Nests-Eggs Antique Ornithology Engravings by Nozeman, Bolton, Gentry & Morris!

Nests Eggs! Old prints. Antique bird engravings & lithographs of birds with eggs & nests by Gould & Gentry. Morris egg and nest prints.

George Edwards Parrots Charming 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings

The hand colored engravings glow with intense water color pigmentation.

Seligmann Song Bird Engravings. Mark Catesby & George Edwards Birds.

Seligmann song bird engravings were a collaborative work of George Edwards and Mark Catesby, important Eighteenth Century Ornithologists. The antique hand colored engravings are on hand made hand laid paper and were published from 1771-1776. Framed Mark Catesby’s American Birds – Dr. Seligmann Song Bird Engravings Dr. Seligmann song bird engravings. A collaborative work of […]

Selby Ducks! Magnificent Hand Colored Engravings, London 1817-1834

John Prideaux Selby Ducks! Magnificent Antique Prints: Selby Ducks! English Hand Colored Engravings published in London from 1817 to 1834.  Life sized hand colored copper plate engravings on handmade J. Whatman paper.  “The Audubon of Great Britain” entitled Illustrations of British Ornithology. Selby Ducks – Life Sized – “The finest work published on British Ornithology.” […]

Morris Ducks Hand Colored Engravings from 1890.

Our Morris Ducks Hand Colored Engravings from 1890. are in excellent condition and the water coloring of these antique engravings is exemplary. Click here to contact us! Morris Ducks Hand Colored Duck Engravings from 1890. F. O. Morris ducks hand colored engravings, 1890.  Each piece is in crisp color and in very clean condition. Each […]

Song Birds & Bird Feeder Types

Old prints of song birds. These are antique engravings & lithographs of song birds by Martinet, Gould, Morris, Gentry & Audubon. Song birds including robins, finches & woodpeckers.

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