that are framed. The fern prints are antiques. Published in England from 1854-1875. We have framed them in rag mats and they are under UV glass.  Measuring 13×16″  $160. Each.  Please call me for personalized service on your own collection at a special price!  The ones below are not available, but I will be happy to frame a custom set for you!                              

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Actual Fern Specimens Preserved in Hand Made Adirondack Birch Bark Frames



Ferns! These are old English chromolithographs. Antique fern prints published during the 1800’s. Almost modern to look at, these old fern engravings & chromolithographs were produced over 100 years ago. Eaton & Lowe produced wonderful old fern prints. We are pleased to offer more stunning antique prints about nature at Anne Hall Antique Prints! We have an in depth selection of old fern prints by Lowe and Eaton! You are welcome to request a specific style, just email us. Lowe’s ferns were produced in England from 1854 to 1875. Eaton’s ferns were produced in 1885 in Boston. Antique prints of a favorite plant found all over the world. There are so many species of ferns, naturalists from the 1800’s were fascinated and recorded every one they could find. Fern lithographs & engravings of woodland and tropical fern varieties, domestic and exotic. Ferns Old Chromolithographs published in England. Lowe Ferns! Old antique prints of ferns.  Antique fern prints.  Old engravings &  fern chromo lithographs produced over 100 years ago by Eaton & Lowe fern prints. All of theses are antique prints of ferns from Anne Hall Antique Prints!  Old fern prints by Lowe and Eaton!  Lowe’s ferns were produced in England 1854-1875.  Eaton’s ferns were produced  in 1885 in Boston.  Antique prints of ferns, old chromo lithographs of ferns and old fern engravings.  Fern lithographs of woodland and tropical fern varieties, both domestic and exotic.  Call Anne for a personalized selection of old fern prints. Tags fern chromolithographs, old fern chromolithographs, english fern prints, english fern chromolithographs, lowe fern prints, lowe’s fern chromolithographs, english fern chromolithographs.

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