Pigs Hogs! Antique Lithographs & Hand Colored Engravings.

Pigs Hogs, Wild Boar & Swine. We sell original 17th and 18th century lithographs and engravings. Some even have watercolors. Issued centuries ago in the form of bookplates.

Pigs Hogs! Original antique lithographs and hand colored engravings which were issued in books & featured in magazine subscriptions from the Nineteenth Century of some of our favorite barnyard animals. Good antique pig illustrations are hard to come by but nonetheless here are some. Great decorative pieces for your kitchen or farm. Click here to contact us.


Pigs Hogs: Original antique lithographs and hand colored engravings. Issued in books & magazine subscriptions in the Nineteenth Century. In the antique pig engravings, the original illustration was transferred onto a prepared block of wood or thin piece of metal. Engraved with burins. Ultimately inked up and printed onto pieces of paper.

In the lithographs of pigs, either one stone, or many stones (used in chromolithography), were printed from key stoned limestone plates. Images were drawn onto the slabs with grease like pencils. The stones were emerged into nitric acid. Burning away the unprotected parts, this which was what would be left in relief, the image ultimately seen once inked up and printed as the finished illustration.

I will always remember spending time on small working farms when I was about 10. One farm was in Petoskey, Michigan hippy friends of the family. The other in Chardon, Ohio, Aunt Clara’s.  It was so fascinating to me to see how the whole farm worked as a unit.  These are memories I will never forget especially seeing & feeding the pigs hogs and other animals.  I was fortunate to experience real working farms through the eyes of a child.

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