Rabbits Bunnies and Hares. Our old Hand Colored Engravings & Antique Lithographs are natural history recordings of the 18th Century by Audubon and Buffon. Call or email me with your specific interest in antique rabbit prints. Phone: 413-245-4197  or  Email:  anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

JJ AUDUBON… Rabbits and Bunnies! Antique Hand Colored Lithographs

John James Audubon’s work on animals was published from 1854 to 1855.  Most of the collection below come from the first Octavo edition of Audubon’s Quadrupeds. They are American water colored lithographs of different kinds of rabbits and hares. John James Audubon’s last major accomplishment was producing 150 drawings of North American animals, known as Viparious Quadrupeds of North America. Having depicted all the known birds of North America, but still lured by his love of nature and art, he began on his last drawing expedition up the Missouri River in the summer of 1843. With the aid of his son, John Woodhouse Audubon, he created the first attempt ever to document and depict all the mammals of North America. First came the elephant folio edition, then came the octavo edition, which theses hares and rabbits come from. Each print measures @ 7×10″

Framed Audubon Bunny Rabbits and Hares.

These Rabbits and Hares are framed John Audubon hand colored lithographs from 1854-1855.  Archival framing with high end rag matting, UV Glass and Museum quality supplies used.  Each finished framed piece measures 13″ in height.  16″ wide.  I am interested in selling this complete collection of antique lithographs.  Please contact me at 413-245-4197 so we discuss what you would like… or email Anne:  Click here to contact us.


John James Audubon Rabbits, Bunnies and Hares.

John James Audubon Rabbits and Hares. Each unframed antique hand colored lithographs dates from 1854 to 1855.  Each piece is in excellent condition with good color.  Measurements: 7×10″



Mr. Bunny near the wildlife waterbowl… Photo by Anne Hall.

Rabbits! Fabulous gifts for the “Bunny Lady” in your life.

What a great gift for your bunny lover! Old Prints of Bunny Rabbits… These are very old lithographs and engravings of bunny rabbits and hares. These antique prints of rabbits are from the 1800’s and are no less than charming. A collection of John James Audubon bunnies and more. One of our favorite animals to find in our yard are rabbits! We have a selection of old lithographs & engravings by Audubon, Buffon & other early illustrators! Attention all bunny lover’s: we have old pictures of rabbits for sale! If you are building a rabbit collection, please look here. All of these prints are over 100 years old. Antique lithographs and engravings by Audubon, Buffon and other early naturalists. Audubon hares & Buffon rabbits. Antique Prints of Bunnies & Great gifts for all you bunny rabbit lover’s!

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