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Buy Now Sealife & Fish Prints. 100’s of items including Ocean, Sea Life, Fish Trout Salmon, Sea Shells and Whales with a click of a button.  At Anne Hall Antique Prints you are buying authentic antique lithographs and antique hand colored engravings from centuries ago. We authenticate every piece of sea life we sell. Buy from a premier American antique prints dealer.

We sell 17th 18th and 19th century antique prints. We specialize in all kinds of fish whales, seashells, trout salmon, and other kinds of aquatic sea life. Visit our buy now section. Items are available and ready to ship.

All of our antique sea life prints are in good to very good condition. Otherwise we would not be offering then for sale. Rest assured. When you buy from us you are receiving an original bookplate of sealife.

Antique Lithographs & Engravings a Quick Explanation

Printing from a limestone plate is called lithography. A lithograph of sea life may be colored by hand with watercolors. If a piece was printed from limestone plates in colors It is called chromolithography. In this process, each and every color was applied within individual lime key-stone plates. Both processes were utilized heavily from the 1830’s through 1900.

Engraving techniques date back much further. Our sealife engravings date from the mid 1600’s to the late 1800’s. Copper, steel and wood were utilized in antique printing methods. Sometimes watercolors were added by hand or by plate. All of these engraving techniques utilized burins to scratch or engrave into the medium. The plate was inked up and printed in black ink and even lamp black soot.

-Written by Anne Hall