Washington DC, District of Columbia: Legal, Capitol Hill, White House, US Senate

Antique prints and maps, documented events and the progress of building, of our Nation’s Capitol

American Indian Antique Lithographs-Engravings.

“Burning Arrow” is one of the most beautiful American Indian Antique Lithographs ever published.

Kips Views Great Britain | Decorative 18th Century Engravings

Johannes Kips illustrations depict the enormous elaborate properties called seats of noblemen and clergy of Great Britain during the 18th Century.  The seats were often used as hunting grounds of 18th Century Noblemen.

Foreign Views & Castles, Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, China & More.

compelling foreign views of early 19th Century Rome, are known to be some of the most impressive artwork ever published on the world scenery.

Architecture Antique Engravings of Fountains & Buildings!

Printed in 1646, these old architecture 370 year old engravings are in pristine condition.

Anatomy Medical Teaching Charts & More

Anatomy! Antique anatomical charts. Old medical engravings and lithographs of the body… Anatomy of the entire body.

Hawaiian History Antique Lithographs & Engravings

Find Hawaiian History conveyed through antique sheet music.  Beautifully lithographed covers followed by songs.  Antique Maps are available by calling 413-245-4197.  Leʻaleʻa and Aloha! Hawaiian History Antique Lithographed Sheet Music. The antique sheet music shown here was published from 1900-1925.  Beautifully lithographed covers of Hawaiian History have great vintage graphics.  Produced as chromolithographs and photolithographs which …

Rare Books on Natural History & Why They Exist

Rare natural history books were encyclopedic classification indexes of species found locally & remotely.

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