Ferns Antique Lithographs Framed & Unframed

Mid 19th century, antique fern lithographs. Authors include E.J. Lowe Esq., and other naturalists who worked feverishly during the Victorian period of Pterodomania. Our decorative antique prints, are more than 100 years old. We have framed pieces and loose plates to select from.

Pterodomania Then & How to Bring Nature’s Beauty Indoors Today

The tradition of using ferns in Home Decor goes back hundreds of years. People have always appreciated the simple beauty and dramatic effect of the fern.  In 1829 the first species were grown indoors in foggy England, in Wardian cases or terrarium globes. Soon growing them and implementing them in decorative arts was a craze.

The fern frenzy was called Pterodomania. The movement peaked from the 1840’s through the 1890’s. And they were associated with women, fairies, magic and virility. So growing a fern or many kinds, became a rage.

Today people are reflecting their appreciation of nature more. This is a perfect example of utilizing decorative antique prints, to bring nature into your home. A customized set of 9 framed, antique fern lithographs
from the 1800’s, in burlwood frames.

Set of Nine or Twelve, Framed, E.J. Lowe’s Antique Fern Lithographs, in Fruitwood Burl Frames

This spectacular set of nine framed, antique fern lithographs, published England from 1854-1875.  Each and every color in the antique lithographs, was applied from individual limestone plates. Each color applied in a separate and precise process. From the lightest colors to darkest colors. Hence the word chromolithography. Chromo is color. Lithography, a printing technique using limestone plates.

Each antique lithograph is professionally framed. In double rag mats, with a hint of crème. All the matting matches identically. Protected with 99% UV glass.  The picture frame molding is a rich fruitwood burl. It brings out the colors in the specimen’s spores.  Each piece measures 13×16″ and are priced at $175. Each.  Lead time is only 4 weeks to delivery. So let’s make a set for you! Phone Anne at 413-245-4197, or email anne@annehallantiqueprints.com to discuss your decorating project. Do you need to buy now? Then see these, buy now,  ready to ship options!

Set of twelve framed, antique fern lithographs, by E.J. Lowe.

Mid 19th century antique fern lithographs, framed in fruit wood burl, archival framing. Beautiful, ready to hang as a grouping or as a single piece.  Each and every color in the antique lithographs was applied from limestone plates,  in a separate and precise process,  from the lightest colors to the darkest colors. Please call me for personalized service.  Phone: 413-245-4197  or  Email:  anne@annehallantiqueprints.com Priced at $115. each, or 3 or more at $100. each.

Antique Fern Chromolithographs | A Selection of Loose Plates

Lowe’s antique fern lithographs, published in England from 1854 to 1875. Called chromolithographs, each color was applied with individual key-stoned limestone plates. The study included all known (both common and exotic) species of fern. Almost appearing as actual specimens, many people are surprised to find they are not pressed, because they look so lifelike. This was the intention. The bookplates were expected to look exactly like the specimen.

Each of the bookplates, published in 19th century books. The beautiful illustrations were crafted in an antique printing method known as Chromolithography. Chromo means color, and lithograph refers to the printing process, from limestone plates. Each and every color seen was applied with its own individual limestone slab which was key stoned just for that color.

Intense colors and great condition. Each old print measures @ 5 1/2 x 10″.  $40. each.    Click here to contact us.

Antique Fern Chromolithographs, from 1854-1875

Each antique print measures 6 x 9.5″. The colors are intense. The condition is very good and priced at $40. each.  Click here to contact us.

Actual Specimens, Preserved in Hand-Made Adirondack Birch Bark Frames

Conclusions on the Fern & Antique Plates from the Victorian Age

Our antique fern prints published during the 1800’s. The depictions are timeless and almost modern to look at. Yet these are antiques. They are old lithographs, which published in books more than 100 years ago. The Victorian craze for ferns was called Pterodomania. Both Eaton & Lowe published antique fern lithographs. This was the height of British Victorian era. Learn more abut ferns with the revised Peterson’s guide on the subject, with updates on nomenclature. If we can be of additional assistance, please call: 413-245-4197 or email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com. Thank you for visiting!