Seligmann Song Bird Engravings. Mark Catesby & George Edwards Birds.

Dr. Seligmann song bird engravings were a collaborative work of George Edwards and Mark Catesby, important Eighteenth Century Ornithologists.

Selby Ducks: Magnificent Hand-Colored Engravings, 1817-1834.

Selby’s ducks are spectacular because the delineations are life sized and full of character.

Nests-Eggs Antique Ornithology Engravings by Nozeman, Gentry & Morris

The designs and compositions, of the nests eggs & birds, are simply exquisite.

George Edwards Parrots Charming 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings

The antique engravings of parrots published in Nuremburg, Germany to provide an encyclopedia of ornithology to readers. Complete with lifelike watercolor illustrations of birds.

Nozeman Bird Prints-Hand Colored Engravings!

Cornelius Nozeman bird prints.  Nederlandsche Vogelen is known as the finest bird book the Dutch produced on ornithology and the authors were Cornelius Nozeman, Christian Sepp,  Janus Sepp and Martin Houttyun. Published in the Netherlands from 1770-1829 and issued in parts, the entire series took an astonishing 59 years to complete. Bring the ocean into …

Ducks Framed: Thomas Pennant

Only the best archival matboard, foam core and UV glass has been used on these antique duck prints.