Architecture Antique Engravings of Fountains & Buildings!

Architecture Antique Engravings, Bockler Fountains, Garden plans. Our antique architectural engravings, published in the 17th century by Mathias Merian in Nuremburg Germany. Others published during the eighteen hundreds in England.

Find knowleable information about antique architecural engravings from more than 100 years ago.

17th Century Bockler-Fountains & Garden Plans

Printed in 1646, these architecture prints are antiques. Additionally, the 370-year-old engravings are in pristine condition.  Bockler’s fountains. Almost abstract for a minimalist design approach for decorating.  The fine copper-plate engravings are on very fine, handmade laid rag paper.  The artwork measures 8 1/2 x 12″ are in outstanding condition and are priced at $150. each, fountain and garden plans alike.

Architectural Engravings of English Abbeys and Ruins from 1820

Architecture Antique Engravings.  Copper Plate Engraving of abbeys and ruins in Great Britain. Stunning copper plate strikes on handmade paper. Published 1824. 200-year-old engravings.  14.5″ x 9.5″ $75.

17th Century Antique Garden Plan Engravings

Antique 17th Century Architecture Antique Engravings!  Old antique prints by Bockler, of Fountains around Europe. These antique Fountain Prints are from 1646. Some have garden plans. It is an old copper plate engraving on hand made laid rag. Old fountain prints by Bockler. Have you seen historic architectural monuments, buildings and estates around the world? We have old engravings, etchings and lithographs including Bockler fountain engravings, printed in Nuremburg in the 1640’s. Great Antique Artwork for a Minimalist Design.

Most of what you see here are copper plate engravings.  Engraved onto very thin copper sheets, placed over a block of hard wood. These copper plates were skillfully inked up and pressed on to a very fine handmade and hand laid linen rag sheet of paper. All of our antique architectural prints are genuine old architectural engravings and lithographs produced from 100 years ago to almost 350 years ago.

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