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Rabbits Bunnies Hares – Audubon Lithographs & Buffon Engravings. 18th-19th century, antique lithographs hand-colored engravings of animals. Compte de Buffon engravings. John James Audubon antique watercolor lithographs. All of the prints are original 18th & 19th Century bookplates. The natural history recordings & depictions are important beautiful documents from years ago.

John James Audubon Bunny Rabbits & Hares

Sourced from John James Audubon’s octavo animals entitled Viparious Quadrupeds of North America. Published 1854 to 1855.  The original watercolor lithographs are pieces of American history. This was John James Audubon’s last major accomplishment. The illustrated books featured 150 of his prized drawings of North American mammals. Each piece is in excellent condition measuring 7×10″. Call 413-245-4197 to place your order. Or scroll down to see some that are available to buy online.

Antique engravings of rabbits, bunnies & hares from c.1800.

Available! Charming antique engravings or rabbits, bunnies and hares which were published in Germany as natural history bookplate illustrations from 1785-1804. They were published for the revered Compte de Buffon, a famous enormously wealthy scientist and naturalist. Each piece measures a mere 4 1/4 x 7″ and is priced at $150. each. Call Anne with your order or questions at 413-245-4197.

Decorate with this Set of Three, Antique Lithographs of Rabbits.

Additions from our show collection: Three rare antique prints of rabbits!  Rare folio hand-colored lithographs are sourced from Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg and Wilhelm Friedrich Hemprich’s Symbolae physicae seu icones et descriptiones mammalium quae ex itinere Africam Borealem et Asiam Occidentalem. The work was Authored by Georgii Reimeri in 1830 and was published for the Berlin Museum. F. Burde was the lithographer. Each piece measures: 13 1/2″ by 19 1/2″. Set of three framed: 1″ wide and 1″ deep, flat profile gold leaf over red paint. $4500. Framed with UV glass. Dimensions 22×26″.

The German naturalist and explorers Wilhelm Hemprich and Gottfried Ehrenberg served as naturalists on a primarily archaeological expedition until 1821 when they went off and did their own thing. They expored and documented natural history in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. The specimens collected by the expedition were deposited at the Berlin Museum and included 46,000 botanical specimens and 34,000 animal specimens. References: BM(NH) II, p.515; Stafleu & Cowan 1636; Wood p. 330

JJ AUDUBON… Octavo Rabbits & Hares. Antique Hand-Colored Lithographs from 1855.

Having depicted all the known birds of North America but still lured by his love of nature and art, John James Audubon began on his last drawing expedition up the Missouri River in the summer of 1843. With the aid of his son, John Woodhouse Audubon, he created the first attempt ever to document and depict all the known mammals of North America.

John James Audubon’s Octavo or “small edition” of his work on animals was published from 1854 to 1855.  The original water colored antique lithographs are pieces of American History as John James Audubon’s last major accomplishment was producing an illustrated book of 150 of his prized drawings of North American animals. His book was entitled Viparious Quadrupeds of North America.

Each antique rabbit print measures @ 7×10″ and is in superior condition.

Original John Audubon Antique Bunny Prints Framed.

Each framed John Audubon rabbit is an originally hand colored lithograph from 1854-1855.  Each piece has been framed using museum quality materials with high end double rag matting, UV Glass and Museum quality supplies used. Each piece measures 13″ in height x 16″ wide and is ready to hang bringing you years of pleasure because you will be looking at something you love. Plus you will be preserving a bit of American History for years to come. Please contact Anne at 413-245-4197 so we discuss what you would like… or email Anne.

Surround Yourself with Antique Lithographs & Engravings of Bunny Rabbits

If you are looking for great gift for a bunny rabbit lover, you are in the right place! Give them something which preserves history and will be cherished for years to come. You have found a gallery of antique prints of bunnies & hares which are all available and ready for purchase & shipping. These very old lithographs and engravings are antique prints are from the 1800’s while some are from the 1700’s.

At Anne Hall Antique Prints, we have a wonderful selection of old lithographs & engravings for sale on our unique website of animals. While we are pleased to offer this beautiful collection of rabbits by Audubon & other early naturalists, we welcome inquiries about other artists & animals. If you are interested in a collection or in potential framing ideas please get in touch. Call Anne with your specific interests at 413-245-4197 or email: anne@annehallantiqueprints.com Thank you for visiting!

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