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Turtles Frogs Home Decor Applications and Frog Collector Ideas

Turtles Frogs Amphibians Reptiles: Antique Lithographs & Hand Colored Engravings from Anne Hall Antique Prints, Trusted and Second Generation Antique Print Dealer.

Turtles Frogs Amphibians Reptiles: Antique Lithographs & Hand Colored Engravings

Turtles Frogs! Small frog and turtle prints from 1810-1821. These are water colored copper plate engravings that were published in Vienna Austria by Gottliem Wilhelm. These old prints of frogs and turtles are tiny and unusual illustrations, measuring a mere 4 x 6 1/2.” They are on heavy board,  possibly as a type of flash card. Priced at $85. each.

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 Turtles Frogs Amphibians Reptiles by Shubert. German 1865-85 Chromolithographs.

Turtles and Frogs. Framed American Chromolithographs from 1885:

This is a beautifully framed pair of 1885 chromolithographs published in New York.  They have been framed in a beautifully cut, double rag mat, framed under UV glass.  The dark wood molding is weathered.  Each measures 13×16.”  The pair $400.

Pacific Railroad Survey Amphibians, Hand Colored Lithographs from 1848:

Turtles Frogs Amphibians:  Old Frog Prints 1848. These hand colored lithographs of North American species of frogs were produced by the US Pacific Rail Road surveys. The reports included scientific illustrations of flora and fauna found along the proposed routes of railroads going West. Framed, these old frog antiques can be your to enjoy. The old lithographs of frogs are here, measuring 8 1/2 x 11″. Priced at $85. each. Click here to contact us.

Turtles Frogs Amphibians Reptiles! Vintage frog and turtle prints. Amphibians, reptiles. Old illustrations, offered for sale from Anne Hall Antique Prints! Our guarantee: we sell only old engravings & lithographs produced prior to 1900, and no reproductions!  A favorite subject of ours is amphibians and reptiles! We have antique prints of these wonderful & fascinating critters! Frequently misunderstood throughout the history of man.  Old prints of frogs & turtles. Turtles & Frogs.  These great old turtle and frog prints are fun to collect! Assorted collections create unique décor.  Old frog engravings and turtle lithographs.  Antique decorative illustrations for and by Buffon, Wilhelm & Shubert.

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