Washington DC: Rare Maps; Antique Lithographs; Hand-Colored Engravings.

Antique prints and maps, documented events and the progress of building, of our Nation’s Capitol

American Indian Antique Lithographs-Engravings.

“Burning Arrow” is one of the most beautiful American-Indian antique lithographs, ever published.

Architecture Antique Engravings of Fountains & Buildings!

Printed in 1646, these old architecture 370 year old engravings are in pristine condition.

Kips Views Great Britain | Decorative 18th Century Engravings

The scenes of manor homes of nobility around Great Britain, were the first of their kind.

Hawaiian History Antique Lithographs & Engravings

Hawaiian History, conveyed through original antique prints. Over 100 years old, our vintage sheet music on Hawaii is beautiful art. It is ephemera comprising of 2-6 pages, most with stunning lithographs or photolithographs, followed by songs.  In the late 1800’s -the early 1900’s Hawaiian music was a rage. Generational songs were recorded in the form of …

Foreign Views & Castles, Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, China & More.

compelling foreign views of early 19th Century Rome, are known to be some of the most impressive artwork ever published on the world scenery.

Anatomy Medical Teaching Charts & More

Anatomy! Antique anatomical charts. Old medical engravings and lithographs of the body… Anatomy of the entire body.

Rare Books on Natural History & Why They Exist

Rare natural history books were encyclopedic classification indexes of species found locally & remotely.