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Rare Books for Sale & most importantly, an explanation behind them.

A brief background as to why these rare books exist, will follow a small selection of Rare Books for Sale. After that I will give an explanation behind the illustrations found in a rare book. I will address why there was a progression in making paper and printing techniques. I will explain how engravings & lithographs were produced.  I will explain who was making these books popular.   I will address how were these books were issued.  More importantly I will explain why books were the rage in the 1700’s and 1800’s.

See the John Fisk Allen & William Sharp Victoria Regia or The Great Water Lily of America!

1st 6 Volumes of Daubenton Histoire Naturelle

These rare natural history books are exceptionally clean and beautiful. This is a set of 6 volumes of antique books. Published in French and comprise of the works of Buffon on man, plant and animal life, and minerals.  Numerous copper plate engravings of odd afflictions of man, microscopic plant life, and of minerals, one map, the series is complete.  Museum Book.  Sold as a set of 6 for $750.

  • Histoire Naturelle General et Particuliere avec la Description du Cabinet du Roi.  Par Mrs. de Buffon & Daubenton. Tomb Premier.  Nouvelle Edition. Amsterdam  Chez F.H. Schneider.  MDCCLXVI.   1766.  (Lovely Library Stamp:  “Bouches de la Musee”).
  • L’Histoire Naturelle de l’Homme.   Tome Second Nouvelle Edition. Amsterdam MDCCLXVI.  1768. Animaux Vegetaux & Mineraux. 
  • Histoire Naturelle General et Particuliere.  Por Servir de Suite a la Theorie de la Terre et de Preliminaire A L’Histoire Des Vegetaux Parties.  Experimentale et Hypothetique. L’Histoire Des Vegetaux.  Parties  Experimentale et Hypothetique. Supplement Tomb Second. Nouvelle Edition. Amsterdam MDCCLXXVI.  1776.  This is a supplemental text to the Second Volume.
  • L’Histoire Naturelle de l’Homme.  Tome Troisieme.  Nouvelle Edition.  Amsterdam  MDCCLXXVI.  1766. Mint Condition, Numerous Copperplate engravings, incredible strikes. 
  • L’Histoire Naturelle de l’Homme.  Tome Troisieme.  Nouvelle Edition.  Amsterdam MDCCLXXVIII. 1778. 
  • Histoire Naturelle Les Epoques de la Nature Supplement Tome Sixieme. Additions & Corrections to the previous 5 Volumes.  MDCCLXXIX.  1779.

The Development of Rare Books on Natural History & Why They Exist

  I often ponder why and how mid 17th, and 18th and 19th Century naturalists studied the natural world.  I ask why would these amazing rare natural history books were produced and how could these amazing pieces of nature be produced?  Here I will explain… The time had come that living birds, animals and the vegetative world was of interest to everyone, everywhere.  A revolutionary age where scientists and naturalists alike, were collecting specimens of every species they could identify.  They all tried to observe their subjects in their natural environments. This required travel, everywhere and anywhere they could get to.  While other scientists worked from one other’s work & special collections.These encyclopedic studies were mostly funded by big money from the wealthy businessmen, Doctors, Clergy, Noblemen & The Royal Family.  Scientists were trying to explain & prove their hypotheses of the world, existence and evolution. Notations from observations and developing scientific evidence could help explain the world…

Their notations & illustrations, once transferred into these now rare books, could be used to educate, persuade, document.  Subscribers went wild for the latest issue! Travel increased far and wide to visit public & private curiosities & to see the specimens brought back from far away places and rare natural history books and collections of printed material.  People were discovering the natural world!   Wild tales of dangerous exploring expeditions and written accounts kept like diaries, some with profuse illustrations, were of interest to everyone. The universal delivery, of all these recent discoveries and new information, was to publish readable material for the masses. Publishers went crazy and printed as much as they could produce, for all their new and demanding readers, oftentimes by subscription. Whereas much of all published from Mid Evil times through the mid 17th Century revolved around religious subject matter.Now the focus could be any subject, but the beauty of the natural world was in first place.This was done by publishing all kinds ephemera, catalogs, portfolios, periodicals and books.Many of which were beautifully illustrated with hand colored, lithographs and engravings.Once readers would receive part of what they subscribed to, they demanded more! When a subscription was fulfilled, by the year or by subject, bookbinders bound the subscriptions into magnificent rare natural history books.

My entire website includes antique prints printed before 1925, in obsolete printing methods before photography was used commercially.  These rare natural history books were becoming ever so popular during the 18th and 19the Centuries.  The subject revolves around how fast information could be published for readership. Readership in the old days revolved around money and new discoveries, especially in areas pertaining to natural history. If one could discover a new species of animal, fish, flower or insect… Wow! That would boost the desire for information from the general public, and the educated, and the rich.  For it was those people who managed to finance early printing.  Early printing, by massively producing  of Bibles, instead of using scribes to hand write psalms and bibles.  It had a trickle down effect. Like today, in the OLD days, desire for information lead to wanting more information. Hence the production of publishing. Initially the Church published religious material. Only the high priests could convey the printed messages. This lasted for a long time. Around 1800 or so, more people read. It was fashionable to be educated. So the printers had to publish more material faster, so that everyone could be on board, literally. Everyone could understand a beautiful illustration. They did not have to understand the words, but it encouraged understanding. Soon, the publications became subscriptions, everyone wanted them. Like today, everyone wants the latest devise. Initially periodical subscriptions were made to those who could afford it: royalty, clergy, noblemen, etc. Who could read? The answer is only the educated, super wealthy, religious, clergy, nobility… they subscribed and read these early periodicals. It was a great pass time in the old days. Men would sit in parlors discussing expeditions. Women would talk in parlors about a special flower. Interests and hobbies. Subjects could include information about a species of flower that grew here or an animal that was seen there. Oftentimes on expeditions, specimens were collected and captured, many alive, many did not survive the journeys home, nor the conditions relocated. Many journeys were three month at sea. Imaging a Giraffe, being brought from Africa to England, via a three month ship’s voyage, to arrive just barely alive, just as the ship’s crew, to Great Britain. In the 18th and 19th Centuries museums of curiosities became the rage. Hoards of people would rush to museums to see exotic specimens brought home from expeditions of early explorers and naturalists. Royalty, Clergy financed explorations and hence the illustrations, publications that developed from trips. Often times young men, early scientists, aboard ships recorded the natural history sightings they saw along the way. They recorded every detail of the natural history specimens they came across. All of this absolutely fascinated the public. And so the history of illustration, depicting and describing what had been found, along these tremendous explorations was found. How fast the information moved forward can be seen through the history of printing. Exactly as the way things are moving forward these days, so did printing history. It started with very slow laborious hand drawn pages by scribes and monks onto velum, to copper plate engraving on hand made hand laid linen rag paper, and moved forward to faster and faster printing, from lithography, hand colored or not to printing in colors, chromolithography. All driven by readership subscriptions. Numerous rare natural history books were published. As for these kinds of rare natural history books, it all ended about 1900. when photographic printing became the 20th century tool, to today, when everything is digital and untouchable on the internet.

Recap:  I sell antique lithographs & engravings published during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries.  We have obtained them from old periodicals, catalogs, rare natural history books, ephemera, etc.  Rare natural history books were frequently issued in parts and issued by subscription, later bound as books by savvy collectors. The publications were full of lovely old illustrations, many which were hand colored.  Fabulous illustrations were included by authors and contributors.  Illustrations of flora and fauna were very popular. Later historical events became the craze for early newspapers.  All of these subscriptions were important during the, 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries.  The latest trends and styles made history, with tremendous artwork.  Newly discovered flora and fauna seemed to interest everyone, especially the wealthy including physicians, clergy & royalty.

In spare time, and often when away exhibiting at shows, I frequent museums such as the American Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco (or the Thomas Isaiah Printing office at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts) and at Colonial Williamsburg.  I have done over 1100 shows where I have had countless opportunities to speak with many naturalists, scientists, gardeners, doctors, historians & artists, which has only complemented my knowledge on the specific subjects and collections I sell.

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Hats Shoes Dresses. Clothing Trends in France in 1911. French Fashions. Hand water colored lithographs.

Hats Shoes Dresses… This high fashion magazine was published in 1911, Paris. Well executed, these are wonderful old images featuring ladies hats and dresses. French Ladies Fashions published for Le Mode Pratique. This early Deco magazine was issued periodically. These plates are water colored lithographs, vintage styles. Each piece measures about 11×15″. $95. each. Click here to contact us.




Hats Shoes and Jackets. Men’s and Boy’s Fashions. Hand Colored 1827-1833.

Outstanding Images of men’s and boy’s top hats shoes and jackets, dress and everyday. Clothing Trends were set by the French and English during the early 1800’s. Wealthy people subscribed to fashion magazines. The illustrations of were meticulously hand colored powering the sales of clothing designers. These Vintage Hand Colored Engravings are authentic antiques dating from 1827 to 1833.  These are small water colored copper plate engravings in outstanding color and condition.  Each print measures about 4×7″. $65. each, 3 or more $50. each Click here to contact us.


Hats Shoes, Dresses, Jackets. Even hairstyls.  Hautte styles. Old images of vintage fashions. We are pleased to offer old lithographs and engravings of the most desirable fashions of the day.  That is from the late 1700’s through the 1920’s…  all of the prints are old hand colored engravings & lithographs… The wealthy wanted pictures illustrating the latest fashionable styles for men and women. Consumers and merchants would subscribe to early magazines and order their trendy clothing.  Some  periodicals were illustrated with fine illustrations that were meticulously illuminated by hand.  The water colored fashion plates gave  pizazz to the magazines. That increased readership and subscriptions.  Only once in awhile children’s styles were depicted. 

Lithography is an antique printing method. Generally a lithograph was printed in one color. A type of greasy crayon was used to draw onto a special type of limestone, with just the right porosity. After the image was completed, the limestone was emerged into nitric acid, burning away what was not under the greasy crayon, leaving that portion in relief. It was inked up and printed. The image frequently was illuminated with water colors.

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Sports Prints!  Sailing:

Antique engravings & lithographs from early Illustrated Newspapers including Harper’s Weekly and other sources. Authentic and guaranteed to be more than 100 years old. Inexpensive and Historic. Click here to contact us.


Sports Prints: Crew & Sculling

Sports… CREW! Sculling… Great old crew prints! Great old crew print Outstanding wood engravings from 19th Century illustrated newspapers 22×34″ $150. each. Click here to contact us.


Sports: Golf, Golfing RESTRIKES

Sports… Old golf prints are sooo very hard to find…  hence I will offer these Golf Repros.  These are hand colored reproductions of old golfing prints.  Click here to contact us.


Sports! Football! Baseball! Vintage engravings, lithographs

Sports fans…  Great OLD football and base ball prints…


Sports: Football and Baseball Restrikes:


Sports: Tennis Antique Sporting Prints.

Lady Tennis Players,  enjoy these old women’s tennis prints…



Sports: Tennis Restrikes


Please see more sport at my Dad’s sports online at PrintsOldandRare.com

Sports!!! Old Sailing Prints from a variety of early illustrated newspapers from the mid to late 1800’s up till about 1910. Old sport & sporting prints; old engravings of crew, bicycle & antique baseball prints of sports! Old tennis & golf prints. Sports prints of all sorts, old engravings and lithographs of sporting subjects. Antique sports engravings such as old base ball prints. Antique golf prints! We have antique tennis prints from the 1800’s! Women’s sports. We have antique football prints and even old bicycle engravings! College competition crew and rowing prints! Winter sports prints from ididerod to ice skating! These antique prints are old engravings and lithographs pertaining to athletics that were produced close to or over 100 years ago. Some came from early magazines, others were elaborate illustrations for early newspapers of the 1800’s such as Harper’s Weekly. The latter are boxwood engraving that were easily engraved with burins and printed in black over 100 years ago… Sports – Sporting prints including antique bicycles, crew, tennis, baseball and football! We have some material pertaining to women in sports.Sports prints of all sorts, old engravings and lithographs of sporting subjects.  Antique sports engravings such as old base ball prints.  Antique golf prints!  We have antique women’s tennis  prints from the 1800’s!  We have antique football prints  and even old bicycle engravings!  College competition crew and rowing prints!  Winter sports prints from ididerod to ice skating!  These antique prints are essentially very old engravings and lithographs pertaining to athletics that were produced  close to or over 100 years ago.  Some come from early magazines,  others were elaborate illustrations for early newspapers of the 1800’s  such as Harper’s Weekly.  The latter are boxwood engraving that were easily engraved with burins and printed in black over 100 years ago…

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Foreign Views of China by Thomas Allom, Italy by Luigi Rossini, Scandanavia by Colonel Dahlberg, and rare engravings of Bavarian Castles from the early 1700’s. Enjoy my online gallery of antique prints.  Call us at 413-245-4197  because we would like to help you!

Foreign Views of Life in China by Thomas Allom, 1855.

These rare hand colored steel engravings of Life in China during the mid 1800’s are by Thomas Allom. These views were produced in 1855. The original art work was transferred onto a steel plate, meticulously engraved with engravers tools called burins.  This type of engraving could produce excellent detail.  The time involved in creating an engraving was countless.  Finally, the steel plate was inked up. Then carefully pressed, stamped, or printed onto a sheet of high quality woven rag paper. Antique Chinoiserie Prints from Anne Hall Antique Prints.  These rare engravings of Life in China, measure @ 8×11″   $150. each.   Call now 413-245-4197


Foreign Views Allom’s China, difficult to find yet these are specially priced at $135. each. These old hand colored steel engravings of China are the illustrations of Thomas Allom. They are antiques, produced in the mid 19th Century, and very close to 1855.  The original illustrations or art work of Allom’s was transferred onto a specially prepared steel plate followed by meticulous engraving. Tremendous detail was the end result.  Steel has such a hard surface, on a sheet or plate of steel,  the engraver’s detail could be extremely fine. Almost like a black and white photo. With the effect of shading produced through technique in engraving on steel.  The plate was inked up carefully and printed onto a sheet of high quality woven rag paper.  The water colors in these Antique Chinoiserie Prints was professionally added.  Each old Chinese print measures @8×11″ $135 each. Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views: Germany.  Werning’s Bavarian Engravings Dating to 1703:

Decorative Views of Bavaria. Date 1703.  Rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag paper.   Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views – by Luigi Rossini of Ancient Rome, Italy circa 1820

Luigi Rossini lived 1790-1857. A fabulous contributor to historic Rome! Luigi Rossini was born in Ravenna, Italy and he studied at the Academy of Bologna.  Graduated in 1813 as an Architect & Artist.  He was particularly interested in Classical Architecture of Rome and included the countryside of Roma.  Luigi Rossini’s Ancient Roman views have influenced Classic architecture throughout the globe. Many images of Rome published in the early 1820’s.  These are impressionable:  1.  because of the size and 2. because of the incredible contrasting colors.  These compelling foreign views of early 19th Century Rome, are known to be some of the most impressive artwork ever published on the world scenery.  They are very large, copper plate engravings, on hand made paper, with deep dark etching.   Each is an excellent, strong strike from the copper plate which was so carefully made.  Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views. Hand Colored Engravings. Michael Werning’s Bavaria, 1703:

Michael Wening’s Decorative Views of Bavaria Date to 1703!  These are very rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag with outstanding hand coloring.   A decorative crest and ribbon adorn each Castle.  Each is in vivid and bright pristine condition.  $350. each.    Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views:  English Manner Homes.  Small Antique Castle Chromolithographs Dating to 1880:

Foreign Views of old Sweden, now Scandanavia by Colonel Dahlberg. 1697-1713.

These Decorative Scandanavian Views were published from 1697-1713.  Colonel Dahlberg illustrated views around Sweden which included much of today’s Scandanavia. Many of the estates depicted in these old illustrations still exist today. The perspectives are unique, giving the viewer insight as to construction and enormity of estates. These are rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag with water coloring. The paper measures about 14 x 18″ and the prints are in very good condition. Click here to contact us.

Decorative Foreign Views of Scandanavia by Colonel Dahlberg without water colours.

Dahlberg’s Decorative Views were published from 1697 to 1713.  Colonel Dahlberg illustrated views around Scandinavia. Many of the estates depicted in these old illustrations still exist today. The perspectives are unique, giving the viewer insight as to construction and enormity of estates. These are rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. The paper measures about 14 x 18″ and the prints are in very good condition.   Click here to contact us.

Rossini’s Rome Huge & Decorative Foreign Views of Italy in the Early 1800’s.

Rossini’s Views of Roma, Rome, Italy are large and EXTREMLEY DECORATIVE OLD ETCHINGS published during the early 19th Century.  They are some of the most impressive artwork from the early 1800’s of Italy. The perspectives are compelling. These are very large copper plate engravings with deep dark etching, printed onto beautifully crafted hand made rag.   The following have had water colors added.    Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views: Roman Engravings by Luigi Rossini, Scandanavia Castles by Colonel Dahlberg, and Bavarian Castles by Werning. These antique decorative views are old foreign views by Thomas Allom, Colonel Dahlberg, Rossini, and other early decorative illustrators and architects. The sizes range from the huge antique copper plate engravings with etchings of Rome by Rossini published during the 1820’s to small estate chromolithographs of Great Britain.  We also sell small and rare Chinoiserie prints by Thomas Allom from 1855.  Life in China during the 1850’s.  Michael Werning’s views of Bavaria from the early 1700’s. Colonel Dahlberg’s rare views of Scandinavia from 1697-1713. His is a rare and fantastic work on Scandinavian monumental estates c.1700 by Dahlberg and Bavarian views by Werning with crests and ribbons that are superbly decorative. The Dahlberg and Werning views are hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag.  Dahlberg’s Architecture around Scandanavia from c.1690-1713 is considered the rarest produced on Sweden. Vintage prints of places in foreign lands, architectural subjects. Old architectural engravings and lithographs produced 1640-1900.

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Anatomy Medical School Teaching Charts. Huge Old Chromolithographs!

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Anatomy! Antique 18th 19th Century Engravings Lithographs $300 to $750. each.


Anatomy. Old teaching chromolithographed poster sized. We are pleased to offer these old anatomy and medical prints. These are antique chromo lithographs of medical, anatomical subjects. These are stunning large medical teaching charts with outstanding detailed chromolithography. Our old human body and animal anatomy prints date from 1800-1950. Great art work for a nutritionist, doctor, or MUSCLE and body building freak!! We are pleased to offer very unique antique medical anatomical teaching charts from a medical college in Massachusetts. These are extremely large and stunning colorful chromo lithographs. Chromolithography defined: every color seen in the antique images, was applied with an individual key stoned limestone plate. This certainly was laborious and tedious work. Imagine getting the registration perfect. Chromolithographs of the body… Anatomy of the entire human body: circulatory, muscular, vascular systems. The eyes, the brain and other important organs of the human body… Stunning old medical anatomy teaching charts!  These old anatomy prints are fabulous and large @4×6′ American chromo lithographs c.1949.

Anatomy prints, old engravings lithographs published prior to 1900, by antique printing methods including lithography and copper plate engravings. Paper types included printing onto hand made hand laid rag papers, and heavy wove papers. Medical history is a fascinating subject. We are lucky to have such advanced medical technologies available to us. It may have been a bit more frightening to be a patient in the year of 1800, or 1860. To have a Barber also be a DENTIST!
We have animal anatomy engravings from the 1700’s. I welcome your inquiries.

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Find New York City Maps & Historic antique engravings of the Hudson River, Central Park, the NY Stock Exchange & Wall Street at Anne Hall Antique Prints.

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New York City:  Historic Hand Colored Engravings, Hand Colored

These New York City Historic over sized fold outs, come from early illustrated newspapers.   These are hand colored engravings are in good to excellent condition. Center fold repairs. Excellent professional water coloring has been added to these historic antique engravings. The measurements are about 16 x 22″

New York City and State:  Historic 19th Century Antique Maps

New York City & NY State.  Original antique engravings and lithographs.

Manhattan!  NYC!  New York City!  The New York Stock Exchange! NYSE!  Wall Street!  These are hand colored steel plate engravings on rag paper from the 1800’s.  Sizes range from 8×11″ to 9.5 x 12.5″.  Excellent condition, bright colors.   Click here to contact us.

New York City including antique lithographs and engravings, NYCE, New York Stock Exchange.

These are very old wood engravings,  many hand colored.   All these old New York scenes re outstanding full page scenes from Illustrated newspapers including Harper’s Weekly.  Measure about about 11×16″  good condition and color. Click here to contact us.

Direct additional specific requests to Prints Old and Rare at 1-800-879-6277:

My Father Bill and wife Kathleen have collected American and World historic material for over 50 years. They own, undoubtedly, the largest, most enormous collection of historic antique paper in America. The size of his New York City State historic collection of paper is massive.  You can call him at 1-800-879-6277, ask for  Mel, she is in charge of collections. If you have a specific request regarding New York City State historic material including his Rare Maps of, Parks, Libraries, Museums, Buildings or Bridges, reach out to Prints Old and Rare.  See everything you could dream of in rare antique historic material by clicking and visiting my Father’s Website: Prints Old and Rare located in Pacifica, CA. See his online selection by clicking here Prints Old and Rare

We have the best old engravings and lithographs at Anne Hall Antique Prints. These old prints of New York were published for various periodicals during the 1800’s. The City that never sleeps! Manhattan history is very fascinating! At Anne Hall Antique Prints feel assured that you are purchasing only authentic antiques that were produced more than 100 years ago! We have great old New York City material but my father has heaps more. This is just a sampling. We are offering old views & maps of Manhattan, the NYSE, Wall Street and other iconic landmarks. All original old prints published in the 1800’s! Old pictures, or scenes were printed from a variety of engravings from steel or boxwood mostly, sometimes a stone called lithographs. Fascinating pictures and stories about Wall Street circulated the United States, and some went to London. Once in a while the English sent their reporters and illustrators to stir the news about current events. Important illustrations regarding New York City history are these very images. Scenes of NYC during the 1800’s were captured by Harper’s Weekly, Ballou’s Pictorial, and the Illustrated London News. Bartlett did wonderful engravings of the Hudson River and New York City. They look almost like photographs in quality, partly due to the painstaking task of the extremely detailed engraving crafted onto steel plates. ALSO… We are offering old prints and maps of West Point, New York City parks, museums and libraries. Antique prints of New York City old maps of Manhattan. These antiques make great office art and smoking room artwork for beginners and seasoned collectors alike!


Nov 022018

Washington DC antique lithographs and engravings depict a specific time and era in history of our Capitol.  These old scenes and maps documented events and the progress of building in our Nation’s Capitol.

 Washington DC Assorted Antique Engravings, Maps, and Lithographs.

Washington DC, Vintage Steel Engravings from mid 1800.


Washington DC… Old Meyers Views of Washington DC from 1854. These are old steel plate engravings produced in Germany published in 1854. Each old engraving measures 7×9″ Click here to contact us.

Washington DC, Old Engravings, Illustrations of the Capitol Building

Washington DC 16×22″ Rare Old Engravings of the Capitol Building, published during the 1800’s for illustrated newspapers which were understood by all, as they had wonderful illustrations and scenes which were visual and beautiful to look at. Click here to contact us.

US Senate. Rare Old Engravings of the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

Rare old prints of the US Senate in Washington DC 16×22″

VINTAGE Legal Engravings from the 1800’s.

Old Legal Prints. each measure 16×22″

My Father Bill is selling off his enormous Washington DC paper collection. You can call him directly at 1-800-879-6277 or ask for Mel. She is in charge of collections. If you have a more specific request regarding the District of Columbia: then see a few more of his online selection by clicking to his page here See more Washington DC.

Washington DC: Scenes, Views. Old hand colored engravings. Legal material, Scenes of Capital Hill, the White House, US Senate. Washington DC is such an incredible bustling city. It was equally impressive in the 1800’s as can be seen in these Vintage views and illustrations. Old engravings of the US Senate, The Capitol Building, legal prints. What a great way to decorate an office or den. Historical antique views of our Nations Capital.  We sell only authentic old engravings and lithographs so feel assured we are a top dealer with a world class collection of antique prints, including these highly desirable historical images pertaining to the District of Columbia..


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Oct 282018
Folio McKenney-Hall-Ki-On-Twog-ky or Corn Planter

American Indian Antique Lithographs: Folio McKenney Hall, Katchinas, Baskets, Pottery. Call me with your specific requests: Phone: 413-245-4197  or  Email:  anne@annehallantiqueprints.com

American Indian Antique Lithographs: Folio McKenney Hall

These lovely American Indian Antique Lithographs are the work of Thomas McKenney and James Hall. Coming from the books entitled:History of the Indian Tribes of North America.  These magnificent,  folio sized, 19th Century books were published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1837 to 1844.  The text was written by James Hall.  His partner was Thomas McKenney who commissioned the painters to execute the chiefs portraits in oil. These were the great chiefs that went to Washington DC for peace talks. The portraits were to be painted but not to be produced as book plates. Or so the Federal Government intended. So, one by one the paintings were snuck out of the archives and these beautiful hand colored lithographs were produced. Shortly after the original paintings were lost in the Smithsonian fire.   Each of these beautiful antique lithographs of American Indians measure about  14 1/2 x 19.”   More are available,  just inquire. Call 413-245-4197 or email: Click here to contact us.


American Indian Art Pottery Bowls. Old Bureau of Ethnology Chromolithographs.

American Indian Art!  Old Pottery chromolithographs, published circa 1900 by the United States Bureau of American Ethnology. These old prints measure 7 1/2 x 11″.  These are affordable chromolithographs, over 100 years old.  $85. each or three or more for $75. each. Click here to contact us.

American Indian Antique Lithographs of Pottery. National Museum 1901.

Antique American Indian Art Pottery chromolithographs produced in 1901 for the National Museum. These are all pots made by Arizona Indian tribes. These wonderful old lithographs are in excellent condition. They measure 5 1/2 x 9″ and are $85. each. Click here to contact us.

American West Buffalo Engravings, Framed, Sold as a Pair for $375.

American Indian Head Dresses, Katchinas, Ceremonies. Chromolithographs.

American Indian Antique Lithographs. American Indian’s head dresses and katchinas from the BAE. American chromolithographs produced for the US Bureau of American Ethnology. Produced c.1900, each old print measures 7 1/2 x 11″ and are $85. each $75. each if you order 3 or more. Click here to contact us.

American Indian Antique Lithographs of Baskets from 1902.

Hopi and other tribe baskets. These South Western basket chromolithographs are from 1902, look better in person, and measure 5 1/2 x 9″ and are $60. each. Click here to contact us.

Native American Indian Antique Lithographs and Engravings. Own a piece of historic antique artwork and something that is pertinent to Early American. Indian and Western antique prints of subjects including Katchinas, Pottery & Basket prints. Our antique prints are all very old hand colored engravings & antique lithographs that were produced over 100 years ago. Early American scenes of the frontier and the Old West. Antique prints illustrations of American Indian katchinas, head dresses, pottery, kivas, ceremonies, cowboy sheet music and more… Antique Prints of American Indians and Southwest American Indian Pottery and Baskets. Old engravings produced for early illustrated newspapers such as Harper’s Weekly & more!

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Aug 142018

We are pleased to offer beautiful antique maps of Maine, these chomolithographs of Cities and Counties in the state of Maine were produced in 1901.  These Antique Maine Maps are in beautiful, pristine condition and color, while moderately priced.

Antique Maine Maps of Cities and Counties in ME from 1901


Mar 132018

Historic Boston hand colored engravings published during the 1800’s tell a great American History story.  The scenes below were depicted at the time the events actually happened.  These are not reproductions but original  illustrations for periodicals such as Harper’s Weekly and Gleason’s Pictorial Magazine.

Important Historic Boston Hand Colored Engravings

These are the actual images people were seeing and reading nationwide, and Internationally.  Beautiful professional water coloring has been added to some of the images seen below, enhancing the look of the antique engraving.  This is historic art & pertinent artwork for antique homes and collectors of American History alike..

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More Boston:


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Click here to see my Father’s online inventory of Boston at Prints Old and Rare located in Pacifica, California…

Dec 282016
Architecture Bockler Fountain Print

We have the most incredible antique 17th Century Architectural Engravings of Fountains & Gardens published by Mathian Merian in Nurumburg 1646!

Architecture! Antique Engravings by Bockler of Fountains and Garden Plans

Printed in 1646, these old architectural engravings are in pristine condition.  Bockler’s fountain engravings. Almost abstract for a minimalist design approach for decorating.  These are fine copper plate engravings on very fine, hand made laid rag paper.  The artwork measures 8 1/2 x 12″  are in outstanding condition and are $150. each,  fountains and garden plans alike.

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Architectural Engravings of English Abbeys and Ruins from 1820!

Antique Garden Plan Engravings 17th Century!

Antique 17th Century architectural engravings!  Old antique prints by Bockler of Fountains around Europe. These antique Fountain Prints are from 1646. Some have garden plans. It is an old copper plate engraving on hand made laid rag. Old fountain prints by Bockler. Have you seen historic architectural monuments, buildings and estates around the world? We have old antique architectural engravings, etchings and lithographs including Bockler fountain engravings, printed in Nurumburg in the 1640’s. Great Antique Artwork for a Minimalist Design. Most of what you see here are copper plate engravings.  Engraved onto very thin copper sheets, placed over a block of hard wood. These copper plates were skillfully inked up and pressed on to a very fine hand made and hand laid linen rag sheet of paper. All of our antique architectural prints are genuine old architectural engravings and lithographs produced from 100 years ago to almost 350 years ago.

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Kips Views Great Britain! Classic decorative hand colored engravings from 1708. Johannes Kips illustrations depict the enormous and elaborate seats of noblemen and clergy of Great Britain.  

These highly decorative 18th Century illustrations feature intricate details of the finest homes in Great Britain.  Ribbons and coats of arms add to the decorative nature of the scenes. The fabulous old prints are highly regarded in the rare print world as well as the design community. The copper plate engravings by Kip were incredibly detailed for the time. The old scenes of manor homes of nobility around Great Britain were the first of their kind. These are highly decorative antiques from Britain. These are extremely good strikes. The copper plate engravings were printed onto fine hand made hand laid linen rag. The illustrations were delineated and engraved by Dutchman Johannes Kip and date to 1708. The water colors have been professionally added to perfection.

Each piece measures 15×18″ and are priced at $550. each.   Click here to contact us.

A laborious craft of all those involved in producing something like these 18th Century Kips Views Great Britain. First for all the craftsmen involved, someone had to sell the commission. A published had to acquire the work for his firm. He had to win the job, and it came only through experience in publishing a magnificent books. Second the illustrations had to be meticulously drawn, with the best accuracy. The image would be transferred onto a copper plate and engraved with burins. The paper was hard to acquire, and the engraver would have to re engrave another plate after just 300 strikes. The water colorists would die at young ages, due to licking tips of their paint brushes. Yet these old prints still exist in super fine condition and exemplary condition. That is mostly due to the quality of the rag paper. Paper was made of rag right up through the turn of the 20th Century. Coming from linen, flax, etc, NOT TREES, there was no acid in the paper. Very expensive to acquire, inconsistent, etc. TODAY Paper is made from trees, and was during the 20th Century, is highly acidic and does not last for long.


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