Rabbits Bunnies and Hares. Hand Colored Engravings, Antique Lithographs by John Audubon

Old prints of bunny rabbits. Rabbits and hare prints by Audubon. Antique lithographs and engravings of bunnies by Audubon, Buffon and other early naturalists.

Exotic Species of Animals: African, Asian, Indian. Antique Lithographs, Engravings.

Old prints of Exotic Animal Life. Species native to Africa and Asia. Old prints of elephants, rhinoceros, big cats, lions, zebras…These are antique engravings & lithographs, old prints of wild African and Asian Animals. Antique prints of jungle animals from Sumatra and India… William Lizar engravings are small and charming.

Monkeys by Buffon! 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings.

A collection 18th Century prints of monkeys by a Frenchman.  These are curious hand colored, antique monkey engravings by the Compte de Buffon.

Lizar Monkeys Antique Engravings

William Lizar Monkeys are tiny Charming Scotch hand colored monkey engravings from Jardine’s Naturalist’s Library, 1833

Classic French Equestrian Art Deco Posters

Classic French Equestrian! Art Deco Antique Lithographs of Horses! If you want to finish your room in a classic French equestrian decor. Look no further! You will find these antique horse lithographs a perfect compliment for your home! Race on over to Anne Hall Antique Prints for details on the pair for $500. Classic French […]

Strange Creatures & Critters: Odd & Unusual Species!

Strange creatures! Old antique engravings and lithographs of the odd and unusual animals out there. These are weird and strange animals… bats, opossums, etc… Antique bat prints. Old vampire bat print by Buffon! Cute little marsupials… old prints of opossums by Buffon. Adorable little critters, they get unwarranted bad reps. These strange creatures are antique prints that were produced between 100 and 350 years ago!

Cows Goats Sheep. Antique Cattle Engravings & Lithographs

Old prints of Cows, Goats, Sheep! Old cattle & cow engravings & lithographs. Antique prints of cattle, cows, goats and sheep! Great old prints for French Country decor! Buffon was a famous French naturalist…. Mooooo…. Baaaahhhh….

Henry Stull American Thoroughbreds- Antique Lithographs-Boston 1888

If you are interested in antique horse artwork then consider the Henry Stull American Thoroughbreds because they are considered the most important work published on the subject. Fantastic Beautiful Antique Equestrian Artwork! Henry Stull American Thoroughbreds! ¬†These antique chromolithographs were published in Boston, Massachusetts in 1888. They are considered some of the most important antique […]

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