May 292010

Fancy Flowers by Van Houtteano, Linden. Peonies, Showy Flowers!

These are Large Flower Prints from 1845 to 1896. They are old Belgian botanical prints that were produced for Van Houtteano who owned the largest nursery on the continent and his major competitor Linden. These are hand finished color lithographs. Some have issue folds. They measure about 10×14″ and have very strong colors. They frame beautifully to 16×20″ Click here to contact us.

Fancy Flowers! Tulips Indeed! 19th Century Curtis, Sweet, Hand Colored Engravings

Fancy Flowers tulips indeed are iconic of old botanical illustrations.  These are English water colored copper plate engravings on hand made paper.  They are the work of Curtis and Sweet and they date to the early 1800’s, (each print is individually dated when it was published).  They measure about 5×9″ are in STUNNING COLORS!!! Click here to contact us.

Fancy Flowers… Vintage Botany Prints. We are pleased to offer stunning old botanical illustration from the 1800’s. These are bold FANCY flowers. Beautiful Images! Antique flower prints: top images produced by European nurseries to promote their offerings! Garden varieties… Old botanical prints of azaleas, rhododendrons… And old botanical prints of peonies too. Old flower prints: the fanciest bold varieties ever depicted by Van Houtteano and Linden! These flowers are in full bloom and should be picked at their peak, while the selection is good. These antique flower prints are striking antique botanical prints that are over 100 years old! Old prints of flowers for sale! These antique botanical prints are great traditional antique prints that will never go out of style!

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