The exotic species of animals found within the Continents of Africa, Asia, India and some other far away places may be found here in the form of antique lithographs and hand colored engravings which were published for books during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.

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Buffon Exotic Species of Animals:  Antique Engravings of African, Asian, Indian & More

Buffon Animals. Here are some of our most outstanding Antique Prints pertaining to exotic species of animals.  African, Asian, Indian. They were produced from 1749-1761 in Paris and Amsterdam by George Leclerc the Compte de Buffon, a brilliant French naturalist.  Buffon had great inherited wealth and wanted to depict all living species.  Cost was not a consideration.   These are copper plate engravings on fine hand made hand laid linen rag with superb water color illumination. The prints measure 8 x 11.”  They will mat beautifully to 11 x 14 or 12 X 16″ and the prints are in near perfect condition.

Exotic Species of Animals:  Framed 1st editions, coming from  Buffon’s Histoire Naturelle.

These are antique copper plate engravings on hand made rag paperwith water coloring.   These exact engravings, in the images below are Exotic Species of Animals and were published from 1749-1761.

African, Asian, Indian Animals. Exotic Species by Mathias Merian. Camels, Lions, Giraffes.

Merian Camels, Lions, Giraffes Engravings. African, Asian, Indian Animal species. We are pleased to offer these rare old prints. Date 1646. They include Lions, Giraffes, Camels.  Mathias Merian was a publisher in Nuremburg, Germany.  He published these copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag in 1646.  The hand colored engravings measure about 8 x 13.”  The water color is bright and the prints are in very good condition for being over 350 years old!  $250. each or the three for $600.

Buffon Exotic Species of Animals. Antique Hand Colored Engravings, Framed!

Buffon Exotic Animals Hand Colored Engravings, Framed in rag and under UV glass. Buffon Zebra, Elephant, Camel engravings. Over 250 years old. Outstanding illustrations of top exotic animals. George Leclerc Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Framed Buffon Camel, Elephant, Zebra Engraving! Rare hand colored engraving by Compte de Buffon 1749-1761. Archival Framing. Excellent condition, strikes, hand coloring. Each framed piece of artwork measures about 17×20″. Call for details at 413-245-4197  or Email us at

African Asian Indian Animals by Lizar. Hand colored steel engravings, framed.

African Asian Indian Animals by Lizar, Framed. William Lizars. Hand colored steel plate engraving. 1840-1860, Scotland. Archival double rag mat, UV glass. Ornate gold wood frames. Finished framed dimensions 12 wide, 10 high. $175. each, set of six $750.

Goldsmith Animals, Exotic Species of Animals

Goldsmith Animals, Exotic Species of Animals. Oliver Goldsmith Exotic Animal Life produced c.1850 in Edinburgh, Scotland. African, Asian, Indian, Exotic Species. These are old hand colored engravings of a leopard, zebra and elephant. Have you ever seen any of these animals in your travels? The trio of antique prints need to be sold as a set of 3. Each measure 6 1/4 x 10″ the color is BRILLIANT! These are wonderful old exotic animal prints. The set of three for $350. Click here to contact us.

Matted Goldsmith Hand Colored Elephant, Zebra & Jaguar.

William Lizar Zebras Hand Colored Steel Plate Engravings Mid 1800’s.

Lizar Zebra Engravings. Old prints of Zebras!!! These are small water colored steel plate engravings were produced in Edinburgh, Scotland by William Lizars from c.1840-1875. They measure 4×6 1/4.” Old Zebra prints will finish off your TRAVEL room just right! Click here to contact us.

Lizar’s Big Cats. Antique Hand Colored Engravings. Mid 1800’s.

Big Cats, Lizar Hand Colored Engravings. One BIG CAT STORY told in these old hand colored steel plate engravings. These exotic cat prints were produced in Scotland from 1840-1875. They are small, measuring 4×6 1/4″ Click here to contact us.

Lizar Rhinos, Elephants.  Antique Hand Colored Engravings

Lizar Rhinos, Elephants and other exotic species of animals: RHINOCEROUS and ELEPHANTS! These small water colored steel plate engravings were produced in Edinburgh, Scotland by William Lizars from c.1840-1875.  Each piece measures 4 x 6 1/4.”  Click here to contact us.

African Asian Indian Animals. Exotic species of animals published as antique book illustrations: engravings, lithographs dating 1640 to 1900 of elephant, rhino & more. Create a great jungle theme in your space when you decorate with antique lithographs and hand colored engravings of elephants, camels, big cats: lions & tigers! African and Asian Animals of the Jungle and Savannah. Create your own jungle theme or tropical travel theme with wild African, Indian and Asian animals.

Do you love to travel to see wild life around the world?  If so you will enjoy looking at our wonderful authentic and antique exotic species of animals. We have elephants, rhinoceros, big cats, lions, zebras… Species native to Africa and Asia and other far away places. Antique prints of jungle animals from Sumatra and India…

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