American Indian Antique Lithographs & Art: Folio McKenney Hall & More.

Old Antique American Indian & Western Prints. American Indian Pottery Basket & Kachina lithographs. Harpers Weekly engravings of the West.

Washington DC: Scenes, Views. Old hand colored engravings. Legal, Capitol Hill, White House, US Senate.

Old prints of Washington DC. Old legal prints including the US Senate. Old prints of the Capitol Building in Washington.

Rare Natural History Books

an explanation behind them I am providing a brief background as to why rare natural history books exist, will follow a small selection of Rare Books for Sale,  if you would like access to more, pleas contact me. I will give an explanation behind the illustrations found in a rare book. I will address why […]

Architecture Antique Engravings of Fountains & Buildings!

Decorative antique architectural engravings! Old architecture prints. Old views of Rome by Rossini. Architecture prints by Dahlberg & Bockler. Old prints of architectural subjects. Antique engravings and lithographsfrom 1640-1900 by Bockler, Rossini, Dahlberg & Werning.

Foreign Views: China, Italy, Scandanavia, Germany, England. i.e. Decorative Antique Prints.

Foreign views and maps from Anne Hall Antique Prints! Dahlberg’s Scandanavia, Rossin’s Rome, and Werning’s Bavaria to mention a few subjects.

Anatomy Medical Lithographic Teaching Charts

Anatomy! Antique anatomical charts. Old medical engravings and lithographs of the body… Anatomy of the entire body.

Maine Maps City and County

We are pleased to offer beautiful antique maps of Maine, these chomolithographs of Cities and Counties in the state of Maine were produced in 1901.  These Antique Maine Maps are in beautiful, pristine condition and color, while moderately priced. Antique Maine Maps of Cities and Counties in ME from 1901  

Historic Boston Hand Colored Engravings

Boston history! Old scenes, views & maps. Authentic antique engravings of Boston, MA. Historic illustrations of Boston landmarks & events from the 1800’s. Historically important material from Harpers Weekly, Gleasons, Ballous & more.

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